Tinie Tempah youtube

Tinie Tempah talks Zara Larsson interview + Girls Like LIVE on Jonathan Ross Show 2 April 2016. Most popular video on Youtube. Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner Views: 167,339,791. Share your real life experiences with Tinie Tempah here and rate your meeting! Correct our wiki/bio - is he not gay or straight or of different ... TINIE TEMPAH says being locked down at home has given him the chance to be Daddy Cool. Tinie, a first-time dad at 31, insists he is giving workout guru Joe Wicks a run for his money when it comes to maintaining the body in peak form. The Pass Out rapper married artist Eve De Haan last July, and the couple have a one-year-old girl. Crank That (Soulja Boy)Soulja Boy 'Crank That (Soulja Boy)' was the most successful digital track of 2007 in the US with 2,909,000 downloads. On January 6, 2008 it became the first song ever to sell 3 million digital copies in the States. Tinie Tempah Photos Photos - Tinie Tempah, Zeze Millz and Arnold Oceng attend the 'YouTube Music Excellence Brunch' hosted by YouTube Music’s Global Head of Music, Lyor Cohen and Youtube ... Listen to music from Tinie Tempah like Written in the Stars (feat. Eric Turner), Girls Like (feat. Zara Larsson) & more. Find the latest tracks, albums, and images from Tinie Tempah. Tinie Tempah: 10 Things To Know About His New Album 'Demonstration' Everything you need to know about the long awaited second album, released on 4th November 2013 by the British rapper. Terms. By submitting my information, I agree to receive personalized updates and marketing messages about Tinie based on my information, interests, activities ... Tinie Tempah burst onto the music scene in 2010 with his debut single 'Pass Out' and has worked with a series of high profile stars. His recent single was 'Trampoline'. Tinie Tempah is an English rapper and songwriter who gained fame in 2010 through his 2 number one singles Pass Out and Written in the Stars.The album containing these tracks went immediately Platinum and the artist won 2 Brit Awards. He is the rapper who got charted No. 1 in the UK the most times. Tinie Tempah: To be honest, in the future, I definitely want to get involved more in education and the way people learn, so I guess the way schools are designed and departments of schools. I would ...

Track Recommendations

2020.06.05 05:42 Ashmo_Fuzz Track Recommendations

I love the DnB tracks that put emphasis on every other beat and hit like hip hop, as in feels half temp during parts. Does anyone here have recommendations? I would love to have more in my library. Thanks!!
Some examples of what I mean -
Chase & Status - Hitz ft. Tinie Tempah https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4jh-xcKazSk
Camo & Krooked - Set It Off (feat. Jeru The Damaja) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XMLSaGs7N1k
Pendulum - Slam https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gIOQfdn9L9c
Joe Ford - Master This https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8qg-OWhymQ
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2020.06.03 19:55 bhaadmejaatu Know an artist - Pav4n

Artist name- Pav4n
PAV4N (Pavan mukhi) is one of the first Indian rappers on the planet to have created a prolific, uncompromising and world-wide career with his band Foreign Beggars. Name checked at the Grammys, playing every major festival there is and hitting the UK Top Ten charts, PAV4N has introduced wave after wave of underground music into the world. This project is a living art piece: the reality of forging a unique path in music, art, and the life of a perpetual foreigner. As Foreign Beggars drew to a close in 2019, PAV4N reconnects with his cultural and Hip Hop roots, which sees a convergence artistic vision and self-development. With rich aesthetics rooted in Indian mythology, blue-skinned Hindu deities lend this project inspiration and vision through a powerful legacy of subverting oppressive and stagnant mindsets and affecting change on their own terms. Krishna, for his mischievousness and youthful love free of attachment and possession. Kali and Shiva, for their raw and boundless power, defying accepted norms and challenging traditional gender roles.
Some other facts about Pav4n
  1. He used to go by name Orifice Vulgatron in foreign beggars.
  2. The group won "Best New Act" at the 2004 UK Hip Hop awards and were voted best group at the Lyric Pad Hip Hop awards in 2005. They were nominated for best European Hip Hop Act at the 2010 Urban Music Awards, alongside nominees Roots Manuva, Ken Ring, Professor Green, La Fouine and Tinie Tempah.
  3. Foreign Beggars’ Ebow “Metropolis” Graham has died at the age of 40 on 18th april 2020. He was one of the founding members of foreign beggars.
Some interviews-
Songs as pav4n-
Karma- https://youtu.be/3BlMVDZHDS4
Stasis- https://youtu.be/LZsUDq_B0aM
Wackenroe- https://youtu.be/yvPBgEoJtZA
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2020.01.04 15:14 skudgee Full Timeline of the 2019/2020 Grime War (involving Dot Rotten, Wiley, Jaykae, Stormzy, etc)

Last Update: The below is what happened in the main Grime War, the main war caused a lot of other people to start beefing each other and ended up been to hard to track. IMO those other 'mini wars' wasn't really linked to what happened below, so this is the final update I will be doing.
You may find some broken links such as some of Wiley's disses on Youtube not working correctly. I will in time update these broken links but for now, just google them lol.
So back in 2015, barneythepurplethot done a thread with a full timeline of all the beef from 2015.
Considering it’s poppin off again, I think there needs to be one done for all the current beef. If you spot anything that’s wrong, just let me know.
I’ll try and keep the thread updated if anything else happens. The tweets and certain videos have been backed up to Imgur and Streamble because I know certain heads like to go on a deleting spree.
For future reference, when I say Dot, I mean Dot Rotten. I’ve also signified the actual dubs by putting bullet points next to them so you can jump straight to them if you’re not bothered about the tweets.
List of MC's/rapper's involved in this war so far:
People who have put out dubs:
  • Wiley (5 dubs)
  • Dot Rotten (12 dubs)
  • Stormzy (2 dubs)
  • Jaykae (1 dub)
  • Donnie (2 dubs)
  • Dizzle AP (1 dub)
  • SBK (2 dubs)
  • Afghan Dan (1 dub)
  • Joka B (1 dub)
  • Cadell (1 dub)
People who have been mentioned/dissed and not responded:
  • Jay1
  • Steel Banglez
  • Skepta
  • JME
  • Jay Z (lol)
  • Ed Sheeran
  • Big Narstie, Asher D, Kano, Scrufizzer, Shorty, Scratchy, BigZuu, SASKilla, Shizz, Jammer (all got sent to by Dot and haven't responded)
  • AJ Tracey
  • Tinie Tempah
  • Twin B
  • Yizzy, T Roadz, HoodzTbe & RampzTbe (all in one send by SBK)

Start of the beef

It originally started when Dot tweeted he was releasing a dub called ‘Original Real Talk’ aimed at the Grime scene in general - Image of Tweet
He then had an issue with Jay1 because Jay1 didn’t pay him or credit him for the production of his new song called Million Bucks - Video link
Dot then carried it on by leaking Jay1’s new song in full on Insta live - Video link

Beef escalates

  • Dot then releases the first dub called ‘4AM in the Morgue’ dissing Jay1 - Video link
  • Dot releases his second track ‘Original Real Talk’ mentioning 9 other rappers/MC’s including P Money, Wiley, Aitch, Tinie Tempah and more - Video link
  • Dot releases a remix of Jay1’s ‘Million Bucks’ dissing Jay1 using the same instrumental - Video link
Jay1’s label then copyright claimed the remix - Image of Tweet
Dot releases Jay1’s ‘Million Bucks’ instrumental on YT saying “Copyright Claim This, Pussy” - Video link
Dot then challenges Steel Banglez to a friendly producer battle which Banglez ignores - Image of Tweet

Beef escalates even more

Dot goes on a Twitter rant stating that JME/Skepta have stolen his flow and ideas from when they were younger - Images of Tweets
Dot upoads a video with ‘evidence’ of what’s he’s discussing - Video link
  • Dot releases a dub dissing JME called ‘JME Flow / 96 Bars of Revenge Remix’ - Video link
  • Then out of nowhere on the same day, Dot releases a dub dissing Steel Banglez called ‘Sorry Hanji’ - Video link

Beef escalates again

Dot challenges the whole Grime scene to send for him if they can - Image of Tweet
Dot releases JME’s number publicly on Twitter because JME tried to call him to discuss the diss tracks - Image of Tweet
Dot releases a video saying where are the ‘Kings of Grime’ (bit of a rant tbh) - Video link
  • Dot releases a new track called ‘19thGod’ loosely dissing JME - Video link

Dot v Wiley beef starts

Wiley jumps in on the beef and says if JME or Skepta or no one else is going to reply, he will do it himself - Image of Tweet
  • Donnie jumps in on the beef as well and releases a dub dissing Dot called 'The Warning' - Video link
Dot then releases 3 separate videos containing 5 dubs within 24 hours:
  • Dot releases a video containing 3 dubs in one called ‘You Man’, ‘Cokey’, and ‘Warning Shot’ dissing BBK and Wiley - Video link
  • Dot then releases a 4th dub called ‘Eskimo Dance’ dissing Wiley - Video link
  • Dot releases his 5th dub called ‘Bars Up’ dissing Wiley - Video link

Beef dies down for 24 hours and then escalates again

  • Dot releases a 6th dub called ‘Watch a G Shoot, This is a Celebrity Deathmatch’ - Video link
  • Dot realses his 7th dub called ‘Top Boy Spitter’ using sampled lyrics from Jammer & EscoBars - Video link
  • Wiley responds with his dub called ‘Curiosity Killed The Cat’ - Video link

Beef dies down again for 24 hours

  • Dot responds to Wiley with his 8th dub called ‘Curisoity Killed The Wiley Cat’ - Video link
Some fans and some rappers including Genesis disagree with a line Dot said about JME & Skepta - Image of Tweet

It went quiet again for 24 hours

Dot then DM’s 13 MC’s/rappers in the video below saying:
The MC’s/rappers he DM’ed this to are:
AJ Tracey, Skepta, Big Narstie, Asher D, Kano, Scrufizzer, Jaykae, Shorty, Scratchy, BigZuu, SASKilla, Shizz, Jammer - Video link
  • Meanwhile, Dot releases his 9th dub called ‘ClownBoy Killer’ dissing Wiley - Video link

Jay1 and Dot beef starts again

Jay1 tweets a leaked image of a ‘contract’ (that he’s since deleted) between Jay1’s label and Dot. It shows that Dot didn’t get paid £5,000 as he said, but only £2,500 - Images of Tweet & ‘contract’
Dot then reply’s to this with a tweet saying why would he lie when he got paid £15,000. He posted a screenshot of a bank transaction of £15,000 going into his bank - Image of Tweet

Beef escalates even more

  • Out of nowhere Jaykae releases a dub called ‘Shush’ in response to Dot’s DM. This is aimed at Dot and Wiley - Video link
  • A few hours later, Wiley strikes while the iron is hot and releases his 2nd dub dissing Dot called ‘Disrespect’ - Video link
Dot very quickly jumps on Insta Live and says he’s going to the studio to reply to make a dub for Jaykae (he does some mad things in this video like pray to god to back him on the dub and slapping his own head lol) - Video link
Wiley responds to Jaykae’s dub, by tweeting saying Jaykae’s dub isn’t a proper send - Image of Tweet
  • Dot releases his 10th dub dissing Jaykae and loosely mentioning Wiley called ‘Janum Khan aka Janum cant aka Gaykae’ - Video link
Dot after releasing his dub jumps on Insta live again and says why he called Jaykae’s mum a prostitute - Video link
Dot then tweets Jaykae saying it was GrimSickers who told him Jaykae’s mums a prozzi - Image of Tweet

All goes quiet again, but then...

A fan Tweets Wiley to ask when is he replying to Jaykae, Wiley responds saying (summarised) “Never, he’s with Ed and Stormzy now” - Image of Tweet
Stormzy sees this tweet which results in Wiley and Stormzy going back and forth on Twitter for a good few hours (a lot of images in this one) - Full image album of all Tweets
Wiley then uploads two videos talking about how Jay Z, Stormzy and Ed Sheeran are shit and need to ‘sit down’ - 1st video link / 2nd video link

Beef spreads even more

  • Donnie releases his second dub dissing Dot called 'F*** Clout' - Video link
  • Dizzle AP jumps in the ring and drops a dub called ‘Nitty Behaviour’ dissing Dot - Video link
Wiley tweets at AJ Tracey and Tinie Tempah dissing them - Images of AJ Tweets / Images of Tinie Tweets
Wiley seems to have settled his beef with Dot for now by saying Dot is ‘the king of grime’ - Image of Tweet

Another person jumps in on the beef

  • SBK jumps in the ring by dropping a dub called ‘Death by Poetry (Produced by Zeph)’ dissing Dot, Yizzy, T Roadz, HoodzTbe & RampzTbe - Video link

Wiley v Stormzy beef starts and other beef continues

Wiley starts Tweeting at Stormzy and TwinB saying Stormzy paid for his number 1 single - Full image album of Tweets

Beef escalates massively.

Wiley drops an image on his Insta/Twitter which says 'Eediyat Skengman 1'. It seems to look like artwork for an upcoming dub - Image of Tweet
Wiley goes on a Twitter rant aimed at Stormzy after he's already teased his dub - Image of Tweets
  • Wiley drops his 1st dub dissing Stormzy called 'Eediyat Skengman 1', it also starts trending on YouTube - Video link
Wiley goes on another Twitter rant after dropping his dub trying to bait Stormzy into dropping a dub himself, he also posted a Twitter Video slagging Stormzy's album title - Image Album of Tweets / Video link

A few hours pass by and then...

  • When nobody expected it, Stormzy replied by dropping his dub aimed at Wiley called 'Disappointed' which ends up trending at number 2 on YouTube - Video link
Wiley and a LOT of fans jump on Twitter saying that Stormzy calling himself the 'King of Grime' is stupid because he done his dub on a drill beat - Image album of Tweets
For some reason Chip starts trending on Twitter as a lot of people are asking for him to get involved, he tweets that he's not involved in the beef - Image of Tweet
  • Joka B throws is hat in the ring by releasing a dub dissing Dot called 'Grime is Alive' - Video link

Beef then progresses again

  • Afghan Dan unexpectedly joins the war by releasing a dub called 'Michael Jackson' dissing Wiley & Dot Rotten - Video link
Wiley drops a video on Insta teasing his second dub. The thumbnail for the video is the same image he used for he's first dub but called 'Eediyat Skengman 2' - Video link
Wiley goes on another Twitter rant by retweeting videos on YouTube about Stormzy cheating on Maya, etc - Image of Tweets

Next level of the war

Wiley tweets that he needs '20k followers' to reach 500k followers in total for him to release his second dub - Image of Tweet
Stormzy was seen liking a Tweet (which he quickly removed his like from) calling Wiley a nonce - Image of liked Tweet
  • Dot jumps straight back in the war by releasing a new dub dissing Stormzy called 'Oi @Stormzy, Sit Back Down' - Video link
Wiley seems to have removed he's original dubs off YouTube that he released dissing Dot (luckily I've backed them up) - Image of Removal
Wiley then retweeted Dot's dub showing that he may have settled his beef with Dot - Image of retweeted Tweet

Beef continues

  • After teasing it for almost 24 hours, Wiley finally drops his second dub dissing Stormzy called 'Eediyat Skengman 2', it was also trending as number 1 on YouTube - Video link
Fudz has been on a Twitter rant about Stormzy using his brother's (XTC) beat without permission back in 2015 on his 'Shut Up' track (even though XTC has stated previously this has been sorted out) - Image Album of Tweets
Jaykae jumped on a podcast to explain his beef between him and Wiley - Video link of short clip discussing the beef / Video link for full video podcast
Wiley teases he is dropping visuals to his 'Eediyat Skengman 2' - Image of Tweet
Wiley then Tweets to a fan why he mentioned Maya in his second dub to Stormzy - Image album of Tweets

Beef carries on

Dot went on a Twitter rant by Tweeting JME asking him why he’s not responded to his dubs - Image of Tweets
Wiley deleted his original video for ‘Eediyat Skengman 2’ off YouTube so he could release it with visuals instead - Image of deletion
  • Wiley add’s visuals to his ‘Eediyat Skengman 2’ diss - Video link
  • Stormzy dropped his second dub dissing Wiley called ‘Still Disappointed’ in which he gives Wiley 24 hours to respond - Video link
Wiley Tweets explaining about his mum after Stormzy mentioned it in his dub Image of Tweet
Wiley then trolls some people into thinking he’s throwing in the towel by Tweeting that ‘2 dubs is enough’, among other things (that he’s since deleted) - Image of Tweets

The beef gets juicier

  • Dot carries on the war by dropping a dub dissing Stormzy, Jaykae & Wiley (and every other MC that has sent for him) called ‘The War Report 2020’ - Video link
Wiley quickly replies to Stormzy’s 24 hour response challenge by posting an image that says ‘Eediyat Skengman 3’ - Image of Instagram post
Dot starts beef with AJ Tracey on Twitter by calling him a ‘fanboy’, ‘walking pussy’ and more - Image album of Tweets
  • SBK jumps in war again by releasing a dub dissing Dot, Yizzy and T Roadz called ‘Sound Boy Killer’ - Video link

Beef goes quiet for 24 hours.. till...

SBK sent a series of Tweets dissing Dot and T Roadz for not responding to his dub - Image album of Tweets
SBK and Yizzy go back and forth dissing each other on Twitter until it ends with Yizzy stating he’s dropping a dub for SBK soon - Image album of Tweets
Wiley Tweets that he’s Boasty single was bigger than Vossi Bop ever was - Image of Tweet

It goes quiet again until...

Dot goes on a HUGE Twitter rant about the Grime scene in general (a LOT of Tweets in this one) - Image album of Tweets
Dot replies to SBK’s and Dizzle AP’s dubs by Tweeting them that he respects them but he’s not gonna respond to them - Image of Tweets
Dot then jumps on Insta Live dissing AJ Tracey, Big Zuu and Big Narstie. He also discusses Cadell’s dub - Video link

Radio silence for several hours and then...

Out of nowhere, Funky Dee tweets Afghan Dan saying he’s got 48 hours to apologise to Dot and Wiley for dissing them or he’s dropping his own dissing Afghan Dan - Image Album of Tweets
Wiley Tweets saying he’s not releasing his dub ‘Eediyat Skengman 3’ till he’s got visuals for it - Image of Tweet
A fan Tweets Stormzy telling him to reply to Cadell, Stormzy basically tells him to fuck off - Image of Tweet
Dot Tweets AJ Tracey and Steel Banglez dissing them again - Image of Tweets

Beef goes quiet for around 24 hours

Wiley tweets he’s not releasing new 3rd dub until he has 500k tweets - Image of Tweet
Dot then Tweets he wants P Money to mention him so he can ‘officially end him’ - Image of Tweets
  • Cadell drops visuals to his dub ‘WORLD WAR III’ - Video link
Peter Andre decides he wanted to get involved in the war and be a peace keeper - Image of Tweet

Beef starts up again and round 3 of Wiley v Stormzy starts

  • Wiley comes back with a bang and and drops his dub called ‘Eediyat Skengman 3’ dissing Stormzy, it also trended at Number 1 on YouTube - Video link
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2019.12.31 19:21 maa112 Tinie temper song - which song is the beat at the back sampled from?

KDA ft. Tinie Tempah, Katy B - Turn The Music Louder (Rumble)

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2019.12.20 22:03 1998tweety The UK Main Pop Girls Rate Reveal Day 1: I Cry When I Listen to Jess Glynne's Album

Hey everyone! Welcome to Day 1 of the UK Main Pop Girls Rate Reveal, the rate involving Jess Glynne's I Cry When I Laugh, Little Mix's Glory Days, and Rita Ora's Phoenix.
Today we will be revealing the bottom 18 of the songs on the main rate (52-35) and the bottom 3 of the bonus rate (9-7). The reveal will start 1 hour after the making of this post, which means it'll start at 5PM EST, and will take place on https://plug.dj/popheads.
Here are some stats about the results:
Jess Glynne - I Cry When I Laugh
  1. Gave Me Something
  2. Hold My Hand
  3. Real Love (with Clean Bandit)
  4. Ain't Got Far to Go
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Don't Be So Hard on Yourself
  7. You Can Find Me
  8. Why Me
  9. Love Me
  10. It Ain't Right
  11. No Rights No Wrongs
  12. Saddest Vanilla (feat. Emeli Sandé)
  13. Right Here
  14. Home
  15. Bad Blood
  16. Not Letting Go (with Tinie Tempah)
  17. Rather Be (with Clean Bandit)
  18. My Love (with Route 94)
Little Mix - Glory Days
  1. Shout Out to My Ex
  2. Touch
  3. Reggaetón Lento (Remix) (with CNCO)
  4. F.U.
  5. Power
  6. No More Sad Songs
  7. Oops (feat. Charlie Puth)
  8. You Gotta Not
  9. Down & Dirty
  10. Your Love
  11. Nobody Like You
  12. Private Show
  13. Nothing Else Matters
  14. If I Get My Way
  15. Is Your Love Enough?
  16. Dear Lover
  17. Beep Beep
  18. Freak
Rita Ora - Phoenix
  1. Anywhere
  2. Let You Love Me
  3. New Look
  4. Lonely Together (with Avicii)
  5. Your Song
  6. Only Want You
  7. First Time High
  8. For You (with Liam Payne)
  9. Summer Love (with Rudimental)
  10. Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX)
  11. Keep Talking (feat. Julia Michaels)
  12. Hell of a Life
  13. Velvet Rope
  14. Falling to Pieces
  15. Cashmere
  16. Soul Survivor

The Bonus Rate

  1. Jess Glynne - Strawberry Fields
  2. Jess Glynne - I Can Feel It (with DJ Serge Wood)
  3. Jess Glynne - Kill the Lights (with Alex Newell, DJ Cassidy and Nile Rodgers)
  4. Little Mix - Touch (feat. Kid Ink)
  5. Little Mix - Power (feat. Stormzy)
  6. Little Mix - No More Sad Songs (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
  7. Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
  8. Rita Ora - Poison
  9. Rita Ora - Body on Me (feat. Chris Brown)


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2019.11.03 01:37 1998tweety The UK Main Pop Girls Rate!

The United Kingdom

Yes Americans, there are more countries than just your own, and yes their artists do make BOPS. On this sub, way too often is Rita Ora called a flop for not charting in the US even though shes a record older in the UK. Welcome to the UK Main Pop Girls Rate! This rate serves as an opportunity to explore 3 of the biggest female artists in the UK. We'll be rating I Cry When I Laugh by Jess Glynne (you know her as the Rather Be girl), Glory Days Little Mix, and Pheonix by Rita Ora (the girl on Black Widow)! All 3 of these pop albums saw huge success in the UK (and unfortunately couldn't replicate that success in the US). What matters though is that they're gonna get the justice they deserve here!
If you wanna go straight to rating, click this link here
Now, without further ado

Jess Glynne - I Cry When I Laugh

Note: The tracklist we are rating may not be avaliable on streaming in all countries, YouTube links will be provided below.
I'm gonna be honest this isn't the Jess Glynne album I stan so idk what to say here. ICWIL was a smash album debuting at #1 on the UK album charts. The album produced 2 #1 songs (5 if you include the ones that were thrown on the deluxe edition). The singles here are HUGE bops, Take Me Home (my fav Jess song) in particular has so much emotion packed into it and gives Jess the chance to show off her powerful vocals. I will be dissapointed if y'all rob that song.
  1. Gave Me Something
  2. Hold My Hand
  3. Real Love (with Clean Bandit)
  4. Ain't Got Far to Go
  5. Take Me Home
  6. Don't Be So Hard on Yourself
  7. You Can Find Me
  8. Why Me
  9. Love Me
  10. It Ain't Right
  11. No Rights No Wrongs
  12. Saddest Vanilla (feat. Emeli Sandé)
  13. Right Here
  14. Home
  15. Bad Blood
  16. Not Letting Go (with Tinie Tempah)
  17. Rather Be (with Clean Bandit)
  18. My Love (with Route 94)

Little Mix - Glory Days

Note: We will be rating the original solo versions of Touch, No More Sad Songs, and Power; the remixed versions will appear in the bonus rate.
The biggest Western girl group of our time, I'm sure Little Mix needs now introduction. After Black Magic, Glory Days became LM's first album to debut at #1 on the UK Album chart and produced their 4th #1 song (along with 3 top 5 hits). A year later the Platinum Edition was released with 4 new songs (which we'll be rating)! Depending on who you ask, you'll pretty much always get a different answer behind the question, "What's your favourite Little Mix album?". Salute, Get Weird, Glory Days, or LM5. Ask them about their fav LM singles though, and chances are it's either Black Magic or one of the songs off of Glory Days (although if I'm being honest there really is no wrong answer since 90% of their singles are excellent). Shoutout To My Ex, Touch, and Power have all quickly become Little Mix classics. Singles aside, the rest of the album delivers too. Between the Meghan Trainor penned You Gotta Not, emotional ballad Nobody Like You, and raunchy sex bop Private Show/Beep Beep/Freak/honestly half of the album, there really is something for everyone here. It might not be their most inventive and adventurous album (that honour goes to LM5), but it's definitely what the gays would call "pop perfection".
  1. Shout Out to My Ex
  2. Touch
  3. Reggaetón Lento (Remix) (with CNCO)
  4. F.U.
  5. Power
  6. No More Sad Songs
  7. Oops (feat. Charlie Puth)
  8. You Gotta Not
  9. Down & Dirty
  10. Your Love
  11. Nobody Like You
  12. Private Show
  13. Nothing Else Matters
  14. If I Get My Way
  15. Is Your Love Enough?
  16. Dear Lover
  17. Beep Beep
  18. Freak

Rita Ora - Phoenix

5 years after her debut album, we finally saw the release of Rita Ora's sophmore album Pheonix. Unfortunately the album only peaked at #11 on the UK Album Chart (compared to her Ora which peaked at #1). This was probably because the lead single came out a year and a half before the album did, and it also didn't help that Rita released over half of the album before the release date. The singles performed quite well though. Anywhere and Let You Love Me both went top 5, with Your Song and For You going top 10 as well. Girls, a song featuring popheads fave Charli XCX, sparked much controversy and discussion here, unfourtunately it could not replicate the success of the previous singles and didn't even go top 20. Chart performance aside, this album is chock full of bops. Despite being half made up of singles, every song on the album fits well; there really is no filler here.
  1. Anywhere
  2. Let You Love Me
  3. New Look
  4. Lonely Together (with Avicii)
  5. Your Song
  6. Only Want You
  7. First Time High
  8. For You (with Liam Payne)
  9. Summer Love (with Rudimental)
  10. Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX)
  11. Keep Talking (feat. Julia Michaels)
  12. Hell of a Life
  13. Velvet Rope
  14. Falling to Pieces
  15. Cashmere
  16. Soul Survivor

The Bonus Rate

The bonus rate is pretty much just here so that I could include the Little Mix remixes cause they're technically on the album. Could've done Rita's newest collabs but her previous non-album singles are way better so we're doing with that. Jess will be taking the L on this one.
  1. Jess Glynne - Strawberry Fields
  2. Jess Glynne - I Can Feel It (with DJ Serge Wood)
  3. Jess Glynne - Kill the Lights (with Alex Newell, DJ Cassidy and Nile Rodgers)
  4. Little Mix - Touch (feat. Kid Ink)
  5. Little Mix - Power (feat. Stormzy)
  6. Little Mix - No More Sad Songs (feat. Machine Gun Kelly)
  7. Rita Ora - I Will Never Let You Down
  8. Rita Ora - Poison
  9. Rita Ora - Body on Me (feat. Chris Brown)

The Rules

  • Rate every song with a score between ONE and TEN. You may give 1 song a ZERO, and 1 song an ELEVEN. You may use up to one decimal place in your scores, any more will crash the program. If you do use anymore decimal places, we reserve the right to round up or down as appropriate. You cannot give your 11/0 to an item in the bonus rate.
  • You must use THIS PREPARED LINK to send in your scores. I will not accept ballots that are not arranged correctly.
  • You can DM me at any time if you wish to change your scores before the deadline.
  • DO NOT SABOTAGE. I will require your album averages to be above a certain unlisted threshold, and if your scores do not meet the threshold I will require you to redo your scores until it is. The threshold is the same across all users.
  • If you feel strongly enough about a song to give it a 0, it's encouraged that you pair it with a comment explaining why, again to limit chances of sabotage.
  • The following is the format for adding comments to songs or albums:
Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX): 11 Ended Hayley Kiyoko
Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX): 0 - Biphobe
Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX): Chris Brown supporter 0
Girls (feat. Bebe Rexha, Cardi B & Charli XCX): (0) Albanian Girls with a little chocolate and spice sprinkled in
That's it! Use the link below to send me your scores and feel free to ask any questions (I'm Dusk on the popheads Discord server if you'd rather ask there). DM me to change your scores any time before the deadline currently set to December 1st. I'll probably have extensions for a week or so (it's exam season so that time is a bit busy).
Premade Message Link
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2019.09.11 11:22 Madbrad200 Guide to the various subgenres, styles, and niches of grime music

(Check the /grime wiki for easier navigation!)
Fan of boxes & over categorization? This is for you!
Guide 2 most of the niches/styles/subgenres of grime. Useful 4 finding similar music & sounds that you like - grime niches are hard to find & explore due to lack of info, which led to making this. R&G tunes are hard to find, at least until now.
Playlists included for most of them, check those out if you wish to explore the niche (mistakes may be included). Alt spellings/names are included for easy searching. Lots of & due to character limit issues. None of the names within were created by me - they can all be found elsewhere online prior to me making this (other than 1, which is near the bottom).
Categories are somewhat arbitrary (e.g, sinogrime a subgenre or a style? Tropical Grime a subgenre or a fusion? Does the distinction even matter?). Goal is primarily just to document the niches within grime, and to explain some terms floating around:
  • Subgenres
  • Styles - Specific styles of grime, that aren't subgenres / genres in any way, but fill a niche within the genre.
  • Fusion Genres / Derivative genres
  • Other / Misc - Just misc terms that are floating around or terms that don't have a lot of documentation. These are not real genres mostly, and most of them are not notable and can be ignored. The goal here is to, quite simply, put some meaning behind them in-case you ever stumble upon them and wonder what they mean.



(contains non-grime in the playlists, but all darkside - see Shxdow's comment below)
Darkside is a minor subgenre/style pioneered by Terminator during the early 2000s. Darkside is defined by dark, sluggish & violent content, such as Terminators F64. There are not many artists who have made Darkside. Most notable artist is Terminator but there are others such as Shxdow & Cautious. Scorcher, CousinGritt & Dowsen have also produced Darkside instrumentals, which are usually a lot darker sounding than usual.
Shxdow has clarified Darkside isn't strictly grime, & does not have to be over grime instrumentals.


Eskibeat was initially a name given to grime music by Wiley before grime was the agreed-upon title. The term as you can probably already tell derives from Eskimos, people who live in particularly cold regions. In a 2003 interview, Wiley said:
I’m a winter person but the cold… sometimes I just feel cold hearted. I felt cold at that time, towards my family, towards everyone. That’s why I used those names. I was going to use “North Pole” but I didn’t even get that far. It was all things that were cold because that’s how I was feeling. There are times when I feel warm. I am a nice person but sometimes I switch off & I’m just cold. I feel angry & cold.
Eskibeat is now generally recognised to be its own niche within grime with "futuristic, icy cold synths, devastating basslines & awkward, off-kilter rhythms".
You can find examples fairly easily. Ice Rink, Wiley - Blizzard. Lewi B - Eski Gang. Pretty good playlist here which has a lot.

Gangsta Grime / Gangster Grime

Minor subgenre or niche within grime. Roadside G's branded their music as 'Gangsta grime'. Their style was much closer to gritty 'gangster' rap than grime MC'ing, but was done over grime instrumentals. At least one of their videos, "Come 2 Da Roadside" was banned from Channel U. Their mixtapes are classic, check 'em out.
"Rider Music" & "Changing Flows" are both solid.
Also seen people also say South Soldiers, Crazy Titch & Slew Dem fall under Gangster Grime.

Gospel Grime / Christian Grime

Pretty much exactly what it sounds like - grime but with themes relating to Christianity, pioneered in the early 2000s. Some of it is surprisingly good. The most notable figure in the scene would be Guvna B.
Older Gospel Grime is sometimes (misleadingly) referred to as Gospel Garage.

Mellow Grime

Minor subgenre. Mellow Grime is probably the closest grime has gotten to a 'lofi' genre. The name describes it well - the sound is much more "'mellow" & chill than traditional grime. It has some similarities to Rhythm & Grime production. Features much more mellowed out instrumentals, vocals & samples.
There is also a "Mellow Grime" collective, consisting of Kwollem, Covco, Rayf & a couple others. On 'Sia Lee's #TwentyMinuteTakeover with Mellow Grime' on the 26th December 2015, they explained it started via a Kwollem track called "Thugs Essence" (which I can't find).
The name is also sometimes used to refer to chillhop / lofi hip-hop beats but with grime vocals over the top, like this.

Ruff Sound

Ruff Sound is a genre developed by Novelist (and others like Vision Crew, Grandmixxer, Prem, etc) set at 152-160bpm. Ruff Sound is faster, sorta laying in the space between grime & DnB. Novelist has acknowledged he didn't necessarily create the sound, but he did give it a name & push it around 2016. A lot of the instrumentals tend to have a darker vibe than usual & give a lot of space for the MC to spit.
This one got a bit of backlash when it first came out since people pointed out higher tempo grime had already been made years ago. Still sick though.
There have been a few Ruff Sound radio sets which can be found on Soundcloud.

Rhythm & Grime / R&G / RnG

Other spellings: Rhythm & Grime, R'n'g, Rhythm n Grime, Rhythm&Grime, Rhythm'n'Grime, rhythm n’ grime. Sometimes called 'wifey' tunes/riddims after the classic song.
Favourite subgenre of grime!
Rhythm & Grime, also known as R&G, is a subgenre pioneered in 2004-5 by producers Terror Danjah, DaVinChe & Scratcha DVA. The subgenre mixes grime with R&B, often with R&B-style vocals, while keeping the rugged feel of grime. Lady Ny stated she was the first woman to sing on grime.
Rhythm & Grime comes in three forms:
  • Singing: A lot of R&G features R&B style singing, like Lady Ny - You Always Were. Often this is done over normal grime instrumentals, sometimes the instrumentals will have a more R&B influence in them such as...
  • Instrumental: Whilst R&G can be done over normal grime instrumentals, there is also a specific production style in the genre. Maribor - U Playin' for example - far more mellower & chill than usual, obvious R&B influence. A lot of them will have that 'choppy' kinda feel. Lots of soundcloud producers making this sound, like south, Daffy, yancy, Invader Spade, etc.
  • MC'ing: MC'ing over R&G, like Faultsz - Fya Bun, tends to have a more laid-back vibe to it, usually accompanied with chilled instrumentals.
Many UK R&B singers, such as Sadie Ama, Lady Ny, Katie Pearl, & Gemma Fox made R&G songs in the 2000s.
In 2006, Scratcha DVA released the album "The Voice of Grime" featuring 22 different singers. It was unique at the time due to being the first project to have so many different women singing over grime instrumentals, however, the sound would mostly disappear after the album was released. Many of the R&B singers that were singing over R&G were inconsistent & would regularly disappear. The subgenre made a come back in the 2010s after American singer Kelala released a mixtape in 2013, "Cut 4 Me", featuring a heavy R&G influence.
Funny anecdote, according to Terror Danjah, after making the track "So Sure" with Kano & Sadie Ama, grime MC Crazy Titch initially told him to stop making "girl tunes", although he would later request Terror produce one for himself.

Sinogrime / Sino-grime / Sino Grime

Shoutout /sinogrime
Depending on who you ask, sinogrime is either a subgenre of grime or just a style of production. Pretty simple: sinogrime is grime that uses East Asian motifs in the production. The term was coined by Kode9 in 2005, although the style predates 2005. One notable example is Jammer - Chinaman which includes a sample from the 1993 martial arts film "Twin Warriors".
Only applies 2 grime made in Japan or China if the instrumental includes East Asian elements. Artists from China such as Swimful (who remixed Wiley's instrumental "Shanghai") & Howie Lee (his album "Mù Chè Shān Chū") have produced sinogrime themselves though. Howie Lee described sinogrime as "propaganda", a sound that represents an image in people's heads, but one that is not necessarily accurate.
In 2014, Kuwaiti producer Fatima Al Qadiri released "Asiatisch", which had a heavy sinogrime influence & was highly acclaimed, although Fatima was unaware of the term "Sinogrime" whilst she was making the album.


Sublow is the name primarily used by members of the Black Ops collective (such as Jon E Cash & Dread D). It was one of the early names used to refer to grime & dubstep when the line between the two wasn't so clear.
Sometimes also described as a subgenre, it's defined by heavy synths, edgy rhythms & deep low bass.


Weightless (sometimes referred to as 'glassy grime', but that also refers to other sounds) is a style of instrumental grime that developed over the 2010s, characterized by sparse & stripped back production. Ambient grime is probably the best way to describe it - it quite literally has a 'weightless' feel.
Pioneered by Mumdance & Logos who were inspired by Wiley's 'devil mixes', where he stripped the drums from instrumentals. On their label, 'Different Circles', they released Weightless Vol. 1 & Weightless Vol. 2 which are both good intros to the genre. Other notable record labels would be Gobstopper Records & Planet Mu Records.


Specific styles of grime, that aren't necessarily subgenres / genres, but fill a niche within the genre.

8-bar & Nu Shape

8-bar is a style/subgenre of grime, first seen in Youngstar's "Pulse X" instrumental (released 2002). 8-bar instru's switch rhythm every eight bars (roughly every 13 seconds), meaning that every 8 bars the MC would be spitting over a different rhythm. This was in contrast to "nu shape", another style of grime which encouraged 16-32 bar patterns.
There are lots tracks with a million MC's ('8-bar rally's') that follow this 8-bar pattern, such as J Beatz - 8 Bar Mucktion.

8-bit / 8bit grime / Chiptune grime / Gameboy grime

Very, very minor style of grime music.
Chiptune is a style of electronic music that emulates old school video game music. Video game sounds are relatively common in grime, these are songs that lean a bit more heavily into it.
The game Wolverine: Adamantium Rage released in 1994 on the Sega Genesis featured this instrumental by Dylan Beale, now considered the first-ever (unintentional) grime instrumental!
Shoutout the Elijah 8-bit & Skilliam 8-bit grime mix.

Bass mixes / Devil Mixes / Angel Mixes

A devils mix / bass mix / angel mix is an instrumental with the drums stripped. The idea later served as the inspiration for what would be known as 'Weightless' (there's also similarities with Mr. Mitch's "peace edits"). You might think stripping a major part of a beat would be detrimental but more often than not it works pretty well.
The idea was pioneered by Wiley, although he had some misgivings about the name he gave them...
Nah it's not "devil mix" you know? I called it that because it sounded evil to me innit. But I don't call it "devil mix" anymore because when I started calling it that I started to get lots of bad luck, if you understand. I called it that because it sounded evil but really, why didn't I call it "god mix" then? Because I don't believe in the devil. The more & the more you say his name, believe it or not, he'll come closer to you. And that is the truth, I swear I am not joking. "Bass mix" I call them now, cos it's just bass. The devil mix brought me too much luck. I was selling the devil mix of Eskimo & they were selling so fast. I bought stuff with the money, bought a car & crashed it. So it just turned me off.
Which is probably why people started to call them "angel mixes" around the mid-2010s.

Peace Edits

Peace Edits were pioneered by Mr. Mitch in October 2013. In essence, they are the opposite of a producer war dub. Rather than creating something aggressive, peace edits flip the song into something more mellow & emotional. The concept isn't strictly grime, but it did start there. Mr Mitch explained the concept well:
I couldn’t be bothered to try & compete with everybody who was flinging out dubs, so I tried to do something different with it, & in doing that I deconstructed a lot of famous grime beats – slowed them down, took elements of them & warped them in a way, & took the aggression out of them. I tried to work out what the essence of those tunes was, & pushed them in a new direction
Mitch said in January 2018 there likely would not be a future Peace Edit release. (edit: Peace Dubs Vol. 3 was released 2 January 2020)
Peace Edits also resulted in the glorious remix of Eiffel 65 - BLUE.

Yardie grime / Ragga grime

Terms to describe grime MC's that employ heavy usage of Jamaican patois/accents, particularly those with a more "aggressive" style for lack of a better word, such as Riko Dan, Irah, Jamakabi, etc.
'Yardie' was originally used to describe Jamaican gangsters, while 'ragga' is a form of dancehall with hip-hop influence that developed in the 80s.

Fusion Genres / Derivative genres

Grime-trap / Grime Trap

Exactly what it sounds like - a fusion genre that mixes grime with trap, lots of high-hats, 808's & snares - that kinda thing. AJ Tracey did a lot of this. Merky Ace's "Catch Up Vol. 3" album is mostly grime-trap.

Grime Punk, Grime Rock & Grime Metal

Sort of a 'non-genre', in that it's extremely niche & there isn't a lot of it. There are a lot of alternative names that have been used which probably doesn't help. I've seen all of these: Nu-metal Grime, Djent-grime, Hardcore Grime Punk Grime, Punk-rock-grime, Punk-grime, Rock Grime, Rock-grime, Grime-metal, Hardcore-grime, Djent Grime
I've only included examples in the playlists where there's a more evident grime influence. These terms are commonly used to describe artists who MC in a way reminiscent of grime, but very few of them incorporate grime elements into the instrumentals, & don't seem very distinguishable from any other rap metal/rock/punk or rapcore as a result. Artists like Hacktivist or Gassed Up would be examples of that, but I think applying "grime" to these is a big stretch. Likewise, 'grime punk' is sometimes used to describe Slowthai's influences which stem from punk and grime, but the music he makes isn't grime aside from a few examples.
They're also commonly used as terms for remixes where grime vocals are just placed over metal/punk/rock instrumentals. If you're just interested in that, Leon Fuentes has done a lot.
There is also a genre called "grindie", which is listed below in this post, that fused grime with indie rock & alternative rock.

Grindie / Grime-indie / Grime indie / Grimdie

Grindie (grime+indie), the time grime turned... indie. The genre fused grime with indie rock/alternative rock & emerged in 2005/6 via samples & collaborations with indie-rock bands. Probably one of the weirdest fusions ever...
A big pusher of the genre was Statik, who also coined the name "grindie". According to The Guardian, he originally used the name as a joke but it ended up sticking. His Grindie (Vol 1) mixtape contains over 60 tracks, featuring remixes of Arctic Monkeys, The Strokes, Interpol, & Ladyfuzz among others (most of them can't be found though). This all sounds very weird... but it works, mostly, although it sounds very 2000s. Lethal Bizzle was prominent in the genre for a little while, which apparently in turn helped him find a platform among the indie crowd during a time when he was being banned from clubs.
Marvin The Martian's / Marv The Marsh's group Why Lout? created the first grindie song, "Stay Off The Kane", released in 2005 & produced by Jack Nimble.
Grindie was also referred to as Git Hop, but that included other sounds as well & was rarely used.

Tropical Grime

Tropical Grime is a sound pushed by Scrufizzer & Stimpy, influenced by bashment, calypso & UK Garage, but with a grimier bass line. Scruffizer credited JME & Skepta, Todd Edwards, MJ Cole as his influences for the sound. It's essentially garage-tinged grime (Or is it grime-tinged garage?), more "tropical", summery, something you can dance to.
In 2006, Boy Better Know released a "Tropical" EP, which is arguably the first example of the subgenre. The sound was intended to be more dance-friendly than most other grime music at the time.

Other / Misc

Just misc terms that are floating around or terms that don't have a lot of documentation. These are not real genres mostly, and most of them are not notable and can be ignored. The goal here is to, quite simply, put some meaning behind them in-case you ever stumble upon them and wonder what they mean.

Afro Grime / Afro-Grime

Afro Grime dates back to 2006 as coined by Afrikan Boy. It was his attempt at blending his African roots with grime music. He claims he was one of the first Brits to incorporate an African-based sound into his music, which is probably true. Essentially just describes grime music that has African influences or sounds blended into it. The most notable song from this is Afrikan Boy - Lidl.
Though never really used anymore, you could argue it applies to stuff like NoHatNoHood's London To Addis, which fused grime with Ethiopian sounds.
The term is also sometimes used to (inaccurately) describe /AfroBashment. Completely different genre.


Also referred to as "post-grime" & "industrial grime" (a reference to industrial music).
Not a common term. Cyber-grime was a name used to describe a new sound that appeared in the mid-2010s via producers like Mumdance & Rabit. Dummy mag describes it as:
Metallic, abrasive, violent, complex & maximal: cyber-time [sic?] is inflicted with cybernetic themes & industrial textures, mixing together with sounds you would usually hear in techno, whilst also weaving in the complex beat programming of ‘club’ & bass genres.
Vastly different styles & approaches to beatmaking appear – coalescing around an aesthetic concern with a cybernetic, post-network futurity.

Grime MC's over dubstep

Somemtimes called 'Dubstep grime', not a genre, rather just refers to grime MC's spitting over dubstep beats. The Bug x Flowdan x Killa P - Skeng is a classic.
Big thanks to nikoma's list of grime mc's on dubstep and UnbalancedUK's playlist.

Eco Grime / Eco-Grime / Eco Futurism / Bio Future / Geo Club

(note: Playlists contain non-grime versions, see below for grime examples)
Grime examples: tropical interface - new combat drone, tropical interface - extract (Hypna recycle), HERBARIUM - ШИШКИН ЛЕС, MUNGUUGNUM - BIOCENOSIS, HERBARIUM - РИЗОМА, HERBARIUM - MEDICINAL PLANTS
Most of the music can only be found on Bandcamp.
Eco Grime (aka "Bio Future", "Geo Club" & "Eco Futurism") isn't grime despite the name, aside from the few tunes mentioned above & a couple others. I thought I'd mention it here anyway just because I find it interesting, and those grime examples do exist.
It appeared in the mid-2010s & was pioneered outside of the UK by international producers (particularly in Eastern Europe), with the main record label "Eco Futurism Corporation" being based in Sydney, Australia (it was founded in Italy).
In short, Eco Grime is an umbrella for experimental club music that blends natural sounds with futuristic imagery. A lot of Eco Grime seems more derived from IDM or ambient music than grime.
Eco Grime is also based around a central political idea:
Some theories: Sometime in the still-undetermined future, animals will have evolved enough that they can survive by consuming the plastic waste that fills our oceans. An all-powerful supercomputer will rule over the Democratic People’s Republic of Unified China, at one with the minds of its citizens. “Garbage theory,” the idea that biological contaminants left behind by extraterrestrial visitors are actually responsible for all human life, will be proven true. And an unnamed, primordial predator will stalk its prey & wreak havoc on five continents.
These scenarios aren’t plot lines from a buzzed-about dystopian TV show or conspiracy theories volleyed about in the darker corners of the internet. Instead, they’ve been invented by a tight-knit group of producers & labels releasing electronic music. Some of the music is club-oriented, & much of it is centered around ecological themes, casting a wary eye toward the slow but steady destruction of the environment. And the artists who are responsible for creating it—many of them on the forward-thinking netlabel Eco Futurism Corporation—have come up with a name for the genre: “eco grime.” As founder Andrea IV puts it, “Eco Futurism Corporation has a single requirement—to use the sounds of nature [in our music].

Electro Grime / Electro-grime

(playlists just have songs that I've found described as 'electro-grime', should be not considered actual grime music).
"Electro-grime", (or "commercial grime" as Wiley named it) was a journalist term for the short-lived terrible mistake development in the early late 2000s during a time when grime music was relatively stagnant. During this time, grime artists were predominantly ditching grime in favour of a more commercialised, Electro House influenced sound oh god why. Electro House was at the time a successful genre in the charts, so this was grime MC's first attempt at watering down their sound & entering the mainstream charts. This is the "pop phase" people typically talk about with Wiley, Skepta, Tinchy Stryder, Dizzee Rascal, Chip, Tinie Tempah, etc.
This is a journalist term to describe grime artists making electro-influenced music, as opposed to being a real genre. The sound they were making was quite far from grime. It's best described more as 'pop rap', 'electro rap' or something along those lines.
Wiley's track "Wearing My Rolex", produced by Bless Beats, was credited with kick-starting the wave back in 2008. The follow up, Skepta's "Rolex Sweep" had a brief dance craze after it was released & was remixed by Coldplay.
Although a horrible, horrible, mistake we should all forget, it did result in this funny paragraph from the Guardian:
So where next for grime? So far we've had to endure things like grindie & grime's R&B analogue, R&G, but there's one gold mine which is yet to be exploited: the tween market. If Skepta et al can somehow make it onto the Disney Channel, they'll have an army of eight-year-olds behind them overnight. Miley Cyrus even kind of sounds like the name of a grime MC. If that fails they could take some tips from Barney the Dinosaur & dress up as bright cuddly animals. Sing & dance-along DVDs for mother & baby with Wiley the Grimosaur could well be the future of grime.

Emo-grime / Emo Grime

"Emo-grime", aside from being used to describe 'depressing' grime music since at least 2005, was sometimes applied to the style made by Mr. Mitch (due to his 'mellow' sorta style) & Bazza (who wasn't a fan of the term). Bit of a meaningless term though.

Glassy grime

Uncommon term to describe the synthy 'glassy' type of music being produced, especially during the mid-2010s by people like Murlo.

Jazz Grime / J Grime

There have been a few attempts to merge grime with Jazz music (not enough in my opinion). Swindle is the most notable person to do it, a lot of his grime music has jazz influences. He's fused grime with funk.
Some examples:
Kamaal Williams feat. Mez - One Take Freestyle
Moses Boyd On The Spot with Harry Jay Steele, Coco, Capo Lee, Snowy & Smiley.1Xtra
Swindle ft Flowdan & Mungo’s Hi Fi Global Dance
TARA LILY - Who Saw Who
Steam Down - Free My Skin, performed live here. Their songs "Grandpa" and "Can't Hold Me Back" also sound grime influenced.
Kris T Reeder is a jazz instrumentalist with grime influences. Tunes like "Time to Fly Take 2", "Go On Then", "Time to Fly".
Moses Boyd - Dark Matter instrumental album features some jazzy/grimey influences.

Liquid Grime

'Liquid Grime' has been used to describe a few different people, although it isn't very common. Jeb1 - Sunshine (Devil Mix) is described as 'liquid grime'.
JEB1 explains 'Liquid Grime' here:
J1: [..] when I’m making Liquid Grime & 140 I try to make it as soft as possible, but still have bass & energy. I’m constantly evolving new sounds; a sample or synth I hated 3 years ago & never used would be like an amazing sound right now, when I think hard about extra bits in a track another point is that my tracks tend to be progressive & evolving too, even if it has a verse-chorus structure.
The “liquid” chords actually come from my neo-soul influences as well as drums from house & some trap (which is still an evolving & developing sound). I want to see liquid… liquid everywhere! But on a serious note, I’m not detaching it from grime, as with rhythm & grime it’s just a sub genre within another sub genre which isn’t on itunes as a genre, you feel me. So for now I’ve just been labeling it as ‘electronic’ to get me into a place where grime isn’t - an edm mix or label or something, so people don’t bring prejudice over a label or the track & just think of it as a load of claps & gun samples.
I see liquid grime as an expression of my happiness trying to burst out, along with the hyperactivity & wackiness some people describe me as having. The theme is happiness, islands, icicles, ibiza, chelsea & essex orange tans. If you want to join the movement just listen to a few of my tracks, some rng, some trance/big room anthems then add a harsh bassline halfway through & there you have it. Short version: just listen to jeb1 - can’t get any simpler than that!
Visionist & P Jam have also used the term.

Nightcore grime

This is the only one I've just pulled out my ass, but it exists.
Nightcore is just a thing weebs listen to where they speed up the song & give it a higher pitch. So if you're interested in anime girls and Stormzy remixes this might be for you.
I didn't create this playlist for personal use I promise.

Post-grime / Post Grime / Post Eski / Post-eski / Neo Grime / Neo eski / Forward Grime / Future Grime

Post Grime, Post Eski, Forward Grime, & Future grime or more rarely 'neo grime' / 'neo eski', are terms used to describe producers pushing grime in a unique direction, sometimes mixing it other genres or styles. In other words, forward-thinking music. Applied commonly to experimental producers like Mumdance, Murlo, Sudaim, Loom, etc.
(There was also a point in time where a couple people tried to make IGM (Intelligent Grime Music) a thing but it never became popular and is forgotten now)
submitted by Madbrad200 to grime [link] [comments]

2019.07.22 23:59 ShakuraKazuki What's your favourite Gorillaz Remix(es)?

For me it's Stylo (Labrinth Remix ft. Tinie Tempah) It's really cool and the lines from Tinie Tempah are great and fitting, I love them. "OH STYLO"
My second favourite is probably Andromeda (ZHU remix). I like this one a lot. "WHERE IT. TAKE IT." And the video on youtube is mesmerizing.

I also like (not in order):

I'm actually not a fan of remixes and never heared or liked any before I found Gorillaz, but I'm really suprised that some of them are truly (sometimes propapbly unappreciated) gems.
submitted by ShakuraKazuki to gorillaz [link] [comments]

2019.07.03 14:42 plain_lou THE GRIME ESSENTIAL LIST (UPDATE) [2019 EDITION]

It's that time again to update the essentials list, hasn't been touched since 2017 so now is a good time as any.
You can only post one submission per post though you can post 2/3 times, this just helps with keeping an eye on the upvotes/downvotes for the track/mixtape posted, also please state the artist and whether it is a track or a mixtape in your submission.
I look forward to seeing what you guys have got, the list as it is, is displayed below so take a look before posting so we don't receive any duplicates.
Last can be found here
This was the original Essential list, what should be added.


Lord of the Decks:

Lord of the Decks 1
Lord of the Decks 2
Lord of the Decks 3

Lord of the Mics

Lord of the Mics 1
Lord of the Mics 2
Lord of the Mics 3

Risky Roads

Risky Roads
Risky Roads 2

Practice Hours

Practice Hours 1
Practice Hours 2


Wot Do U Call It


Bruza - Doin' Me
CAS - The Number 23
Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner
Dizzee Rascal - Showtime
Durrty Goodz - Overall
Durrty Goodz - Ultrasound
Jendor - Grandmaster
JME - Famous
Kano - Home Sweet Home
Kano - London Town
Lethal Bizzle - Against All Oddz
Plastician - Beg To Differ
President T - Greatest to Ever Touch Down
President T - T On The Wing
Random Impulse - Full Metal Alchemist
Roll Deep - Rules and Regulations
Roll Deep - Street Anthems
Ruff Sqwad: White Label Classics (Instrumental Album)
Skepta - Microphone Champion
SLK - The Lost Tapes
Wiley - The Godfather
Wiley Playtimes Over
Wiley - Race Against Time
Zdot - A New Light


Big H - Street Crime UK
Crazy Titch - Crazy Times 1
D Double E - On Tha Double (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Devlin - Art of Rolling
Devlin - Tales of the crypt
DJ Magic - No Hats, No Hoods Edition 1 (FREE DOWNLOAD)
Dot Rotten - Extra Attention
Dot Rotten - R.I.P Young Dot
Ears - Million Ears
Ghetts (aka Ghetto) - Calm before the storm
Ghetto (Aka Ghetts) - Ghetto Gospel
Ghetto (Aka Ghetts) - Freedom of speech
In Da Hood - The Lost Tapes
Jammer - Are You Dumb Volume 1
Maxsta - Maxtape
OG's - OG Season Volume 1
P Money - Money over Everyone
President T - Back Inna My Face
Run The Road - Run the Road Vol.1
Sharky Major - Major League
Slew Dem Crew - Non Stop Working
Tempa T - All-Star Pars
Tinchy Stryder - Im Back U Know
Trim: Soulfood
True Tiger - Eye of the Tiger Volume 1
Wiley Treddin on thin Ice
Wiley - Tunnel Vision (1 and onwards)
Young Dot - This is the Beginning


Newham Generals - Bag Of Grease


Angry ft Neckle Camp, Slew Dem And Roll Deep - Strangle Man
Bruza - Get me
Chipmunk - Who are you?
Choong Family - Adrenaline
Crazy Titch - I can C U
Chronik - Blackout
Dave x AJ Tracey - Thiago Silva
D Double E - Birds in the sky
D Double E - Frontline (Remix)
Devlin - London City
Dexplicit - Pull Up Dat
Dizzee - I Luv u
Ghetts (Ghetto) - Artillery
Ghetts (Ghetto) - Top 3 Selected
Jammer - Murkle man
JME - Serious
Kano's P's and Q's
Lethal Bizzle - Pow (Forward/2004)
Lethal Bizzle - Pow 2011
More Fire Crew - Oi
Newham Generals - Frontline
Novelist - Take time
Plastician/Plasticman - Intensive snare (featuring Skepta)
P-Money - Nah Breddah
Roll Deep - when I'm Ere
Ruff sqwad ft Wiley - Together
Ruff Sqwad - Xtra
Skepta - Duppy
Skepta Ft Jammer - I Spy
Skepta and JME - Spaceship
Skepta -That's not me (Remix)
Tempa T - Next Hype
Tinie Tempah - Hood Economics
Wiley - Gangsters
Wiley - Wot Do You Call It
Wretch 32 - Ina Da Ghetto

Radio Sets

Digital Mystikz, Roll Deep & Plastician - Essential Mixes
Grime Show: Lyrical Strally, PK & Saint P (YGG)
Kode9 feat. Wiley - Rinse FM (2007)
Logan Sama's Last Show - Rinse FM - Roll Deep/Ruff Sqwad/Others 22 April 2005
Meridian Crew Sidewinder
Rinse FM Xmas 2005 Special - Maximum w/ Roll Deep, Ruff Sqwad, Meridian Crew, Slew Dem
Risky Roadz 2005 All Star Mix
#SixtyMinutesLive - Dizzee Rascal, BBK, Lethal Bizzle, Tempa T, Fekky, Footsie & General Levy
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2019.05.29 19:43 Swarley115 Please let me know what you think!

Hi all


Made this a while back and only just uploading it now. It's a mashup I made of Travie Mc Coy & Bruno Mars - Billionaire Vs Tinie Tempah - Pass Out.

I'm particularly proud of this one as I think the vocals and beat go so well together.
Anyway, let me know what you think please, and I'm happy to check out anyone else's video if you share in the comments.

Many thanks,
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2019.04.01 07:09 VitaDance 「VITA Dance Cover」Text From Your Ex (ft. Tinashe) - Tinie Tempah Luna Hyun Choreography

「VITA Dance Cover」Text From Your Ex (ft. Tinashe) - Tinie Tempah Luna Hyun Choreography


We love the choreography by Luna from ALiEN Dance Studio, so we tried our best to reconstruct the background as the original dance video and the MV. On top of that, we added story lines and multiple scenes. We also introduced poppin style to cover the rap parts (by our poppin dancer Tony). This might not be perfect, but we had a lot of fun! Hope you enjoyed it!

LIKE our video and SUBSCRIBE our youtube channel to encourage us make more awesome dance covers.

Vivia [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/liuziqivivia/
Tony [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/tonyhualiu/
Mary [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/mary_maruko.y/
Monica monicataylover https://www.instagram.com/monicataylo...
Luxi [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/chen.deer.d...
Amber [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/dawnsky_x/

Filmed and edited by:
Jerome [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/jsalenphoto...

Directed by:
Vivia [email protected] https://www.instagram.com/liuziqivivia/

Text From Your Ex
Tinie Tempah (feat. Tinashe)

submitted by VitaDance to Dance [link] [comments]

2019.03.02 19:07 SkyBlade79 The Alternative Pop Queens Rate

Ellie Goulding vs Tove Lo vs Sia!!!

Welcome to the Alternative Pop Queens Rate!

This rate is for some of the most popular and impactful female pop singers who still maintain a mostly alternative sound. All of these artists have had huge influence in the music industry, from worldwide hits to their many songwriting credits.
Hey everyone! I’m SkyBlade79, and I’m so excited to finally host this rate. I hope that everything runs great and we get an amazing reveal. All of that depends on y’all have good taste, of course, so it’s unlikely!
For now, this rate is due by midnight on April Fool’s Day – April 1st. Here is the submission link, if you don’t think you need to read anymore! Not counting interludes or the bonus tracks, this rate is for 47 songs.
The basis of this rate is female alternative pop singers who, while staying in the alternative stream, have had commercial success. Some are more consistently successful than others in this rate (billboard 138 O_O), of course, but they’ve all had their moments.
This rate has been in development for two and a half years, as I submitted it to rate suggestion threads again and again. During that time, it’s gone through a lot of changes. It has always been Tove Lo vs Ellie Goulding, but the albums rate and the third artists have changed a lot. The third artists changed were MØ, Halsey, Banks, Lights, and Sia.
Just a heads up, we are NOT doing Halcyon Days or Queen of the Clouds: Blueprint because they’re so much longer than 1000 Forms of Fear and I’d like to keep the albums about the same length.

Ellie Goulding - Halcyon

Release Date: October 5th, 2012
Billboard 200 Chart Peak: #9
Album Certifications: UK 4x Platinum, RIAA Platinum
Song Certifications: “Burn”, “Anything Could Happen”, “I Need Your Love” & “Lights” – RIAA Platinum, “Hanging On”, “Summit” – RIAA Gold
Metacritic: 69/100 Halcyon is English singer-songwriter Ellie Goulding’s second album. It was a huge worldwide hit, topping the UK charts and earning a top 10 spot on the US Billboard 200. Ellie’s team certainly took advantage of this to no end, with countless editions of this album released. There are country-specific bonus tracks, a deluxe version, the 2013 reissue of the album “Halcyon Days”, the 2014 reissue of THAT album, and a lot more random editions thrown out everywhere. Regardless, I think that it was definitely worth it. This album has a lot of great standouts and is cohesively very, very good. Moreover, it has that distinct electropop sound thanks in part to producers Jim Eliot, Monsta, and Billboard. Goulding is the lead writer on every track of the album other than Ariel Rechstaid-penned “Hanging On”.
Ellie’s beautiful, elflike voice is highlighted throughout the album as it spans a lot of different sounds. The album consists of a great mix of pure electropop with “Hanging On” and “Figure 8”, synthpop in “Anything Could Happen” and “Atlantis”, and a veritable amount of more strip-backed, heartfelt tracks like “Explosions” and “Joy”.
This album received generally positive reviews, with a Metacritic score 4 points higher than her debut album, “Lights”. On the UK singles chart, “Anything Could Happen”, “Figure 8”, and “Explosions” peaked at 5, 33, and 13, respectively. “Burn”, off of Halcyon Days, reached #1 on the UK chart, #13 on BB100, and 1.3 billion youtube views. “Goodness Gracious” achieved #16 in the UK, and “Lights” achieved #2 on Billboard (and Popheads) and #49 in the UK.
I’m using the tracklist from the North American 2013 Digital Edition because it has her #1 hit single “Burn” in it, as well as the amazing “Lights” and fan favorite “Goodness Gracious”. Note that the video for Hanging On has Tinie Tempah in it, but we aren’t rating that version.
  1. Don't Say A Word
  2. My Blood
  3. Anything Could Happen
  4. Only You
  5. Halcyon
  6. Figure 8
  7. JOY
  8. Hanging On – Edit
  9. Explosions
  10. I Know You Care
  11. Atlantis
  12. Dead in The Water
  13. Burn
  14. Goodness Gracious
  15. Calvin Harris ft. Ellie Goulding - I Need Your Love
  16. Lights – Single Version

Tove Lo – Queen of the Clouds

Released on: September 24th, 2014
Billboard 200 Chart Peak: #14
Certifications: UK Silver, RIAA Platinum
Song Certifications: “Habits” & “Talking Body”- RIAA Platinum
Metacritic: 73/100 Queen of the Clouds (or QOTC) is Swedish singer-songwriter Tove Lo’s first solo studio album. This album is very near and dear to my heart – I would consider it my favorite album of all time, evidenced by my ratings for it. The album came shortly after (and includes tracks from) Tove Lo’s first EP, Truth Serum. This album is unique in this rate in that it is a concept album: it is based off of the stages of Tove’s relationships. There are three main sections with four songs each: “THE SEX”, “THE LOVE”, and “THE PAIN”. Tove is the lead writer on every song on the album and helped with a lot of the song production as well. The Struts, Ali Payami, and Shellback lend some more production credits.
QOTC covers such a wide range of genres. Electropop and synthpop are the most common, but there are songs with dubstep, rock, and R&B influences. While Tove’s voice has a distinctive edge and a unique lilt to it, it’s certainly nowhere near as unique as Ellie Goulding’s or Sia’s. She makes up for this with bombastic production and stellar raw lyrics. This album is far more upbeat than the albums that it competes against, despite the content matter. The heartbreaking “Habits (Stay High)” and “Thousand Miles” both have explosive choruses that let you hear the impact of her heartbreak. The powerful choruses and hard-hitting lyrics span the entire album. “Not on Drugs” has my favorite pre-chorus ever, “Talking Body” is basically pop perfection, and “Run On Love” is sad in the best way. I love almost every song on this album like nothing else so it’s really hard for me to describe them in an objective manner.
QOTC as an album had the least commercial success as an album on this rate, but some of the singles on the album outperform everything else on this rate in the USA. “Habits (Stay High)” peaked at #3 on the BB100 charts, and the Hippie Sabotage Remix of this song was a massive worldwide hit, with 675 million views on Youtube. “Talking Body” peaked at #12 on BB100. However, her label botched the release of other singles on this album in the worst way. “Not on Drugs” was supposed to be the second single, but was replaced with “Talking Body” at the last moment after the video for both songs had been replaced. Then it somehow happened again in the exact same way: the explosive power ballad “Timebomb” was meant to be the third single, replaced with “Moments” at the last second. All great songs that ended up with little promo, other than “Talking Body”. QOTC received great critic reviews.
This album has two versions: the main version, and the Blueprint version that has 24 tracks. We’re doing an edit of Blueprint version has some amazing songs on it. We aren’t rating THE SEX, THE LOVE, and THE PAIN for obvious reasons. We’re not rating “Heroes” (in the main rate) because it was just rated. We’re doing the original version of “Run on Love” because it’s vastly superior to the QOTC edit. We’re also rating the Hippie Sabotage remix of Habits because it is her biggest hit worldwide and is on the original tracklist.
I would also recommend very highly that you watch the videos for Run on Love, Out of Mind, and Habits to show just HOW raw Tove’s emotions really are; Out of Mind and Run on Love in particular, have amazing acting, especially in Tove’s facial expressions.
  1. My Gun
  2. Like Em Young
  3. Talking Body
  4. Timebomb
  5. Moments
  6. The Way That I Am
  7. Got Love
  8. Not On Drugs
  9. Thousand Miles
  10. Habits (Stay High)
  11. This Time Around
  12. Run On Love (ft. Lucas Nord)
  13. Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix)
  14. Love Ballad
  15. Paradise
  16. Over
  17. Out of Mind
  18. Crave
  19. Scream My Name

Sia – 1000 Forms of Fear

Released in: July 4th, 2014
Billboard 200 Chart Peak: #1
Certifications: UK Platinum, US Gold
Metacritic: 76/100
1000 Forms of Fear, or 1000FOF, as I will call it, is Australian singer-songwriter Sia’s sixth studio album. Though Sia’s last two albums peaked at #37 and #26 on BB200, this album is what really rocketed Sia into the mainstream. Sia certainly had quite the mainstream presence; she showcased her unique personality by never showing her face on live TV, by wearing a short blonde wig that has since become her signature icon, and by teaming up time and time again with the child dancer Maddie Ziegler from Dance Moms. Every track on this album has Sia as the lead writer and Greg Kurstin as a co-writer and producer.
Sonically, 1000FOF also covers a wide range of genres, with electropop bops like “Chandelier” and Diplo-produced “Elastic Heart”, pure alternative pop like “Free the Animal” and “Eye of the Needle”, and a few vocal-intensive, theatric tracks like “Straight for the Knife” and “Dressed in Black”. Sia’s voice is certainly the star of the album; it’s so unique and there’s really no one in the industry who sounds quite like her. She is able to add her unique sound to songs with reggae and hip hop influences or ballads with no issue.
1000FOF has very interesting chart and sales statistics. It is the lowest selling album in this rate by far with only 370,000 sales in the US. Despite this, it was the highest charting album on this rate, with a #1 US debut with only 52,000 units sold! This album spawned the wildly popular single “Chandelier”, with a #8 BB100 peak, 2 billion youtube views, and inclusion on many year end best lists. “Elastic Heart” peaked at #17 with the original alternate version that features The Weeknd from the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack. However, the rest of the singles from the album kinda flopped, with “Big Girls Cry” reaching 3 on Billboard bubbling under and “Fire Meets Gasoline” not charting in any way.
This album has the least songs on the rate because the deluxe versions just have remixes of the songs in the main album.
Fun fact, this is the only album I’ve ever bought. It was for my mom’s birthday.
  1. Chandelier
  2. Big Girls Cry
  3. Burn The Pages
  4. Eye of the Needle
  5. Hostage
  6. Straight for the Knife
  7. Fair Game
  8. Elastic Heart
  9. Free The Animal
  10. Fire Meet Gasoline
  11. Cellophane
  12. Dressed In Black
Bonus Rate:
You can do as many or as few of these songs as you like. You may not give them 0s or 11s. No minimum score for this part of the rate. We’re doing two EDM collabs for each artist, a song from a soundtrack from each artist, and one other random track.
  1. Calvin Harris - Outside ft. Ellie Goulding
  2. Skrillex - Summit ft. Ellie Goulding
  3. Seven Lions – Don’t Leave ft. Ellie Goulding
  4. Ellie Goulding – Beating Heart
  5. Alesso – Heroes(we could be) ft. Tove Lo
  6. Seven Lions – Strangers ft. Tove Lo, Myon, Shane 54
  7. Tove Lo – Scars
  8. Tove Lo – Lies in the Dark
  9. David Guetta – Titanium ft. Sia
  10. Giorgio Moroder – Déjà vu ft. Sia
  11. Flo Rida – Wild Ones ft. Sia
  12. Sia – Salted Wound
• Rate each song you listen to a score from 1 to 10. You may only use a single decimal point- i.e. 5.5, but not 5.55.
• You may give one score of 0 and one score of 11 over the ENTIRE rate. They can be on the same album, different albums, whatever you want. You don’t have to use these scores if you don’t want to, and you may not use them on the bonus rate.
• You can include comments for each score! I highly, highly encourage this because it makes the reveal more interesting for everyone. They don’t have to be anything special; they can be as funny, as in-depth, or as short as you want.
• Write comments in the correct format, as shown here. You can also do comments for albums in the same format (without a score):
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): 0 This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit!
• This is how you incorrectly format comments. Don’t do this. The format above is the ONLY one that will work:
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit! 0!
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): 0 (This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit!)
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): 0- This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit!
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): 0: This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit!
Habits (Hippie Sabotage Remix): This remix is garbage, Tove deserved a better breakout hit! That’s a 0 from me dawg!
• Listen to every single song. I mean it. If that means that you can’t listen to every song in one go, spread it out over a few days or weeks. You really shouldn't listen to the whole thing in one go anyway. No rush.
• Your scores and comments for songs are not confidential; expect for them to be revealed.
• If you have already sent your scores, feel free to PM me again if you want to change any of them!
• This rate will have a minimum average. Thus, if your average score for any of the albums is lower than an undisclosed threshold, I will not be accepting them and you’ll have to resend with modifications. If you have an extremely high average, I’ll probably investigate your comments to find proof that you really like this album, and if I don’t find sufficient proof, I’ll likely PM you. Don’t let this sway your scores, though. Give all songs what you feel is a fair rating and send them, and I’ll tell you if something is wrong. You’re allowed to hate or love songs.

Here is the submission link! Use it to avoid formatting errors.

Here is a Spotify playlist of the rate songs.

Have fun with the rate!!! I hope this rate is worth the wait!
e: regarding confusion about my definition of alternative pop for this rate: Alternative pop, as a genre, is very flexible. I do acknowledge that some of these songs are not often defined as alternative pop, but all of these artists have made a large number of distinctly alternative pop songs that have made an impact regardless of where they are now. To be honest, this was originally an electropop queens rate, but I had to switch the third choice to Sia so I changed the name to match the one connection that they all had. I hope that this doesn't affect your participation in the rate!
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2019.01.15 00:23 Felice_rdt [TOMT][SONG][2010s] Pop song as 8-bit version in YouTube video

I'm reminded of a song by a bit of 8-bit/chiptune (actually, maybe it's just synthesizer) music in this video, starting around 14:00, but getting louder when the narration stops at 14:10, and it's over by 14:20.
It either is, or strongly reminds me of, a pop song from maybe a few years back, maybe 3-7? I have a really poor sense of time, sorry.
Pretty sure it's part of the song's chorus, and I think the repeating tag is something like, "it's my blah-blah-BLAH" where the 'blah's are something I can't remember, and I think it might even be the name of the song.
Thanks! :)
Edit: Male singer, pretty sure.
Edit 2: Emphasis: The actual song is not synth-style, but rather 2010's pop/rock.
Song it isn't, so far:
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2019.01.03 14:39 unovachamp [THROWBACK] Dizzee Rascal, Calvin Harris, Chrome - Dance Wiv Me

If Wiley is the Godfather of Grime, Dizzee Rascal became grime's hyperactive, existential crisis-having son when he released his debut “Boy in Da Corner” in 2003. Dizzee brought grime to the mainstream in a legacy rappers like Stormzy and Skepta still bask in today, and influenced pop artists with his noisy, busy beats. (Have any of you heard of a little-known group called PC Music?) But after another pair of grime albums, Dizzee grew higher ambitions. He wanted to achieve the improbable. He wanted to be a UK main pop girl.
Calvin Harris circa 2008 was still mostly a weird introverted Scottish kid who looked like a prototype version of Jay from The Inbetweeners. Underwear modelling, dating attractive singers and getting a fucking haircut were but a twinkle in his eye. He’d just finished promoting his weird noisy (iconic) electronic debut, and he too was ready to sell tf out and look good doing it. And so, they came together.
Dance Wiv Me was collaborated on exclusively through Dizzee and Calvin texting and sending parts of the song to each other. Chrome, who sings the prechorus, was the only one to turn up to meet with Dizzee, but he has now seemingly fallen off the face of the Earth because diligence, unfortunately, doesn’t get you many places. Thankfully, Dance Wiv Me hit #1 on the chart and is certified Platinum, meaning even Chrome can probably still afford a pot noodle to this day. The GP had good taste for a few years and this became the first of many chart hits for Dizzee, making him the UK rapper with the most #1s until talent lost and Tinie Tempah toppled him. Calvin Harris blew up even harder and made more EDM, then had a soul search and went back to his roots with 2017’s “Funk Wav Bounces”, but has collabbed with Dizzee several times since back then. Chrome embraced his inner chatroom and renamed himself Chrom3.
This song still gets played in UK clubs now and again, and most importantly, it still slaps. Edit: I left a half written sentence in there, so sorry fam https://youtube.com/watch?v=c2MiyZx8MTY
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2018.12.09 06:09 Ninja180p Synchromancy

The big bad wolf huffed and he puffed and he incarnated into an ecosystem of .. Transcendental creatures .. Baffling one another with their mechanical telepathy.
Luke 6:37 "Do not judge, and you will not be judged. Do not condemn, and you will not be condemned. Forgive, and you will be forgiven."
A buddy of mine clamped up too when I refused to share an idea, his facial expression looked as if I ripped his dog in half before him; It was fairly delicious.

it's okay to have a cow man

Make a move Bounce back Hurt
Life we chose Mama Tic Tac Toe

$NOT - Motorola

Dreezy - Spar ft. 6LACK, Kodak Black Gold Soul Theory IDK - Moral Ft. Maxo Kream

Derek Minor & Canon - It's Not A Game

Kid Cudi - Pursuit Of Happiness ft. MGMT

Mac Miller - Self Care

Bdice - Different Planet MadeinTYO - Outstanding Atwood - UGH
KB - No Chains Belly - Man Listen Cousin Stizz - Did It

Jam Baxter - Mask Feat. Rag'n'Bone Man & OG Rootz

Wifisfuneral - Ever Seen A Demon

Joyner Lucas - Look Alive (Remix)

Holy Smokes

"King's Dead Freestyle" King's Dead Jumpman
  1. Labrinth - Earthquake ft. Tinie Tempah
  2. Joey Bada$$ - "Christ Conscious"

Nicki Minaj - Moment 4 Life ft. Drake

  1. Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars ft. Eric Turner
  2. deltron 3030 - time keeps on slipping


“When life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade. Make life take the lemons back! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons, what the hell am I supposed to do with these? Demand to see life’s manager! Make life rue the day it thought it could give Cave Johnson lemons! Do you know who I am? I’m the man who’s gonna burn your house down! With the lemons! I’m gonna get my engineers to invent a combustible lemon that burns your house down!” -Cave Johnson, Portal 2

secret {___} level

Most of the people who ever lived are already dead?
The before-life is where it's at.
No body wants Truth, when that ugly thing rears its head, everyone is gone yesterday.
Once we're aware of all our future-lives, we can step back as awakened beings and be at the center of the universe.
I pronounce you alive!

Slithering through life sweet little nothings
Sooth the mind and endanger the soul
Stake your life and take a bite
Don't know what's in store always back for more
Now your life's a chore why do you wear clothes
You should trust it's not worth it to know
You'll be like them and slither forever is a must
Everybody is going somewhere, just going and going. What's it all for anyway, going and going and going, what's it all for.
I must be going too. [casually dissolves into the matrices of the godhead]
Sun's Day<#
submitted by Ninja180p to ShrugLifeSyndicate [link] [comments]

2018.10.16 14:43 kleinenooob Lamborghini shatter video clip

I know from like 2011/12 there was this clip on youtube with lamborghini in it, and on the drop it would shatter against the wall in a thousand pieces. I've been looking for it a long time and the only artists I got in mind are Chris Brown, labrinth, tinie tempah, david guetta and usher.
submitted by kleinenooob to NameThatSong [link] [comments]

2018.07.09 13:00 autobuzzfeedbot If You Went To College Between 2009-2015, Then These 29 Songs Spoke To You

  1. "It's Time" — Imagine Dragons
  2. "Animals" — Martin Garrix
  3. "Written In The Stars" — Tinie Tempah feat. Eric Turner
  4. "Stereo Love" — Edward Maya and Vika Jigulina
  5. "BedRock" — Young Money
  6. "Too Close" — Alex Clare
  7. "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" — Kendrick Lamar
  8. "I Love College" — Asher Roth
  9. "Tonight Tonight" — Hot Chelle Rae
  10. "Opposite of Adults" — Chiddy Bang
  11. "Driving Me Crazy" — Sammy Adams
  12. "2 On" — Tinashe feat. ScHoolboy Q
  13. "Need You Now" — Lady Antebellum
  14. "Somebody" — Natalie La Rose feat. Jeremih
  15. "We Can't Stop" — Miley Cyrus
  16. "Good Time" — Owl City and Carly Rae Jepsen
  17. "If I Die Young" — The Band Perry
  18. "Cooler Than Me" — Mike Posner
  19. "Ho Hey" — The Lumineers
  20. "Replay" — Iyaz
  21. "I Love It" — Icona Pop feat. Charlie XCX
  22. "Anaconda" — Nicki Minaj
  23. "Sweet Nothing" — Calvin Harris feat. Florence Welch
  24. "Don't You Worry Child" — Swedish House Mafia feat. John Martin
  25. "Drunk In Love" — Beyoncé and Jay Z
  26. "Rocketeer" — Far East Movement feat. Ryan Tedder
  27. "The Ballad Of Mona Lisa" — Panic! At The Disco
  28. "Motivation" — Kelly Rowland feat. Lil Wayne
  29. "Best Day Of My Life" — American Authors
Link to article
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2018.06.04 15:13 swordmaster123 22/M/UK- looking to make new friends!

So I am looking to talk to people and hopefully make some new friends. I have social medias which we can move to eventually, but would want to start on reddit first, see if we click and so on before doing so. A bit about me:
I love Horror, horror films, creepy videos on youtube, the paranormal and everything like that. I also love Doctor Who and the Walking Dead. I am a massive gamer, mainly PS4/ PS3 and my favorite games are the Assassins Creed series, the Witcher 3, Telltale games and choice based games similar to that (life is strange, heavy rain, Detroit: Become human, Until dawn) and so on.
I love History, having studied it at Uni, and I also enjoy comic books and comic book films, both Marvel and DC. I used to collect when younger and read comics, although now I dont do so as much, and mainly just watch the films and the TV shows. Love Legends of Tomorrow!
I have a pet Dog, and a pet Cat. I enjoy travelling, having been to various places like New York, Morocco, Scotland, Wales, Dubai and Abu Dhabi, Spain and France among others.
My music taste varies so its hard to give a specific genre/ artist. Some I like are Eminem, Ed Sheeran, G Eazy, Ragnbone man, Tinie Tempah and so on.
So yeah, if you feel like we would get on well, feel free to send me a message!
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2018.04.10 17:05 J_Dilla_ Can I get some modern piano house recommendations?

Hello everyone. Piano house is a sub genre I've naturally been drawn to since I started to listen to house. I'm not really talking about classic piano house like Anthem by N-Joi or Move Your Body by Marshall Jefferson but more modern takes. I have nothing against the classics and still play them but I guess my tastes are more specific. I have a decent amount of tracks in my playlist but I am always struggling to find more. Any searches I do usually wind up being more classic sounding tracks which are fine but not what I am after. Let me give you some examples.
My favourite house track of all time is probably I Miss You by Tommy Vercetti. It has all I want in a track. Other tracks that I have currently in my playlist are (hopefully the bot can sort the YT links):
Some have classic elements but it's quite clear from a listen that they're modern sounding takes on piano house which is what I am after. That Panama remix by Ejeca is my favourite right now.
I'd love to hear any recommendations to add to the playlist and would greatly appreciate any help.
EDIT: Thank you all so much for the recommendations! <3 <3 <3
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2018.03.23 21:53 medium_daddy_kane Crazy transitions, word/toneplay/fitting melodies or riddims...

coming from a reggae background I guess thats why I love fitting riddims, when the dj uses lyrics to send a message or just fits melodies, cuts up words... not necessarily with scratching... so maybe we could collect stuff like that here? Got two examples ready...
odb like it raw 2 stevie wonders knocks me off my feet https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7glQz9Oz7CM
tinie tempah girls like 2 blackstreet no diggity https://instaud.io/1WAT
Do you know of any others?
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2017.11.22 19:04 swordmaster123 22/M/UK- Looking to make new friends with similar interests!

Hey there, I am looking to meet and talk to people, Male or female, with similar interests!
I love comic books (Marvel and DC) and the comic related media, so their films, TV shows and so on. I also love Horror films and the paranormal, and reading creepy stories online or watching creepy youtube videos. I have so many reddit threads saved of creepy threads, and I just love the whole aspect of the Paranormal, so anyone into that would be great.
I also love the Walking dead. I play videogames often, mainly PS4 and PS3. I love music and my music taste is varied. Some artists I love are Eminem, Rag n bone man, Ed Sheeran, Linkin Park, Coldplay, Major Lazer, Tinie Tempah, Run the Jewels and many others.
I also love Doctor Who and am a massive fan. I studied History at Uni and so have a big interest in that. I also love Animals and have a cat and a dog.
So yeah, feel free to message me if you feel like we would get on!
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2017.07.18 21:07 ThatParanoidPenguin [DISCUSSION] I wrote up a list (with a lengthy description for each song) of the most overlooked, underrated, slept on tracks from the second quarter of 2017. If you're looking for new music to listen to, please check this out.

There has been a lot of music to digest this year so far, and with a wealth of high-profile releases, it's almost impossible to listen to everything, and things get glossed over. Don't worry, I've got you covered. I've been making a playlist all quarter with songs from almost every hip hop release this year (there's a lot of stuff I missed, especially near the beginning, but I think there's a lot of good stuff in here that either was ignored on HHH or not even posted). Here's the absolute best songs I've heard that you probably haven't.
I made a post on hiphopheads for the whole year of 2016 with some really good hip hop tracks that were slept on and had some pretty good reception. Since 2017 started, I decided to do the same - however, I quickly found out that there's so much good hip hop that it would be impossible to make an end-of-year post and keep it under 40,000 characters if I wanted to make it in-depth. So, I've decided to make a post every quarter or so.
Before I begin, here's a few notes:
I don't have a real metric for exactly how popular the song is allowed to be. I usually go off of Spotify plays, but I don't really use a number because there are songs that are massive somewhere and aren't popular here. All My Friends has like 200 million plays on Spotify and yet no one in this damn country (US) knows it exists. However, I wouldn't post it on here because the general hip hop community has probably heard it. I also won't add anything that got a good amount of votes on this sub.
I kinda cheat. If you want to listen to really good stuff without any of the work, I recommend Spotify (if you're on another music service, you might be out of luck. I used to use Songza, which is now GPM, and their playlists were absolutely the best around) playlists, specifically Fresh Finds: Fire Emoji, and Discover Weekly (if you listen to a lot of hip hop). However, I find the best stuff so I'm kinda being an aggregator of aggregates, I guess.
The list is limited to one main artist, but if the artist is featured, they can be featured as much they possibly could. If there's a song you feel like I missed, it might be because of this. It also might be because I felt the song I chose was better than the ones left out.
Also, I have a playlist I update once every week or more often with every single damn hip hop song I come across, regardless of popularity. Like the Slept On Hip Hop playlist, it’s 1 song per artist, but I’m a little more lenient if there’s an artist who releases two times in one year but far apart, or if their features make it almost like an ensemble than the feat of a single artist (i.e. 1 Train). Here it is, sitting at 20 hours of music with 300+ songs so far.
Roughly in chronological order:
Swindail - C’est la Vie (feat. Innanet James)
Swindail is a producer and rising star from Australia. He’s opened for Mr. Carmack, and on C’est la Vie he’s enlisted the help of DC rapper Innanet James. The latter has gotten quite a bit of internet buzz - Pitchfork wrote a piece about him last year, and he released a solid debut a few months later. Innanet James’ smooth, Goldlink-esque style is somewhat neutered on this track. I could draw closer comparisons to someone like Vince Staples’ unwavering delivery on his electronic collaborations with Flume and GTA, or some of his more upbeat tracks on Big Fish Theory. The beat itself that James snaps over lends comparisons to aforementioned GTA; there’s a physicality to the drums and synths that fit the track so well.
Tinie Tempah - Holy Moly
You probably know him off of his crossover hit with Eric Turner, Written in the Stars. Well, he’s a big star in the UK, and he’s been releasing some pretty solid stuff since 2011. Earlier this year, he released his third album, YOUTH, and while most of it is very poppy with pop features, there are a few songs that are straight bangers that he had on 2013’s Demonstration. It’s a straight braggadocio anthem, something that would feel at home with a More Life-era Drake cosign.
Ron Grams - Locations (feat. J.K. the Reaper)
Locations is probably the most simple song on this list. It’s straight bars that leads into a slow, airy hook that gives you time to breathe from the rapid fire verses from Ron Grams and J.K. the Reaper. The instrumental is busy, featuring a myriad of percussion and a wavy, dazey synth. There’s not much more than that, and there doesn’t need to be.
Terror Reid - Uppercuts
Terror Reid is the hip hop alias of OWSLA producer Getter, and his first song, Uppercuts, is absolute heat. It’s written and produced by him, and yes, it sounds like Danny Brown. Once you get past that, you get a slick hurricane of spitting over a slimy classic hip hop beat. It’s great, and shows that the producer has a bit more than production up his sleeves.
Organized Noize - Kush (feat. 2 Chainz & Joi)
Organized Noize is a hip hop production team that’s absolutely legendary. If you don’t know them, you know what they’ve produced - TLC’s Waterfalls, all of Outkast’s Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik, and all of Goodie Mob’s Soul Food. Their Organized Noize EP which dropped this year was two decades in the making, and the first single, Kush, features a verse by 2 Chainz, and a chorus and verse by Joi. It’s damn chill. It’s just got a nice instrumental, and a pretty weird but welcome outro that reverses some of Joi’s vocals.
Jessie Reyez - Blue Ribbon (feat. Tim Suby)
You may know Jessie Reyez from her recent feature on the outro of Calvin Harris’ new album, but she’s more than just a singer. Her new EP, Kiddo, has her showing off her versatility, and to great effect. Her brand of hip hop and R&B is unique and melds really well. Blue Ribbon is a collab with producer Tim Suby, and the result is something aggressive and messy in the best way. It’s a vomiting of synths and Reyez is honestly all over the place in a two and a half minute track. It’s a little rough around the edges, but perhaps the most interesting song in the whole EP.
DJ Quik - Straight to the City (feat. Problem)
It’s unsurprising Rosecrans went under the radar - it got zero promotion and it’s honestly a blessing the post got over 500 upvotes. Straight to the city is a highlight off of the album. The beat is straight heat, smooth and compliments Problem’s hard-hitting bars. Two legends on an album together. Just listen to the whole thing.
Nef the Pharoah - Back Out (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Bay Area’s Nef the Pharoah is pretty damn slept on in HHH. His newest project The Chang Project is a bit long, but a good listen. Back Out is the song with the big feature in the form of Ty$. Nef rides the tropical beat, and Ty does his thing too. It’s not quite game changing, but it’s damn chill, and I like it a lot.
Cashmere Cat - Infinite Stripes (feat. Ty Dolla $ign)
Haha, another Ty$ song. Infinite Stripes is the unlikely standout in Cashmere Cat’s stacked and long-awaited debut, 9. It’s the single most unique song on the album, with a dreamy sample that serves as the base for the track. It’s certainly ethereal, like a hip hop version of dream pop band Air France. Ty goes off the whole track, with a spiteful chorus that’s infinitely catchy. And when the opening synth comes back in, it’s pure bliss. The song finishes, breaking apart and fading into the instrumental standout Victoria’s Veil quite nicely.
Young M.a. - Self M.Ade
Y’all know her. Her Herstory EP earlier this year was pretty solid, and this is probably my favorite song on the project. Self M.Ade has a triumphant, drum-led instrumental that fits her rap delivery. It’s a bit more reserved than something like OOOUUU, and maybe a bit better for her sound.
Anik Khan - Tides
Anik Khan is a Queens rapper originally from Bangladesh that really shows his origins. His music is dancey and nearly feel-good, and it has some beautiful horns. And the lyrics: “I think I’m going through a quarter-life crisis, I’m 27 still sleeping on a bunk bed. And what’s for dinner?” And his delivery makes it impossible for me to avoid another Goldlink comparison, but I mean it in the best way. Then the drums kick in and he just spits and spits, and autotune drops in, and the final chorus is set in the best way possible.
Brother Ali - Special Effects (feat. deM atlaS)
“Staring at your picture hanging nicely on the wall, longing to be near you because life is too short, I traveled through the night till morning light broke through the storm, just to see your face again.” Absolutely the best chorus I’ve heard this year, off of one of the best albums I’ve heard this year, with one of the best album covers I’ve seen this year. Brother Ali’s All the Beauty in This Whole Life is eternally slept on - it’s not particularly surprising, but it is disheartening. Special Effects, a standout track about running towards the person you love with no looking back. Ali juxtaposes the different meanings of special effects, lamenting over the fact that pictures and texts are just never the real thing, and finishes his final verse uttering “everything I hold is pressed to my chest, that’s what you call special effects.”
Twelve’len - Human Gods (feat. Denzel Curry)
Over some luscious Nick León production, Florida R&B artist Twelve’len croons over a beat that’s decidedly very indie rock, before erupting into something dreamy and drum-focused in the chorus. Then up-and-coming Denzel Curry spits a guest verse that doesn’t sound a lick out of place. It’s a very potent combination, and results in something that gives Twelve’len a lane of his own in this saturated genre.
Buddy - Find Me (feat. Kaytranada)
Compton rapper Buddy’s EP with Kaytranada is a slam dunk of rap, singing, and some stripped down Kay production. The duo works better than you would expect, with Buddy doing more than enough to keep the song interesting despite the basic instrumental barely changing throughout the duration of the track. His singing is way more than palatable, and he switches back and forth between that and giving jaded introspections about his past life.
24hrs - Nobody
MadeinTYO’s brother has been making dope autotune-heavy dreamy songs for a while, but his newest EP, named Night Shift, might be his best project yet. On Nobody, he dives in atmosphere, flowing over the airy instrumental with restraint, sounding like he’s sitting in an alleyway musing over his newly found fake friends and fame.
David Banner - Who Want It (feat. Black Thought & WatchTheDuck)
Yeah, David Banner’s album actually came out this year. I know that most of you completely forgot about Banner, but The God Box is a really solid project. One of my favorite tracks is Who Want It, a track I knew would immediately earn that spot with the Black Thought feature along. And damn, the track does not disappoint. It’s a rock banger, with Banner and Black Thought both dropping two of the best verses I’ve heard this year, full stop. WatchTheDuck provides a soulful hook to round out the song, and honestly, the whole thing is amazing.
KYLE - Not The Same
I know what you’re thinking. KYLE’s a freshman! How can he be overrated? Well, my answer is, have you actually heard a single song he’s made besides iSpy? Yeah. Well, the Californian rapper has been making hits for a long time, it was only a matter of time before one smashed. The rest of his singles for his upcoming album have been great too, and Not the Same has been subtly making the rounds, making a bit more popular than most of the songs here. But, it was largely ignored on the sub, which is a shame, because it’s come to be one of my favorite songs by him. It loses all the playfulness of iSpy or most Beautiful Loser tracks, but doesn’t lose KYLE’s great taste for making hooks. I wouldn’t be surprised if this song blows up and shows that he’s not just making Billboard waves because of Lil Yachty.
Oski - Lose It (feat. Hydraulix & Macntaj)
Oski’s production style takes the leftfield “pots and pans” of a producer like Cashmere Cat and SOPHIE and takes it to the world of electronic trap. Macntaj aggressively spits over a track that’s as abrasive as it is banging, and features a drop that could sound right of a Baauer song.
Dumbfoundead - Water (feat. G.Soul)
Dumbfoundead, a Korean rapper from LA, collabs with a Korean singer named G.Soul. They both work their magic over the song’s stellar instrumental, a bass-heavy composition with some pretty wild percussion. The video is a delicious pale wave that perfectly fits the song’s K-pop inspirations.
Swet Shop Boys - Birding
Cashmere was one of 2016’s forgotten albums, a political project that had some of last year’s best beats. They managed to drop a damn good EP this year too that also kinda went under the radar. Birding is my personal favorite off the EP, a track that features Heems rapping over a beat that samples a bird call (I don’t know which bird because I know nothing about birds). He ends the song naming a bunch of songs, eventually gushing over the birds there (“Yo, that’s a bird!”). It’s hilarious, revealing some of that classic Das Racist style that we all know and love.
Dave - 100M’s
I’m pretty glad Drake put Dave on the map in the states. I much prefer the original Wanna Know, but I’m happy that people know his name now. 100M’s is definite proof he can more than handle a track by himself. It’s nearly nonstop spitting, only being broken up by a great pre-chorus and chorus. The beat is a fast-paced and synth-filled, fitting Dave’s rapid fire delivery. Give it a listen.
Kool G Rap - World is Mine (feat. KXNG Crooked, Willie The Kid & Pearl Gates)
Kool G Rap is probably one of my favorite 90s rappers. He’s usually forgotten in the normal conversations about the legends of that area, and it’s a shame, because he has a fair share of classics. More than two decades later, he’s still serving greatness. His newest album, Return of the Don, is really solid, and did not disappoint me. My personal standout was this track with some damn great verses, a chill hook, and a really nice instrumental. It’s really all I can ask for from a legend all these years later.
Snakehips - Right Now (feat. ELHAE, D.R.A.M. & H.E.R.)
Snakehips are possibly the best producers right now. They bring out the best in their features, with All My Friends, Cruel, and Don’t Leave getting serious rotation from me. They hit it out of the park with this all caps collaboration that features 3 unlikely musicians that all work seamlessly on this absolute banger of a beat. It’s really hard to explain but all 3 of them sound unique yet blend well, and the instrumental is a monster, it’s simple but it just slaps.
Gallant - Bourbon (feat. Saba & Lophiile)
If you’ve somehow missed Gallant’s gorgeous debut Ology last year, don’t miss this. Bourbon is a track that feels tremendous, never showing its cards until they’re necessary. There’s a beautiful marraige of some massive horns with dancey synths, and after Gallant has your chest caved in, Saba comes in with a fast verse that exhibits what he’s best at. It’s a beautiful way to reimagine one of the best songs on Ology, and a rare case where I like it more than the original.
G4shi - Turn Me Down
“Swear they ain’t never gonna slow me down, when I’m in your city people hold me down, ain’t no bitch in this place gonna turn me down.” Turn Me Down is an ignorant banger, plain and simple. Totally not a bad thing. G4shi nearly yells over pinprick minimalist production, and frankly, you can’t help but yell the chorus with him.
Andy Mineo - KIDZ (feat. Wordsplayed & Magic & Bird)
I’ll just go out and say it. Andy Mineo is a Christian hip hop artist. Before you run away, just give this track a listen. It’s a monster of a song, just some dope verses over a hard beat. Sure, it has zero expletives, but you don’t really notice because it bangs. That’s all I care about, and KIDZ delivers in spades.
Michael Da Vinci - Get Money
Michael Da Vinci is probably known to most of you as the guy who’s featured on Isaiah Rashad’s Brad Jordan. He’s more than that though, and his new track Get Money is a strong solo effort - it’s a lyrical slapper, and his flow is what shines here.
The-Dream - Summer Body (feat.Fabolous)
The-Dream and Fabolous collaborate once again on this tropical pop rap song that’s perfect for summer. It’s a bit more substantial than some of the rap-infused tropical pop I’ve heard lately, and The-Dream sounds amazing here. Fabolous drops a solid verse, and the rest is The-Dream, but it never gets stale.
Jarron Benton - The One (feat. Demrick)
Jarron Benton is a rapper right out of Georgia that frankly spits, and his newest record The Mink Coat Killa LP is just underrated flames. The One is a classic hip hop beat, with some rare scratching, and a vocal sample that comes after fourth that just adds to the list of small details that make this song so riveting.
Krayzie Bone - Suck in My Ways (feat. Young Noble)
Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’s Krayzie Bone dropped a really nice LP this year called Stuck in My Ways. The third song, Stuck in My Ways, is a chill track that simply exhibits lyricism. It’s not quite a return to form, but it’s a hell of a song to play with the windows down, and I really enjoy the smooth chorus.
Lando Chill - Ain’t for Us
Lando Chill’s 2017 album The Boy Who Spoke to the Wind, is well, chill. Ain’t For Us is my favorite effort on the record, an airy approach to an entrancing synthy beat with Lando rapping in a hypnotizing manner, seemingly rapping for infinity as the beat goes on and on, eventually fading away with a sung monologue from him getting cut off at the end.
Lunice - Distrust (feat. Denzel Curry, J.K. the Reaper, & Nell)
Lunice’s newest single off of his upcoming debut album, CCCLX, in September. Distrust takes the strength of all 3 artists and pits them against each other in this dissonant, dark, and noisy track that proves why Lunice is one of the best producers in the game. It’s experimental, messy, and weird. But it works.
French Montana - Bring Dem Things (feat. Pharrell Williams)
At the time of adding this song, French Montana’s Jungle Rules wasn’t out, and Unforgettable wasn’t in the Billboard Top 10. I still maintain that this is the better song, and easily one of the highlights of the album (although A Lie really slaps). Harry Fraud frankly murders this beat, sampling some unlikely sources. The result is phenomenal, a hip hop banger that features one of Pharrell’s best verses in a long while, and French holds his own too. Definitely an album standout.
Statik Selektah - Man of the Hour (feat. 2 Chainz & Wiz Khalifa)
Statik Selektah and 2 Chainz doesn’t seem like a collaboration that should work as well as it does. 2 Chainz spits one of the best verses he’s done this year, and yes, that includes his album. I’m also not a big Wiz fan but he does his thing here and I’m a fan. The beat is great, obviously, and that’s to be expected by one of the best producers still in the game.
Leikeli47 - Miss Me
“Miss me with the bullshit” Leikeli mutters. That’s a good summation of her career. She’s no gimmicks, an outspoken rapper who vibes on her newest record, a short but sweet track that is as eclectic as it is electric.
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Tinie Tempah - YouTube Tinie Tempah feat 2 Chainz: Trampoline (Official ... - YouTube Tinie Tempah - youtube.com Tinie Tempah - 5 Minutes (Official Video) - YouTube written in the stars - Tinie Tempah .ft. eric Turner ... Tinie Tempah - youtube.com

Tinie Tempah music, videos, stats, and photos Last.fm

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Pre-order 'Not Letting Go' ft. Jess Glynne now from http://po.st/iNLG 5 Minutes is the latest single to be taken from Tinie Tempah's hit second album Demonst... Music video by Tinie Tempah performing Frisky (feat. Labrinth). The OFFICIAL TINIE TEMPAH YouTube Page! Subscribe free to my channel to Catch ALL MY LATEST VIDEOS here FIRST! Download 'Not Letting Go' now from http://po.st/iNLG http://smarturl.it/trampoline Trampoline from Tinie Tempah featuring 2 Chainz is the first single to be ... Chocos and donuts gives slams written in the stars by tinie Tempah and Eric Turner lyrics disclaimer :: Please Be kind on me , im new to youtube ...I'm very ... Tinie Tempah - Whoppa (feat. Sofia Reyes and Farina) ZIN Kristine LATVIA (choreo) video: bbofilms :) (Baiba Ozolina) place: voyagerclublv (city OGRE) FUN tog... Tinie Tempah - Written In The Stars (featuring Eric Turner) with on screen lyrics! PLEASE SUBCRIBE! Buy Tinie Tempah 'Disc-Overy' on iTunes here: http://smar...