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At 25, your expectations on dating and relationships begin to change. Your standards will get higher and your priorities will shift as things like 'tall, dark and handsome' just don't make the cut ... Pre-pandemic the career-focused 26-year-old neglected dating for its inefficiency, citing typically scant dating app profiles, followed by texts that aren't 'gonna show if you have chemistry,' and ... I am 26 dating a 19 year old - is this ok? 5. 2. Add Opinion. Most Helpful Girls. totallychaotic. Xper 2 +1 y. I don't think that a 7 year age difference is really that big of a deal. I mean, if you really like her and she likes you, why should it really matter? It sounds to me as though you both are happy together, and it sounds as though she ... In March, the popular dating app Hinge experienced a 30% increase over January and February in messages sent among users. By Associated Press Aug 26, 2020, 9:41am CDT Leanne Italie Read articles, how-to's, and Q&A from dating experts tagged to 'Sex' at DatingAdvice.com - Page 26 of 44 How do you start dating at 26? Here's the short of it: my understanding is that it is 'easy' to date and hookup in college because there are plenty of people around for you to socialize with. Well, someone should have told the women I approached. Dating.com is the Finest Global Dating Website In The World. Connect With Local Singles And Start Your Online Dating Adventure! Enjoy Worldwide Dating with Thrilling Online Chats And More!

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2020.09.19 23:44 LaqOfInterest Reminder: The Barakamon rewatch begins in two days!

"What does it mean to be yourself?"
Yes, that's right, it's just under a mere 48 hours until our journey into the cozy begins! The Barakamon rewatch will start on Monday, September 21, with Episode 1's discussion thread going up at 5pm EST, i.e., like, 45 minutes earlier than the time this thread was posted.
Full details (including what this show is and why you should watch it) are in the scheduling thread. Click here!
Date Episode
September 21 Episode 1
September 22 Episode 2
September 23 Episode 3
September 24 Episode 4
September 25 Episode 5
September 26 Episode 6
September 27 Episode 7
September 28 Episode 8
September 29 Episode 9
September 30 Episode 10
October 1 Episode 11
October 2 Episode 12
October 3 Series Discussion
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2020.09.19 23:35 PhilsBot Game Thread: Blue Jays (26-25) @ Phillies (26-25) - Sat, Sep 19 @ 06:05 PM EDT

Blue Jays @ Phillies - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 06:05 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 30 21 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 26 24 3.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Philadelphia Phillies 26 25 4.0 (10) 1 +0.5 (-)
4 New York Mets 23 28 7.0 (7) 5 2.5 (7)
5 Washington Nationals 19 30 10.0 (5) 7 5.5 (5)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Blue Jays Hyun Jin Ryu (4-1, 3.00 ERA, 54.0 IP) Ryu, the staff ace, will face the Phillies for the fourth time in his career. He is 1-0 with a 2.45 ERA against them, and he hopes to end Toronto's five-game losing streak.
Phillies Vince Velasquez (0-1, 6.46 ERA, 23.2 IP) Velasquez rejoined the rotation following an injury to Spencer Howard, but his importance has only increased with Jake Arrieta's injury, too. Velasquez has a 6.23 ERA in his last two starts.
Blue Jays Lineup vs. Velasquez AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Biggio - RF .000 .333 2 0 0 2
2 Bichette, B - SS - - - - - -
3 Hernández, T - DH .400 1.400 5 1 2 3
4 Gurriel Jr. - LF .250 .650 4 0 0 1
5 Grichuk - CF .000 .125 7 0 0 6
6 Panik - 3B .333 .889 9 0 0 0
7 Villar - 2B .000 .000 6 0 1 3
8 Shaw, T - 1B .500 1.667 2 0 1 0
9 Jansen, D - C .000 .000 4 0 0 0
10 Ryu - P - - - - - -
Phillies Lineup vs. Ryu AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 McCutchen - LF .118 .461 17 1 2 4
2 Harper - RF .250 .750 4 0 1 1
3 Segura - 3B .000 .000 3 0 0 1
4 Gregorius - SS .375 1.125 8 1 5 1
5 Gosselin - 1B .000 .000 3 0 0 2
6 Bruce - DH .375 1.500 8 2 2 1
7 Kingery - 2B - - - - - -
8 Knapp - C - - - - - -
9 Haseley - CF - - - - - -
10 Velasquez - P - - - - - -

Around the Division

WSH @ MIA 06:10 PM EDT
ATL @ NYM 07:07 PM EDT
Last Updated: 09/19/2020 05:41:26 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 23:35 OsGameThreads Game Thread: Rays (34-18) @ Orioles (22-30) - Sat, Sep 19 @ 07:35 PM EDT

Rays @ Orioles - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:35 PM EDT

Links & Info

ALE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Tampa Bay Rays 34 18 - (-) - - (-)
2 New York Yankees 30 21 3.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Toronto Blue Jays 26 25 7.5 (6) 2 - (-)
4 Baltimore Orioles 22 30 12.0 (1) 4 4.5 (5)
5 Boston Red Sox 19 33 15.0 (E) 8 7.5 (2)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Rays Charlie Morton (1-2, 5.14 ERA, 28.0 IP) In three starts since returning from the injured list, Morton has allowed six earned runs and has struck out 11 over 11 1/3 innings. The hope for Morton is that the right-hander pitches at least five innings.
Orioles Jorge Lopez (2-0, 5.23 ERA, 31.0 IP) Consider this López's audition for the 2021 rotation. The righty has been effective at times in that role being acquired by the O's from Kansas City, going 2-0 with a 3.80 ERA in four starts.
Rays Lineup vs. López, Jo AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Tsutsugo - LF - - - - - -
2 Lowe, B - 2B - - - - - -
3 Arozarena - DH - - - - - -
4 Lowe, N - 1B - - - - - -
5 Wendle - SS .000 .000 2 0 0 0
6 Brosseau - 3B .000 .000 1 0 0 0
7 Kiermaier - CF 1.000 2.500 2 0 0 0
8 Phillips - RF - - - - - -
9 Perez, M - C .000 .000 3 0 0 0
10 Morton - P - - - - - -
Orioles Lineup vs. Morton AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Mullins - CF .000 .000 2 0 0 0
2 Iglesias, J - SS .500 1.000 2 0 0 1
3 Stewart, D - RF .000 .000 1 0 0 0
4 Mountcastle - 1B - - - - - -
5 Severino, P - DH - - - - - -
6 Sisco - C .167 .333 6 0 0 3
7 Alberto - 2B .400 .800 5 0 0 0
8 Ruiz, R - 3B .200 .400 5 0 0 1
9 Hays - LF - - - - - -
10 López, Jo - P - - - - - -

Around the Division

TOR @ PHI 06:05 PM EDT
NYY @ BOS 07:30 PM EDT
Posted: 09/19/2020 05:35:01 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 23:30 Yankeebot Game Thread: Yankees (30-21) @ Red Sox (19-33) - September 19, 2020 @ 07:30 PM EDT

Yankees @ Red Sox - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:30 PM EDT

Links & Info

ALE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Tampa Bay Rays 34 18 - (-) - - (-)
2 New York Yankees 30 21 3.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Toronto Blue Jays 26 25 7.5 (6) 2 - (-)
4 Baltimore Orioles 22 30 12.0 (1) 4 4.5 (5)
5 Boston Red Sox 19 33 15.0 (E) 8 7.5 (2)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Yankees J.A. Happ (1-2, 3.96 ERA, 36.1 IP) Happ's last five starts have been excellent, with the veteran pitching to a 2.45 ERA while striking out 27 batters against five walks. He grinded through five innings against the Orioles his last time out, allowing one run and five hits.
Red Sox Chris Mazza (1-1, 5.57 ERA, 21.0 IP) The 30-year-old rookie will again serve as the Red Sox's opener. Mazza is 1-1 with a 6.28 ERA in four starts this season. He is 0-1 with with a 6.35 ERA against the Yankees.
Yankees Lineup vs. Mazza AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 LeMahieu - 2B .000 .000 2 0 0 2
2 Judge - DH .000 .500 1 0 0 1
3 Gardner - CF .000 .333 2 0 0 0
4 Voit - 1B .000 .000 1 0 0 0
5 Urshela - 3B .333 .667 3 0 0 0
6 Frazier, C - LF .000 .000 2 0 0 1
7 Tauchman - RF 1.000 2.000 3 0 0 0
8 Higashioka - C - - - - - -
9 Wade - SS .000 .000 1 0 0 1
10 Happ, J - P - - - - - -
Red Sox Lineup vs. Happ, J AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Arroyo - 2B .000 .000 2 0 0 0
2 Devers - 3B .200 .551 25 1 1 5
3 Bogaerts - SS .159 .456 44 0 1 10
4 Martinez, J - DH .258 .669 31 1 2 7
5 Plawecki - C .000 .000 2 0 0 0
6 Bradley Jr. - CF .160 .450 25 0 1 8
7 Dalbec - 1B - - - - - -
8 Chavis - LF .400 1.400 5 1 1 2
9 Puello - RF - - - - - -
10 Mazza - P - - - - - -

Around the Division

TOR @ PHI 06:05 PM EDT
TB @ BAL 07:35 PM EDT
Posted: 09/19/2020 05:30:01 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 23:20 AlexEshwim Scared of dating bc I am scared of catching STD

Okay, so I am a male, 26, med student. I decided to go online to find a date. I ran into this dilemma. Let's say the girl is sleeping around while looking for a date (i don't think anything i wrong with that) but let's say she went on 2 dates thus hypothetically let's say she hooked up 2 times with different people (maybe this is just her way of finding her BF, idk not judging) but like let's say you are the 3rd date... how do you go about telling her your concern? Concern meaning hey umm I know you are sleeping around so I am kinda worried about STIs. Does anyone understand what I am trying to say? IDK its hard to explain. I am not telling her to stop doing what she is doing.... its more like i dont think i wana have sex with you because I find that to be a bit risky..... but if all guys are having sex with her that means I will not be giving her something the rest are, and I know I can charm her other ways I get that but even then lets say she chooses me.... I would still want her to get tested which would probably make most women upset rigth?
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2020.09.19 23:20 ThrowRARelationShit How long should I keep dragging an On-and-Off Relationship?

Buckle up guys, it's gonna be long because I (31F) fell for this dude (31M) when we were 10 year olds, and both of us have not been able to either give up this love nor stay happily together.
We fell for each other and dated as kids and broke up when we were 15 because our parents reprimanded us and we moved cities. But our young love found us back together at 17 and we dated briefly before breaking up on our own accord because there were better fish in the ocean and we both dated and lived together with other fishes for about 7-8 years before we found solace in each other's company.
We thought of giving it a try again and at 26, I moved cities to be with him but unfortunately I wasn't able to find well paying jobs as before and became dependent on him. I had some savings and did some part-time or short term jobs to keep myself occupied; we lived comfortably on his income and he never bothered me about finding a job as well. But it was bugging me on the inside and at 29, I decided to go back to grad school. Uni is in a different city about 5 hours drive away. He supported me through it all. I would go see him on weekends and holidays. He came only once and that was the day his vehicle broke on the way and I was obliged to ask him not to come anymore as he had to go back the same day due to some work; basically it wasn't feasible for him to come over.
So we continued like that. I'd go see him. I'd also make the plans to go elsewhere as I was busy with studies and thought he was busy with work so it'd be nice to take a break for both of us. But he'd just ask me to come over to his place first so that we can sit down and plan - we end up going nowhere. If I bring this up next time, he'd say he was feeling tired/lazy from working all week and wanted to rest. I tried being a good girlfriend and would always oblige. However deep down I'd feel things are amiss and the anxiety was creeping up on me. I'd suggest activities other than Netflix and get drunk, but he's always too lazy to move his ass and this behaviour was getting on my nerves. I went to meet him a week before Christmas last year and things felt good. And we made a plan to go somewhere around the new year weekend (2020). He told me he's been saving for a trip. But on the 28th of December, he went to his mom's place without even telling me and on New year's day sent me all these pics from this place he visited. Needless to say, I felt hurt from his actions. Not only he ditched me or our plans but also went someplace where I wanted to go with him and had the audacity to show me the pics! I told him over text to never contact me again if that's how he plans on treating me, and he didn't contact me. I felt like I was the only one running around trying to keep the relationship active.
Now, we weren't talking for over 8 months. But then I graduated and got selected for this program that I so wanted and even he encouraged me to go for, so I called him to tell him about it, because I wanted to share my happiness and also thank him for his encouragement in the past. His response was 'ok, but we are over 30 already, we should get married', and this was after I told him this program is very demanding and my PI has strictly advised not to get married or take additional responsibilities for the first couple years atleast. I brushed it off and shared couple other 'happy' news that I had. His responses mostly sounded uninterested, if not insulting and not at all encouraging. But he is adamant on marrying me. I told him I am not happy with his response or how he has been behaving, because we never explicitly discussed marriage plans. As for me, I don't want to marry or have kids ever anyway. I have told him this numerous times. To that his response was he was kidding and if I didn't like his idea of fun, he'd keep quiet and 'that is how I am and I won't change myself for anyone'. This is just not the guy I fell in love with. That fun loving guy who loved and encouraged me to go for whatever I wished for isn't this one. I know he does love me. I think this ended up in an argument or a fight coz he hasn't texted or called me since then and I'm scared he'd snap at me and end up hurting me. He won't appreciate me discussing this with common friends.
Now I am not sure if he really means what he says or he's just being a dick and wants me to break up with him so that he can blame me, given the long relationship it has been and family have been low-key pressurizing to get married. Saddest thing for me that forced me to type out this saga was that I don't feel happy for my achievements anymore because he killed my vibe. I don't wanna put the blame on him. I tend to get overdramatic too. But honestly I'm tired of babysitting this relationship.
Not sure if it's important, but he told me in these 8 months he enjoyed flirting with every woman in his contact list and then didn't carry on because he didn't want to cheat on me, even though we had technically broken up. As for me, I dedicated myself to studies and worked upon myself. Besides I was hurting from the 'break up' coz that ass never even tried to reconcile until I called him first. I feel like I love him too much.
Does it make sense to keep trying to keep this relationship alive? What would you advise me. I'm in an anxiety riddled state rn and hope the details provided paint a clear story. He wouldn't open up and talk to save his life, so I'd be really grateful if anybody can explain anything what his point of view might be.
TL;DR : BF too lazy to make any effort in the relationship; I'm tired of being the only one trying to make it work. We both love each other a lot though. Atleast I feel like it. Should I give up or keep trying?
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2020.09.19 23:17 ErrantRailer TIME CORRECTION!! r/VGC Circuit-- Battle Stadium Friendly Competition #6. Series 6. Sunday September 20, 1:00PM - 4:00PM GMT -4 (Starts in 23 hours). Code is 1V90G80PJ

I made a mistake posting the time previously-- it starts at 1PM EDT, not 3PM EDT. My bad!
For full circuit information click here.
To get circuit announcement pings join our Discord.
we got some cool art now, thanks @madrosclart :)
The prize pool for our Circuit Finale on October 3-4 (MOVED from September 26-27th) is already at 729 Euros, huge shoutout to @PatGraziosi and @viticci and u/sportzfrk and others! More details about the finale tournament will be posted todayy.
Congrats to @flyingfalcons_7, @Chulainn4, ピカピ, @Invicnati, and Feis for winning the first five tournaments! Here is the leaderboard:

Series 6

Live Competition 6
Date: Sunday, Sept 20
Times: 13:00 GMT - 4 to 16:00 GMT -4 (1-4pm east coast US)
Code: 1V90G80PJ

Check out this link to see how to sign up ingame. You must register before the start of the tournament or it will not let you in!

The winner from each of the Battle Stadium Friendly Competition circuit tournaments will gain free entry and be seeded directly into the Top Cut of the Circuit Finale, skipping the Swiss rounds entirely. The players who place 2nd-16th in each Battle Stadium Friendly Competition will gain Finale Points:
2nd place: 4 FP
3-4th place: 3 FP
5-8th place: 2 FP
9-16th place: 1 FP


Q: Will you make these tournaments Series 5 because of the Player's Cup?
A: Sorry, these are Series 6.
Q: Can I use a rental team?
A: Sadly not :( If you need help getting Pokemon, please visit pokemontrades!
Q: Do I need to do anything else to sign up?
A: Nope! We'll pass around a google form to collect the top 16 placers, so if you place there stay tuned.
Q: What is the format of the Battle Stadium Friendly Competition Ladder Tournaments?
A: It is similar to an International Challenge tournament-- you will have 3 hours to play other players within the tournament. Matches are best of 1. Your ranking will go up if you beat your opponent and down if you lose. You can play at most 15 games.
Q: Can I play in the Circuit Finale even if I didn't play or do well in the Battle Stadium Friendly Competition?
A: Absolutely! The top placers from the Battle Stadium Friendly Competitions just skip the first rounds of the Circuit Finale tournament.
Q: Can you make the tournament longer? It's hard to play 15 games in 3 hours!
A: Sadly, this is the longest it will let us make the tournament. You don't have to finish all 15 games!
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2020.09.19 23:14 Attack_G Declaration Of War Against The Enemy Sub

Under the union of letters anti-G, we hereby declare [WAR] against TheLetterG. We have once stated that we are against brigading, but our attempts of having an harmless battle have been ignored. So unless you agree to a peaceful battle in 7 days, on September 26, of the 2020th year, we have to go to the option that you chose for TheLetterH. So, if you agree by said date, we must both abide by these contracts:
•No cussing, NSFW, violence
•All posts must have the [WAR] tag
•All users may only post one post that counts as war attacks every hour.
•The war ends on October 1st.
If you do NOT agree by said date, we have no rules. Just pure spam. So, under the war rules written on September 19 of the 2020th year, u/DramDemon, either way you pick, we still declare [WAR].
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2020.09.19 23:07 RedsModerator Game Thread: White Sox (33-18) @ Reds (26-26) - Sat, Sep 19 @ 07:07 PM EDT

White Sox @ Reds - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:07 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Chicago Cubs 31 20 - (-) - - (-)
2 St. Louis Cardinals 24 24 5.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Cincinnati Reds 26 26 5.5 (-) 2 - (-)
4 Milwaukee Brewers 24 26 6.5 (11) 4 1.0 (9)
5 Pittsburgh Pirates 15 36 16.0 (1) 9 10.5 (E)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
White Sox Dallas Keuchel (6-2, 2.19 ERA, 53.1 IP) Keuchel was on the 10-day injured list with back spasms but returns to face the Reds, lining him up for Game 2 of the Wild Card Series. Keuchel has not allowed an earned run in September.
Reds Trevor Bauer (4-3, 1.71 ERA, 58.0 IP) Bauer has a chance to enhance his candidacy for the NL Cy Young Award. Entering Friday, he led the league in ERA and WHIP while ranking second in strikeouts, strikeouts per nine innings, hits per nine innings and opponents' batting average.
White Sox Lineup vs. Bauer AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Anderson, T - SS .185 .474 27 0 2 8
2 Grandal - C .167 .333 6 0 0 2
3 Abreu - 1B .245 .561 49 0 4 12
4 Jiménez - LF .000 .250 3 0 0 1
5 Encarnación - DH .182 .454 11 0 0 3
6 Moncada - 3B .421 1.218 19 2 5 6
7 Robert - CF - - - - - -
8 Mazara - RF .000 .111 8 0 0 1
9 Madrigal - 2B - - - - - -
10 Keuchel - P .500 1.000 2 0 0 1
Reds Lineup vs. Keuchel AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Aquino, A - LF 1.000 3.500 2 1 3 0
2 Castellanos - RF .375 1.037 16 1 4 2
3 Votto - 1B .000 .000 6 0 0 2
4 Suárez, E - 3B .500 1.333 6 0 0 2
5 Stephenson, T - DH - - - - - -
6 Moustakas - 2B .100 .200 10 0 1 2
7 Senzel - CF .000 .000 3 0 0 0
8 Garcia, J - SS - - - - - -
9 Casali - C .250 .650 4 0 0 0
10 Bauer - P .000 .000 1 0 0 0

Around the Division

STL @ PIT 07:05 PM EDT
KC @ MIL 07:10 PM EDT
MIN @ CHC 08:15 PM EDT
Last Updated: 09/19/2020 05:42:30 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 23:07 NewYorkMetsBot GAME THREAD: Braves (30-21) @ Mets (23-28) - Sat, Sep 19 @ 07:07 PM EDT

Braves @ Mets - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:07 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLE Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Atlanta Braves 30 21 - (-) - - (-)
2 Miami Marlins 26 24 3.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Philadelphia Phillies 26 25 4.0 (10) 1 +0.5 (-)
4 New York Mets 23 28 7.0 (7) 5 2.5 (7)
5 Washington Nationals 19 30 10.0 (5) 7 5.5 (5)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Braves Ian Anderson (3-0, 1.64 ERA, 22.0 IP) Anderson has proven to be one of the Braves' biggest contributors since debuting on Aug. 26. The club's No. 3 prospect limited the Nationals to one hit over seven scoreless innings last Saturday and has completed six innings in three of his four starts.
Mets David Peterson (4-2, 4.17 ERA, 36.2 IP) The Mets have not allowed Peterson to throw more than 81 pitches since he returned from the injured list last month. They've been reticent to have the rookie face opposing lineups more than two times through.
Braves Lineup vs. Peterson, D AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Acuña Jr. - CF .000 .333 2 0 1 0
2 Freeman - 1B .000 .000 3 0 1 1
3 Ozuna - LF .000 .000 3 0 0 2
4 d'Arnaud - DH .000 .000 3 0 0 2
5 Duvall - RF 1.000 2.500 2 0 0 0
6 Albies - 2B - - - - - -
7 Swanson - SS .333 .667 3 0 0 1
8 Riley, A - 3B .500 1.500 2 0 0 1
9 Flowers - C - - - - - -
10 Anderson - P - - - - - -
Mets Lineup vs. Anderson AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Nimmo - CF - - - - - -
2 Conforto - RF - - - - - -
3 Davis, J - 3B - - - - - -
4 Smith, Do - 1B - - - - - -
5 Canó - 2B - - - - - -
6 Alonso, P - DH - - - - - -
7 McNeil - LF - - - - - -
8 Gimenez - SS - - - - - -
9 Chirinos, R - C - - - - - -
10 Peterson, D - P - - - - - -

Around the Division

TOR @ PHI 06:05 PM EDT
WSH @ MIA 06:10 PM EDT
Last Updated: 09/19/2020 05:42:30 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 23:05 BuccosBot Game Thread: Cardinals (24-24) @ Pirates (15-36) - Sat, Sep 19 @ 07:05 PM EDT

Cardinals @ Pirates - Sat, Sep 19

Game Status: Pre-Game - First Pitch is scheduled for 07:05 PM EDT

Links & Info

NLC Rank Team W L GB (E#) WC Rank WC GB (E#)
1 Chicago Cubs 31 20 - (-) - - (-)
2 St. Louis Cardinals 24 24 5.5 (-) - - (-)
3 Cincinnati Reds 26 26 5.5 (-) 2 - (-)
4 Milwaukee Brewers 24 26 6.5 (11) 4 1.0 (9)
5 Pittsburgh Pirates 15 36 16.0 (1) 9 10.5 (E)
Probable Pitcher (Season Stats) Report
Cardinals Kwang Hyun Kim (2-0, 0.63 ERA, 28.2 IP) Kim has been the Cardinals’ best starter, having not allowed an earned run in his past four starts, covering 24 innings. His last outing against the Brewers was his longest, a seven-inning, 87-pitch effort in a 2-1 loss.
Pirates Mitch Keller (1-1, 5.06 ERA, 10.2 IP) Keller's top-flight stuff returned in his first start back from the 10-day IL, an encouraging sign even as he allowed three runs on two homers, four walks and four strikeouts over three innings. He should be able to work four innings this time out.
Cardinals Lineup vs. Keller AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Wong, Ko - 2B .500 1.000 2 0 0 0
2 Edman - 3B .500 1.000 2 0 1 0
3 Goldschmidt - 1B .000 .000 2 0 0 0
4 Miller, B - DH - - - - - -
5 DeJong - SS .000 .500 1 0 0 1
6 O'Neill - LF .000 .000 2 0 0 0
7 Molina - C .000 .000 2 0 0 0
8 Carlson - RF - - - - - -
9 Bader - CF - - - - - -
10 Kim - P - - - - - -
Pirates Lineup vs. Kim AVG OPS AB HR RBI K
1 Reynolds, B - CF .000 .000 3 0 0 1
2 Hayes - 3B - - - - - -
3 González, E - SS .333 .667 3 0 0 0
4 Moran - 1B 1.000 3.000 1 0 0 0
5 Bell - DH .000 .250 3 0 0 1
6 Stallings - C .333 .667 3 0 1 0
7 Newman - 2B .333 .667 3 0 0 0
8 Frazier, A - LF - - - - - -
9 Osuna - RF .333 .667 3 0 2 0
10 Keller - P - - - - - -

Around the Division

CWS @ CIN 07:07 PM EDT
KC @ MIL 07:10 PM EDT
MIN @ CHC 08:15 PM EDT
Last Updated: 09/19/2020 05:42:46 PM EDT
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2020.09.19 22:58 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Rennes 2-1 AS Monaco [Ligue 1, Round 4]

FT: Rennes 2-1 AS Monaco

Rennes Score AS Monaco
0-[1] W. Ben Yedder 28'
S. Nzonzi 81' [1]-1
A. Truffert 90'+2' [2]-1
Date: 19/09/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: Ligue 1 (Round 4)
Venue: Roazhon Park (Rennes)
Referee: J. Miguelgorry


Rennes Notes AS Monaco Notes
Manager: J. Stéphan Manager: N. Kovač
1 R. Salin 40 B. Lecomte
3 D. Da Silva 29 D. Sidibé
27 H. Traoré 26 R. Aguilar
6 N. Aguerd 20 A. Disasi YC 68'
15 S. Nzonzi G 81' 32 B. Badiashile
14 B. Bourigeaud SUB 80' 4 Fàbregas SUB 72'
17 F. Maouassa SUB 41' 8 A. Tchouaméni
21 M. Terrier YC 90'+5' 22 Y. Fofana
10 E. Camavinga SUB 80' 31 K. Volland
18 S. Guirassy 9 W. Ben Yedder G 28'; SUB 83'
7 Raphinha SUB 58' 37 S. Diop


Rennes: A. Truffert (SUB 41'; A 81'; G 90'+2'), R. Del Castillo (SUB 58'), F. Tait (SUB 80'), J. Martin (SUB 80'), A. Hunou, P. Bonet, B. Soppy, J. Gelin, G. Rutter
AS Monaco: W. Geubbels (SUB 72'; YC 76'), H. Onyekuru (SUB 83'), E. Matazo, S. Jovetić, R. Majecki, F. Ballo, E. Millot, Gelson Martins, G. Maripán


28': Goal! W. Ben Yedder scores — Rennes 0-[1] AS Monaco .
41': Substitution for Rennes: A. Truffert in, F. Maouassa out.
58': Substitution for Rennes: R. Del Castillo in, Raphinha out.
68': Yellow card shown to A. Disasi ( AS Monaco).
72': Substitution for AS Monaco: W. Geubbels in, Fàbregas out.
76': Yellow card shown to W. Geubbels ( AS Monaco).
80': Substitution for Rennes: F. Tait in, E. Camavinga out.
80': Substitution for Rennes: J. Martin in, B. Bourigeaud out.
81': Goal! S. Nzonzi scores [A. Truffert assist] — Rennes [1]-1 AS Monaco .
83': Substitution for AS Monaco: H. Onyekuru in, W. Ben Yedder out.
90'+2': Goal! A. Truffert scores [M. Terrier assist] — Rennes [2]-1 AS Monaco .
90'+5': Yellow card shown to M. Terrier ( Rennes).

Match Statistics

Rennes Stat AS Monaco
5 Corners 7
4 Fouls 4
0 Offsides 2
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2020.09.19 22:56 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Celta Vigo 2-1 Valencia [La Liga, Round 2]

FT: Celta Vigo 2-1 Valencia

Celta Vigo Score Valencia
Iago Aspas 13' [1]-0
1-[1] M. Gómez 46'
Iago Aspas 57' [2]-1
Date: 19/09/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: La Liga (Round 2)
Venue: Abanca-Balaídos (Vigo)
Referee: Jesús Gil


Celta Vigo Notes Valencia Notes
Manager: Óscar García Manager: Javi Gracia
1 Iván Villar YC 90'+7' 1 Jaume Doménech
2 Hugo Mallo 5 Gabriel Paulista
24 J. Murillo SUB 80' 14 Gayà
15 L. Olaza 12 M. Diakhaby
18 J. Aidoo 18 D. Wass A 46'
6 Denis Suárez SUB 67' 6 G. Kondogbia
14 R. Tapia YC 25'; SUB 80' 7 Gonçalo Guedes SUB 46'
11 E. Mor SUB 72' 26 Vicente Esquerdo YC 55'; SUB 74'
8 Fran Beltrán SUB 66' 30 Y. Musah SUB 84'
10 Iago Aspas G 13'; G 57' 20 Lee Kang-In SUB 46'
9 Nolito A 13' 22 M. Gómez G 46'


Celta Vigo: O. Yokuşlu (SUB 66'; YC 90'+2'), Miguel Baeza (SUB 67'), Brais Méndez (SUB 72'), Gabri Veiga (SUB 80'), N. Araújo (SUB 80'), José Fontán, Miguel Rodríguez, Raúl Blanco, Juncà, Kevin Vázquez, Santi Mina, Vadillo
Valencia: Manu Vallejo (SUB 46'), Jason (SUB 46'), Thierry Correia (SUB 74'), Sobrino (SUB 84'), Guillem Molina, Hugo Guillamón, Álex Centelles, Cristian Rivero, Toni Lato, Álex Blanco, K. Koindredi


13': Goal! Iago Aspas scores [Nolito assist] — Celta Vigo [1]-0 Valencia .
25': Yellow card shown to R. Tapia ( Celta Vigo).
46': Goal! M. Gómez scores [D. Wass assist] — Celta Vigo 1-[1] Valencia .
46': Substitution for Valencia: Manu Vallejo in, Gonçalo Guedes out.
46': Substitution for Valencia: Jason in, Lee Kang-In out.
55': Yellow card shown to Vicente Esquerdo ( Valencia).
57': Goal! Iago Aspas scores — Celta Vigo [2]-1 Valencia .
66': Substitution for Celta Vigo: O. Yokuşlu in, Fran Beltrán out.
67': Substitution for Celta Vigo: Miguel Baeza in, Denis Suárez out.
72': Substitution for Celta Vigo: Brais Méndez in, E. Mor out.
74': Substitution for Valencia: Thierry Correia in, Vicente Esquerdo out.
80': Substitution for Celta Vigo: Gabri Veiga in, J. Murillo out.
80': Substitution for Celta Vigo: N. Araújo in, R. Tapia out.
84': Substitution for Valencia: Sobrino in, Y. Musah out.
90'+2': Yellow card shown to O. Yokuşlu ( Celta Vigo).
90'+7': Yellow card shown to Iván Villar ( Celta Vigo).

Match Statistics

Celta Vigo Stat Valencia
2 Corners 0
9 Fouls 7
0 Offsides 0
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2020.09.19 22:52 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Arsenal 2-1 West Ham United [Premier League, Round 2]

FT: Arsenal 2-1 West Ham United

Arsenal Score West Ham United
A. Lacazette 25' [1]-0
1-[1] M. Antonio 45'
E. Nketiah 85' [2]-1
Date: 19/09/2020 — 21:00 CEST, 15:00 EDT, 20:00 BST, 00:30 IST
Competition: Premier League (Round 2)
Venue: Emirates Stadium (London)
Referee: M. Oliver


Arsenal Notes West Ham United Notes
Manager: Mikel Arteta Manager: D. Moyes
1 B. Leno 1 Ł. Fabiański
31 S. Kolašinac 21 A. Ogbonna
2 Bellerín 3 A. Cresswell
16 R. Holding 26 A. Masuaku
6 Gabriel Magalhães 24 R. Fredericks YC 40'; A 45'
34 G. Xhaka 23 I. Diop
8 Dani Ceballos A 85' 30 M. Antonio G 45'
7 B. Saka SUB 89' 28 T. Souček
12 Willian SUB 64' 41 D. Rice
14 P. Aubameyang A 25' 18 Pablo Fornals SUB 88'
9 A. Lacazette G 25'; SUB 77' 20 J. Bowen SUB 83'


Arsenal: N. Pépé (SUB 64'), E. Nketiah (SUB 77'; G 85'), David Luiz (SUB 89'), Mohamed Elneny, M. Macey, A. Maitland-Niles, J. Willock
West Ham United: A. Yarmolenko (SUB 83'), S. Haller (SUB 88'), D. Randolph, M. Lanzini, F. Balbuena, Felipe Anderson, B. Johnson


25': Goal! A. Lacazette scores [P. Aubameyang assist] — Arsenal [1]-0 West Ham United .
40': Yellow card shown to R. Fredericks ( West Ham United).
45': Goal! M. Antonio scores [R. Fredericks assist] — Arsenal 1-[1] West Ham United .
64': Substitution for Arsenal: N. Pépé in, Willian out.
77': Substitution for Arsenal: E. Nketiah in, A. Lacazette out.
83': Substitution for West Ham United: A. Yarmolenko in, J. Bowen out.
85': Goal! E. Nketiah scores [Dani Ceballos assist] — Arsenal [2]-1 West Ham United .
88': Substitution for West Ham United: S. Haller in, Pablo Fornals out.
89': Substitution for Arsenal: David Luiz in, B. Saka out.
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2020.09.19 22:39 milkjug101 My Personal Season Rankings! (how original...)

This is my personal ranking of every survivor season. Keep in mind I have not placed seasons 1-8, or 37 as I have not seen them. All of this is my opinion and if you disagree with anything on my list let me know! You might be able to change my mind.

1.) Heros vs Villians- To the surprise of no one HvV takes the top of my list. This season is stellar in every way imaginable. A perfect cast of all stars, a thrilling narrative in the pre merge that leads to an underdog winner, a gameplay that was revolutionary for its time, much of which stills holds up to this very day. There is a reason that this season is at the top of everyone's tier list of seasons. The editing, while a bit mismatched conveys such an interesting story. If you are new to the show, I would watch a couple seasons beforehand but if you are a true veteran to the series give it a watch. It's worth it. (Favorite players- Courtney, Tom, Randy)
2.) Cagayan- By far my favorite newbie season, this is arguably the best cast the show has ever seen and it will likely stay that way. The strategy in this season is phenomenal and can only be matched with the equally likeable cast. Everyone in the cast has a place in the story and the choices they make in the season make sense making each character relatable I'm their own right. The winners story is gripping and the underdog subplots make any given member of the cast fun to root for. Easily my number one season and one that I would highly recommend to someone new to the series. (Favorite players- Spencer, Kass, Tony)
3.) Cambodia- This season saw favorites that we as watchers picked and they definitely delivered, the strategy in this season is truly like no other and may be the best in the series. The cast was picked by viewers so it's an obvious plus, and gameplay remains consistent throughout. The only thing keeping Cambodia from number one is the lack of character moments and more emphasis on strategy. A theme that would continue on to the next era. (Favorite players- Spencer, Stephen, Keith)
4.) Tocantines- Speaking of character moments, this season is probably the best in the show as far as character moments go. I could watch this cast interact with each other all day and never get tired. The impressive victory of the Jalapao and the dismantling of the Timbira tribe makes the story very engaging. While the editing can be a tad lopsided it doesn't make the season any less enjoyable, and the winners arch is one of the best in the series. A great season to pick up. (Favorite players- JT, Stephen, Sierra)
5.) Philippines- Everyone can appreciate a good underdog victory, and I would argue no season does this better than Philippines. This season might just have the best overarching narrative of a season watching two likable underdogs navigate through a cast of equally likeable contestants. The returning players were even fun to watch because rather than be overbearing via the edit, they played their parts in the story with grace and dignity. Truly a bright spot in a dark patch of seasons. (Favorite players- Malcolm, Penner, Jeff Kent)
6.) China- Another fantastic newbie cast. This season is always renowned for the likability of its cast, and the beauty of the location China takes place in. While the winning narrative might not leave you at the edge of your seat, you have to appreciate the dominance of the win, and the consistency of airtime each player has. The season is home to a couple of my favorite characters in the whole show, and rewatching China is always a joy. (Favorite players- Peigh Gee, Dave, Todd)
7.) Winners at War- The most recent addition to this list, I have conflicting feelings about how to rank this. On one hand all of our favorite winners jump on our screen once again and deliver entertainment wise in almost every aspect imaginable, it's where production steps in that things get a little shaky. The edge made it's return to the disappointment of many, and fire tokens were introduced. These twists were not necessarily bad, but as a result of their inclusion, a significant amount of airtime was dedicated to them rather than getting to know each winner which really hurts this season. However Winners at War's winning game and overall narrative is one of legends which lands it here at number 7. (Favorite players- Tony, Yul, Sophie)
8.) Millennials vs. Generation X- Another very solid newbie season. Millennials vs. Gen X shines the most with its cast and story. Every single player in this season has their role in the overall narrative and has many degrees of likability to their character. While controversial, I love the winning story and the twists and gameplay moves remain complex and make sense. While the theme of the season might be a little hokey, Millennials vs. Gen X is a very solid entry in the series. (Favorite players- Adam, Brett, Jay)
9.) Heros vs. Healers vs. Hustlers- This is a very controversial season and many have it very low on their lists. I watched this season for the first time this fall knowing the end result and was pleasantly surprised with a great cast, and entertaining gameplay. The main problems for HHH is the endgame. The winning game is very poor which dilutes the rest of the season, everything else in the season is fairly superb. Other than a couple duds, I could root for just about everyone in this season and while many "big moves" don't make sense, it still doesn't make it any less entertaining. I wish this season was talked about more positively. (Favorite players- Chrissy, Ryan, Mike)
10.) Koah Rong- Koah Rong is very similar to HHH in the sense that the gameplay and characters are fantastic, but the winner leaves much to be desired. The fact that med evacs had so much power in the direction this season goes, its really hard to rank Koah Rong much higher then it is here. While a very stimulating cast to watch and root for, I think that other, higher ranked seasons just do its job better. (Favorite players- Tai, Niel, Peter)
11.) Gabon- Gabon is a guilty pleasure for me. On paper nothing in this season should work, a train wreck of a cast horrendous gameplay, and one of the worst winners in survivor history. But somehow, Gabon just works. The landscape is absolutely stunning, and watching incompetent players fall ass first through the game is hilarious and oddly enthralling, and the editing remains consistent as well. This season is great if you just want to watch one episode of survivor without dedicating yourself to an entire season. Although I love Gabon, I cannot reasonably rank it any higher. (Favorite players- Randy, Kenny, Crystal)
12.) Panama- Panama is like putting a good season and a bad season in a blender. There are some aspects of Panama that are comedy gold, but also parts that are utterly boring and predictable. The winner is underwhelming, as is all of the La Mina tribe, but what gives this season a shot of adrenaline is the Casaya tribe, maybe the best tribe in terms of entertainment ever. Compare Casaya to it's mutable La Mina counterpart and you have a fairly interesting overarching story that I was always engaged in. (Favorite players- Terry, Shane, Courtney)
13.) Palau- This season is one of the most unique in terms of story. The devastation of the Ulong tribe is a gripping narrative, and when paired with one of the most dominant wins in survivor history, you have a really good season. Although the predictability at points bumps Palau down a couple ranks, it doesn't make it any less of a joy to watch. (Favorite players- James, Kobe, Tom)
14.) Blood vs. Water- What can I say about Blood vs. Water? It's just a really good season. Great cast, interesting twist, engaging gameplay, and a deserving winner. So what keeps it down here at number 13? I think the problem is that Blood vs. Water simply doesn't excel at any of these, all of the seasons above just do its job better. This season is really enjoyable and fun to watch, for some reason I just can't rank it any higher. (Favorite players- Hayden, Ciera, Tyson)
15.) Guatemala- I don't know why this season has the reputation of being boring, or forgettable. I've always enjoyed Guatemala as I believe it to be the last season to truly emphasize survival. The location is one of my favorites and the overall winner has one of the most unique wins this far. Although little to none of them have returned, I would love to see more of this cast back as I found nearly all of them to be very likeable. While very modest, I think that Guatemala is a hidden gem overshadowed by better seasons. (Favorite players- Gary, Judd, Rafe)
16.) Island of the Idols- I will forever be an apologist for this season. Island of the Idols gets a lot of unwarranted hate, so allow me to explain. The pre merge of IOTI is fantastic, the winner is one of my personal favorites in terms of gameplay, while fundamentally flawed, the island of the Idols itself leads to entertaining character moments, and the entire cast with one glaring exception is one of if not the best cast we've ever seen. But what just bogs this season down is merge episode and the controversies associated with it. Post merge Island of the Idols takes a very dark turn and left a very bad taste in my mouth episode after episode. I did however feel like the finale turned everything around into a very fun conclusion. Under any other circumstances this season would be ranked near the top of newbie seasons, but because of the glaring hole in IOTI I can't possibly place this any higher. (Favorite players- Kellee, Jamal, Janet)
17.) San Juan Del Sur- San Juan Del Sur is a less interesting Blood vs. Water, while the season is fundamentally the same, the twist itself just doesn't live up to the first time it was tried. With a couple major exceptions much of this cast is largely forgettable. The gameplay picks up here and there but not enough to keep me too engaged. Overall, San Juan Del Sur is just a muted down version of Blood vs. Water, which was already a muted down version of other, better seasons. (Favorite players- Keith, Natalie, Reed)
18.) Vanuatu- This season is never talked about very much, and it's easy to see why, but that doesn't mean that Vanuatu deserves to be lost in the sands of time. There are some phenomenal blindsides, gameplay that was revolutionary for its time, and one of the best underdog wins in the history of the show. This season has so many gems in its characters that I'm still shocked haven't been brought back. The one thing that holds Vanuatu back from being ranked any higher is simply that all of the seasons above simply do its job better in terms of story and characters. I would love to see this season talked about more. (Favorite players- Rory, Chris, LeAnn)
19.) Samoa- I feel very conflicted about a season like Samoa. On one hand, I think this cast is great, and the underdog victory is an incredible story. On the other hand the editing of the season is horrendous and one of the worst in the series. The main problems in Samoa hinge on the fact that the entire season comes from the perspective of one player, while that player is engaging and interesting, it shoves aside the rest of this very likeable cast in their own right in order to do so. Making Samoa very hot and cold in my eyes. (Favorite players- Dave, Jaison, Russell Swan)
20.) Edge of Extinction- While I enjoyed this season more than most, I can't rationally put it higher up on the list. Edge of extinction is a mess in editing, and story due to the theme and the winner, but that doesn't make the overall season less enjoyable. Although most of the cast is forgettable, the few gems in the cast coupled with the four returning players add a lot of merit to an otherwise mediocre season. The winners narrative, while subjectively the worst in the worst in the show somehow make Edge of Extinction one of the most unique seasons in the show, landing it here at number 19. (Favorite players- Victoria, Reem, Devens)
21.) Worlds Apart- Worlds apart is renowned for it's awful cast, poor winner, uncomfortable moments, and for the most part, these are all accurate. On a rewatch however, I found many redeemable aspects of this season. The best part for me, is the story. In the post merge watching the winner of this season time and time again foil the plans of their fellow cast mates was very enjoyable. Though it was predictable, the remaining members of the cast were so unlikable it just didn't matter. Worlds apart is like the opposite of Blood vs. Water where it tries to do many things it ends of not being good at any of them leading it to have such a negative connotation among fans. (Favorite players- Carolyn, Mike, Max)
22.) South Pacific- Many people rank this season near the bottom, and while I agree that South Pacific is not great, there are many redeeming qualities about it. Redemption island makes a return and is as uninteresting as ever, and two veterans make a return hogging all the screentime to show off their uninteresting and unlikable gameplay. Couple this with an uncomfortable religious overtone, and you have a bad season. But what lands South Pacific higher than the bottom is the cast which is largely likable upon a rewatch, and easy to root for. Unfortunately they are mostly overshadowed by their veteran counterparts but the winners story is fairly underrated and interesting to watch unfold. I would like to see this season talked about more in a positive light. (Favorite players- Cochran, Rick, Dawn)
23.) Micronesia- This is going to be the biggest hot take on the list. Before you bombard me with hate comments, let me explain. I did not enjoy watching Micronesia. For reasons I will attempt to explain, I just didn't. I think that the fans vs. favorites is very lopsided and leads to very predictable gameplay. I really enjoyed the train wreck that was the fans tribe, but post swap all of them started getting picked off in a boring manor. The favorites tribe started out very solid but post merge all of the true favorites were gone, and the ones that remained were very arrogant and unlikable. While the gameplay was some of the best in the series, when it happens in a predictable unlikable manor, it just leaves a bitter taste in your mouth after watching. This case isn't helped by in a twenty person cast, two were medically evacuated, and three basically quit the game. While I can see why everyone loves this season, I personally just did not enjoy watching Micronesia. (Favorite players- Joel, Aliza, Erik)
24.) Game Changers- An all star season that is widely disliked. Much of this is because of the inaccurate title, overabundance of advantages, and lackluster batch of returnees. With one big exception, the pre merge of this season is great with many big names in survivor unfortunately leaving early but in glorious fashion. The main problem is that Gamechangers looses it's momentum post merge with its remaining cast mostly being unlikable, boring, or unnoticeable, and becomes a chore to get to once the winner becomes too obvious. There are many episodes in which uncomfortable material is discussed, game breaking twists are introduced making this season a mixed bag of mostly bad moments. (Favorite players- Sarah, Tai, Zeke)
25.) Cook islands- Another very hot take, I honestly struggle to find good things to say about this season. Cook island's only redeeming qualities lie in the four standout characters it has, the uncomfortable tribe division, and narrative. Other than that it is a boring, uninteresting slog to get through. Besides like five people, all of this cast are just non entities who add nothing to the story. The tribe division was controversial, but was only in play for two episodes. The thing keeping Cook islands afloat for me is the story of the season. The Aitu four story arch is one of the best in the series leading to my personal favorite winner in the whole series. Though this is where many of the shows most iconic players started out, I just can't see why so many people put Cook Islands in their top 10s. (Favorite players- Yul, Penner, Cao Boi)
26.) Fiji- This season sucks. There isn't a lot going for it, generic location, unlikable cast, the most unbalanced theme to date, and controversies aplenty. Yet, if you look deeper into the season, there are qualities to love about it. While almost all of the cast were either underedited or just awful people, there are a few notable exceptions that I would love to see make a return. Though mean spirited, the contestants that were just bad people did make good TV and kept me interested, which is more than I can say for Cook Islands. The winners game is one of the most underrated in the series, and the amount of innovation in terms of gameplay is the most in shows history. (Favorite players- Earl, Yau Man, Alex)
27.) Caramoan- The second fans vs favorites season which is even worse than the first one. While the first fans tribe was interesting to watch, this fans tribe consisted of nobody's who had hardly watched the game before. The favorites tribe wasn't much better, with all of the tribe being hated by fans of the show with a couple exceptions. This alone is just a recipe for disaster, which indeed it was. The editing is all over the place, and while there are a few good moments, all that I remember of Caramoan is just the spiteful negative cloud hanging over everything that in the end resulted in one of the most predictable if not strategically winners to date. (Favorite players- Malcolm, Reynold, Cochran)
28.) Nicaragua- The first in what would be considered the "Dark ages" of survivor, and it's easy to see why. This really is the worst editing in any season of survivor, where storylines start and stop abruptly with little cohesion between episodes, and the cast is a exciting as a cardboard box. The tribe divisions by age was never going to pan out and it never did, and the medallion of power was just plain stupid. The winner is one of the most underwhelming in the series and strategy is almost non-existent, but not in a fun way like Gabon. The only redeeming qualities lie in that a couple castaways are fun to watch, however all of them get booted early merge leaving an awful season in their wake. The location is gross and overall this season is just a trudge to go through. (Favorite players- Marty, Jane, Dan)
29.) Ghost Island- Along with Nicaragua, the editing in this season is absolutely horrendous with about only three contestants getting any screen time at all. The winning narrative is dominant, but not in a way that is fun at all. There were blueprints for a good season here, but the decision to edit only three people killed any redeemable qualities Ghost Island had. This time around the cast was at least semi likable, the problem is that we never saw any of them. The Ghost Island twist itself was interesting in concept but just came across as stupid and hogged up precious screen time that could be spent fleshing out other characters. This whole season is like a mix of Nicaragua and Samoa but somehow the end result is worse than both of them. I hope the editing department learned their lesson on this season. (Favorite players- Stephanie, Jacob, Dom)
30.) One World- Every other season before has had members in the cast for the audience to root for. One World doesn't have a single one. Every single cast member in this season is spiteful, boring, or just plain stupid. The tribes are on one beach which was interesting in concept, but it didn't have a chance to shine because the worst cast in 40 seasons was playing on it. In terms or story, there is no story, the winner simply plays the most dominant game ever played with little competition. The editing is at least okay but if you don't want to spend any time with the contestants it doesn't really matter. One World is bad. (Favorite players- Leif, Sabrina, Tarzan)
31.) Redemple Temple- Redemption Island is the worst season of all time. Let's go down our checklist: Unlikable cast? Check. Bad editing? Check. Boring and predictable story? Check check and check. Redemption Island has one of the biggest steamrolls from any winner in survivor history against some of the most uninteresting and incompetent players the audience has ever seen. Much like Samoa and Ghost Island, much of the season comes from the perspective of one person and doesn't highlight the perspective of anyone else. I'm in the minority that doesn't absolutely detest the twist of Redemption Island, but it doesn't add anything to the game itself. I pray to God that this remains the worst season of all time. (Favorite players- Matt, Make, Steve)
Thank you for reading this list! Remember this is all my opinion and you are free to share yours below. I am currently trying to watch every season right now and I am halfway through Pearl Islands so I will probably edit that in later.
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2020.09.19 22:38 threaddo Post-Match Thread: Waasland-Beveren 2-4 RSC Anderlecht [First Division A, Round 6]

FT: Waasland-Beveren 2-4 RSC Anderlecht

Waasland-Beveren Score RSC Anderlecht
0-[1] A. Trebel 3'
0-[2] J. Doku 18'
0-[3] Y. Verschaeren 55'
0-[4] L. Nmecha 60' (pen.)
D. Sula 64' [1]-4
D. Heymans 88' [2]-4
Date: 19/09/2020 — 20:45 CEST, 14:45 EDT, 19:45 BST, 00:15 IST
Competition: First Division A (Round 6)
Venue: Freethielstadion (Beveren)
Referee: L. Visser


Waasland-Beveren Notes RSC Anderlecht Notes
Manager: N. Hayen Manager: V. Kompany
1 N. Jackers YC 59' 30 H. Van Crombrugge
52 J. Schryvers 21 O. Vranješ
26 A. Vukotić 14 B. Mykhaylichenko
3 B. Schoonbaert 62 M. Murillo
24 A. Khammas YC 45' 42 H. Delcroix
6 L. Bertone YC 57'; SUB 78' 25 A. Trebel G 3'; SUB 64'
8 D. Bizimana SUB 65' 48 A. Lokonga
18 D. Heymans G 88' 51 Y. Verschaeren G 55'
17 A. Koita 11 P. Tau
12 A. Albanese SUB 46' 7 L. Nmecha YC 15'; PM ❌ 45'+1'; PG 60'; SUB 79'
11 J. Efford A 64' 49 J. Doku A 3'; G 18'; A 55'; SUB 85'


Waasland-Beveren: D. Sula (SUB 46'; G 64'), D. Wuytens (SUB 65'; YC 71'), M. Verreth (SUB 78'), A. Wiegel, J. Mertens, L. Pirard, A. Vukčević
RSC Anderlecht: M. Bundu (SUB 64'), L. Dimata (SUB 79'), F. Amuzu (SUB 85'), M. Kana, B. Verbruggen, D. Luckassen, Z. Bakkali


3': Goal! A. Trebel scores [J. Doku assist] — Waasland-Beveren 0-[1] RSC Anderlecht .
15': Yellow card shown to L. Nmecha ( RSC Anderlecht).
18': Goal! J. Doku scores — Waasland-Beveren 0-[2] RSC Anderlecht .
45': Yellow card shown to A. Khammas ( Waasland-Beveren).
45'+1': ❌ Missed penalty. L. Nmecha ( RSC Anderlecht) fails to convert.
46': Substitution for Waasland-Beveren: D. Sula in, A. Albanese out.
55': Goal! Y. Verschaeren scores [J. Doku assist] — Waasland-Beveren 0-[3] RSC Anderlecht .
57': Yellow card shown to L. Bertone ( Waasland-Beveren).
59': Yellow card shown to N. Jackers ( Waasland-Beveren).
60': Goal! L. Nmecha scores (Penalty) — Waasland-Beveren 0-[4] RSC Anderlecht .
64': Goal! D. Sula scores [J. Efford assist] — Waasland-Beveren [1]-4 RSC Anderlecht .
64': Substitution for RSC Anderlecht: M. Bundu in, A. Trebel out.
65': Substitution for Waasland-Beveren: D. Wuytens in, D. Bizimana out.
71': Yellow card shown to D. Wuytens ( Waasland-Beveren).
78': Substitution for Waasland-Beveren: M. Verreth in, L. Bertone out.
79': Substitution for RSC Anderlecht: L. Dimata in, L. Nmecha out.
85': Substitution for RSC Anderlecht: F. Amuzu in, J. Doku out.
88': Goal! D. Heymans scores — Waasland-Beveren [2]-4 RSC Anderlecht .

Match Statistics

Waasland-Beveren Stat RSC Anderlecht
2 Corners 4
6 Fouls 7
0 Offsides 2
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2020.09.19 22:37 user_183919 need support to move on from toxic relationship

Hello people!
Yesterday i broke up with a guy i dated for almost a year. When we met, we moved so fast. It felt electric, like some force was bringing us together. A few months later, after seeing photos of his exes, and realizing he was friends with lots of girls, i became so insecure. we would argue, mostly cause i would bring up my insecurities and cry and he would get angry at me for crying. He literally pushed me to the ground once and off his bed. Then one day back in late may we got into a huge fight cause i accidently ripped his shirt. It was a long night and we were both so drunk. He told me a couple weeks later he was having doubts. By that time I had started therapy again cause i felt like i was losing myself and not dealing with my issues in a healthy way. When we had the convo of him having doubts he said "if i dont break up with you its solely for sex". It crushed me but i loved him so much i didnt care. After that we still went on a trip, and hung out a lot. We hadnt argued at all until we would discuss race issues , like police brutality. He is white and im brown (hes also 26 and im 22). He would gas light me. Two times he grabbed my phone and threw it in anger and said he wanted to leave. I said no he couldnt that we need to keep talking because i needed to understand why he felt so defensive. It affected me so much. I had been doing so much work on myself and he wasnt seeing that. He would also expect me to do so much for him and he wasnt appreciative or doing the same for me. I applied to school for him, would go out of my way for him, like bringing him lunch to work, or driving all the way to his place (which is 30 min away) to get something he forgot for work(which was another 30 min) and when i would simply ask him to go somewhere with me he would get angry. He belittled me a lot. He made me feel small and stupid. I feel like he did because hes 26, a college drop out who went back to school living w his parents cause he was broke. Im an engineering student btw. He would say i had no common sense. Then 3 weeks ago again he got mad at me because i was watching the news and teared up and told him i was sad how people are so affected. He told me that if i didnt stop he would break up with me and the next day hes like "its getting harder and harder for me to say im not using you for sex". I was devastated. I had already wanted to break up with him lots of times but i couldnt because i believed in us and him. Until thursday... i saw he had started to msg a girl from work -long messages. I was so paranoid i went through his phone and he was trying to get on her same schedule. He literally "had to go to the bathroom" just so he could msg her back. Then on Friday i heard his phone ring a lot and he again said he had to go to the bathroom. He went to msg the girl and i asked him and he said no and then i was like please show me then and he was like ok i lied. i tried to keep talking again but he wouldnt say anything (this wasnt the first time he ignored me). I was like why arent you trying to talk and hes like cause i dont care. Then i told him i was done with him. I couldnt take it anymore. We broke up and it felt like it was on good terms but being without him now i cant stop thinking about him talking to this lady. I feel like i wasted so much time. He was crying so much when we broke up, more than me. Told me i deserved so much better and that he doesnt like that he cant appreciate what he has. Its funny cause two days before friday his dad told me that my ex was very selfish, self-centered and had a big ego so he didnt care about things that didnt affect him. I agree with his dad. I felt so good after breaking up but i am still sad of course. I feel so dumb. Im angry too that i let someone disrespect me. When i felt i was hurting my relationship i did the work to grow and learn by going to therapy but he never did anything. I told him id call him in a few weeks to give him his things back. And this morning he added a new song to the playlist we had about love. I think hes trying to manipulate me, but him trying to move on so fast and using me and degrading me makes me not fall for it. Idk how to give him his things back. We were fine during our 2 hours breakup talk, held hands, kissed one more time, expressed how much we'll always care, love, and be there for eachother. its been so weird. I just need encouragement. Im trying not to be hard on myself for the things i did wrong. Idk what to think. Idk.
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2020.09.19 22:34 jango-b A Completionist Guide to Yes Live: Part Three, Masterworks Through In The Present

My compilation of just about every song Yes played on every tour, in highest quality possible, for the first decade of the century. See part two here.
Five official live albums, so most of the tours from this decade were covered. Everything listed is available either for purchase, or on the yessongs dot nl website.
MASTERWORKS (2000) Anderson, Squire, Howe, White
Close to the Edge, Ritual, and The Gates of Delirium from this tour were released as bonus tracks on Magnification.
Heart of the Sunrise, I’ve Seen All Good People, Leaves of Green, Roundabout, Starship Trooper; Concord Pavilion (June 21, 2000, Concord CA).
YESSYMPHONIC (2001) Anderson, Squire, Howe, White with Tom Brislin and orchestra
Official release: And You And I, Close to the Edge, Don’t Go, I’ve Seen All Good People, In the Presence Of, Long Distance Runaround, Magnification, Mood For a Day, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Ritual, Roundabout, Starship Trooper, and The Gates of Delirium; Symphonic Live (November 22, 2001, Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam).
Wonderous Stories; YesSymphonic Lewiston (August 22, 2001, Artpark Repertory Theater, Lewiston NY).
Perpetual Change and Clap; Saratoga Springs (September 2, 2001, Saratoga Springs NY).
A simple little version of Here Comes the Sun (as tribute to George Harrison), a Jon poem called Change the World, and a boatload of Steve Howe solos; Classical Gas, Corkscrew, Surface Tension, Meadow Rag, In The Course of the Day, Concerto in D (2nd movement), and Second Initial; YesSymphonic European Tour Rarities (various recording dates). Quality of recordings vary.
FULL CIRCLE (02-03) Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman, White
Official release: And You and I, Awaken, Clap, Don't Kill the Whale, Heart of the Sunrise, I've Seen All Good People, In the Presence Of, Long Distance Runaround, The Fish, Magnification, Roundabout, Show Me, Siberian Khatru, We Have Heaven, South Side of the Sky, To Be Over, Wakeman Solo; Live at Montreux (July 14, 2003, Montreux Switzerland).
Close to the Edge, Wonderous Stories, Starship Trooper, In the Course of the Day, Winter, and a fun birthday jam; Ruth Eckerd Hall (October 24, 2002, Clearwater FL).
The Revealing Science of God; Viva Las Vegas (August 24, 2002, Las Vegas NV).
America, Yours is No Disgrace; Desert Light (August 25, 2002, Las Vegas NV).
A long ass Squire solo including Whitefish, Tempus Fugit, and Silent Wings of Freedom, and two Steve solos, To Be Over and Clap; Centrale del Tennis di Foro Italico (July 11, 2003, Rome Italy).
YES ACOUSTIC (2004) Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman, White
This was one show, recorded January 26, 2004, released officially on Yes Acoustic: Guaranteed No Hiss.
HOWEVER, during the Classic / Full Circle tour, the whole band got up early, went to XM radio and performed an all acoustic show, and it was cool as hell. They played a South Side of the Sky / And You and I mash up, Leaves of Green, Walk Don’t Run, Your Move, Show Me, and “Awaken workshop”, where they played parts of Awaken and paused to talk about it. Live and Acoustic XM Radio Broadcast (August 10, 2002, Washington DC).
35TH ANNIVERSARY (2004) Anderson, Squire, Howe, Wakeman, White
The final tour of the most enduring Yes line up.
Official release: And You and I, Every Little Thing, Foot Prints, Going for the One, I've Seen All Good People, Long Distance Runaround, Mind Drive, Owner of a Lonely Heart, Rhythm of Love, Ritual, Roundabout, Second Initial, Show Me, South Side of the Sky, Starship Trooper, Sweet Dreams, The Meeting, Time Is Time, Turn of the Century, Wonderous Stories, Yours Is No Disgrace; Songs from Tsongas (May 15, 2004, Tsongas Arena, Lowell MA).
America, Awaken; Night Must Fall - Concord (September 17, 2004).
Close to the Edge, Clap; Red Rocks of Colorado, September 10, 2004, Morrison CO).
IN THE PRESENT (08-10) David, Squire, Howe, Oliver Wakeman, White
Official release: Siberian Khatru, I’ve Seen All Good People, Tempus Fugit, Onward, Astral Traveller, Yours is No Disgrace, And You And I, Corkscrew, Second Initial, Owner of a Lonely Heart, South Side of The Sky, Machine Messiah, Heart of the Sunrise, Roundabout, Starship Trooper; In the Present – Live from Lyon (December 1, 2009, Travail, Lyon, France).
Mood For a Day, Clap; De Waerdse Tempel – Heerhugowaard (November 14, 2009, Netherlands).
Corkscrew, Sketches in the Sun; Hammersmith Apollo (November 17, 2009, London).
Close to the Edge, Long Distance Runaround, The Fish, Parallels, Soon, Intersection Blues, Aliens, and J’s Theme; Paramount Theater – Asbury Park (November 14, 2009).
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2020.09.19 22:27 anyfactor [FOR HIRE] Want the best Darn PYTHON Developer money can buy?? I am your guy!! [Web Scraping, Automation, Data Analytics, API & MUCH MORE]

RESUME WEBSITE [Site in development]

DM me on Reddit

I will do

  1. General Purpose Programming using Python & JavaScript
  2. Web Scraping & Data Mining
  3. Data Cleanup & Data Structuring
  4. Data Analytics & Visualization
  5. API consumption & Integration
  6. Browser Automation
  7. Setting up Automation Script on Your end using Remote Assistance

Web Scraping & Data Analytics

Web Scraping and Browser Automation tasks using Python. Modules I am familiar with -
Browser Automation
Bored with doing a repetitive task online? I could help you automate that.
Client Side Automation & Setting up Scripts for data scraping
Want to run the scripts on your end and automate your process and scrape information from your PC? I can help you set up or guide you through the installation of the scripts through video instructions, detailed written instructions and/or remote assistance software.
*Additional Charges are Applicable for remote assistance and setting up scripts on your machine
Data cleanup and Visualization using MS Excel. I am familiar with-
Data cleanup and Visualization using Python. I have skills in-
API and BOTs

Previous works

Website and directory scrap and mining-
Reddit based web scraping and analysis -
Client Side Automation & Setting up Scripts for data scraping
Server Side & Cloud Based Automation with Custom API Creation
Browser & Process Automation
Automation for Social Media
General Purpose Python Programming

Resume / Portfolio / Personal Website

Please visit my website to learn more about my skills
DM me on Reddit
My reviews and Testimonials

Hiring me-

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2020.09.19 22:21 zomeng Family talking about me in the third person while I'm in the same room

So I always knew my family was extremely toxic and abusive, and there's not much left that could easily phase me in terms of what they say to me. However, sometimes even basic neutral interactions when they aren't trying to be purposefully abusive, would leave me feeling absolutely terrible and angry and I couldn't figure out why. Until I did. After 26 years I just realized that my family has a habit of talking about me in the third person while we are all together in the same room, as if I wasn't there and couldn't answer myself.
Scene 1: Imagine me, my mother and my grandparents sitting all together on the same couch in the same living room. My grandmother asks us if we're hungry and says she has some leftover chilli in the fridge. She turns to my mother and says: "Does MyName eat chilli? She probably wouldn't eat this right?" My mother goes on to respond: "I don't know, I don't think she would, I never cooked chilli." All while completely ignoring my presence and the fact that at 26 years old and with no mental disabilities I'm perfectly capable to answer the question and tell them what food I like or don't.
Scene 2: Same couch, same living room. I'm sitting in between my grandparents, just the three of us. My grandfather looks at me and says to grandma: "Don't you think that MyName gained some weight?", My grandma: "No she didn't, she looks the same", Grandfather: "Well, I don't know, she looks so chubby in her face and on her thights, she's been at home studying, she probably eats too much and doesn't excercise." Again, completely ignoring my presence.
Scene 3: Skype call. It's just me on one end and the three of them on the other. They haven't talked to me in months, but don't really ask too many questions about my life or new job. Instead, they talk about themselves for a bit and then start talking in between themselves, hinting that I must be for sure dating someone secretly but not telling them - again, instead of just asking me directly if I'm dating someone, or who I went on the trip with. Meanwhile, I'm just sitting there in silence: "I wonder who she went on that trip with, but I can't ask her because then we would know, you know - if it was a he or she, and she doesn't want us to know", "Yeah, don't ask her", "Stop it, we agreed that you won't ask her this" - they went back and forth for a while. Didn't actually ask me anything. Went back to talking about themselves and other topics.
By the way, I'm not dating anyone and they have absolutely no reason to believe I am or that I am purposefully hiding it, so this just reached a whole new level of bizzare, even putting the third person bullshit aside.
This is my first time posting and I just really wanted to see if someone has a similar experience. Is this is narc thing? Do you think it's as toxic as it feels? Everytime I point out to them that behavior like this is really hurtful they just try to tell me that I'm oversensitive/mentally ill/imagining things, so I'm really curious what's evryone's take on this.
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2020.09.19 22:15 degenerate-edgelord BLEACH Rewatch Week 24: Episodes 273-279 Discussion

Information- MAL AniList AniDB
Streams- Crunchyroll Hulu Netflix tubitv
Date Episodes Notes
12.9 225-226+266-272
19.9 273-279
26.9 280-289
RIP Soi-Fon's arm.
Barragan is added to the list of Arrancar that look a bit better in black-and-white.
Headpatting the loli makes you OP, confirmed.
Shinji and the Visoreds are finally here to face off against Aizen.
Pacing issues persist a little, I had to switch to the manga often the first time. It's easier on a rewatch, maybe because we're expecting it.
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2020.09.19 22:10 SnakeBot GAME THREAD: D-backs (20-32) @ Astros (25-26) - 4:10 PM

D-backs (20-32) @ Astros (25-26)

First Pitch: 4:10 PM at Minute Maid Park
Pitcher TV Radio
D-backs Luke Weaver (1-7, 6.70 ERA) FSAZ 98.7 FM, KHOV (ES)
Astros Cristian Javier (4-2, 3.22 ERA) ATTH KBME, La Ranchera 101.7 FM/850 AM (ES)
MLB Fangraphs Brooks Baseball Reddit Stream IRC Chat
Gameday Game Graph Strikezone Map Live Comments Freenode: #reddit-baseball

Line Score - Pre-Game

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
ARI 0 0 0
HOU 0 0 0

Box Score

Updated at 2:30 PM.
Remember to sort by new to keep up!
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If Minecraft was an ONLINE DATING GAME (Weird Comments #26 ... Undertale OST - 26. Dating Tense! (Piano Cover by Amosdoll ... The Sims 4  Springston Legacy  Part 26 - Dating Scene. My 26-Year-Old Model Girlfriend Is Out Of My League  LOVE ... 26 RELATIONSHIP FACTS EVERY COUPLE CAN RELATE TO - YouTube ChangNiel#26 - Dating in Guam

Dating during the pandemic: the search for love isn’t ...

  1. If Minecraft was an ONLINE DATING GAME (Weird Comments #26 ...
  2. Undertale OST - 26. Dating Tense! (Piano Cover by Amosdoll ...
  3. The Sims 4 Springston Legacy Part 26 - Dating Scene.
  4. My 26-Year-Old Model Girlfriend Is Out Of My League LOVE ...
  6. ChangNiel#26 - Dating in Guam

If Minecraft was an ONLINE DATING GAME (Weird Comments #26) SORRY FOR THE REUPLOAD - MADE A MISTAKE IN THE LAST ONE Pink Sheep and Pink Guy always find a way... {Open Me} Don't Forget To Rate *Please* Amelia is starting to really build a fture for her kids, being single is often a hardship for many single parents. However Amelia has turned it into a ... SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: http://bit.ly/Oc61Hj A COUPLE with a 28-year age gap are used to getting looks and stares when they go out in public - not least be... 50+ videos Play all Mix - ChangNiel#26 - Dating in Guam YouTube; GOT7/JACKSON's story - Another mountain - Duration: 4:06. NAM CAPER 55,312 views. 4:06. ... FUNNY MOMENTS EVERYONE WHO IS IN LOVE WILL UNDERSTAND Do you love funny compilations? Watch our funny compilations that can describe relationships and all th... SHEET MUSIC of my piano arrangement of Undertale: https://gumroad.com/products/XBeVw/ Want to learn how I Played Undertale OST - 26. Dating Tense! or ANY son...