Owen ve diana partner

4. Choose your partner wisely. You’ve heard the expression: “There are no problems, only solutions”. Well, that’s not always the case. Sometimes, you have to face up to the reality that some problems can’t be solved. As a stoic, your goal is to get rid of anger both in yourself and in your partner. The new baby boy joins Will Arnett's sons Abel, 9½, and Archie, 11, with ex-wife Amy Poehler, plus Alessandra Brawn's son Nash View Owen Pengelly FBCS CITP’S profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Owen has 7 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Owen’s connections and jobs at similar companies. 1900 Spring Rd. Ste. 420, Oak Brook, Illinois, 60523, United States Friday night, as I hugged Diana goodbye and made my way to my car, it finally hit me. I’ve been working very hard and staying very focused in the hopes of never having another 2008 again. I’ve been so afraid of jinxing it, I’ve kept my head down and my fingers crossed for almost a year. Um, I made Clive Owen laugh the other night. Garth Owen-Smith, who has died aged 76, was an environmentalist who has been called the father of Namibian conservation. An early pioneer of the community conservancy system in Africa, he ... View Diana Proemm’s profile on LinkedIn, the world's largest professional community. Diana has 9 jobs listed on their profile. See the complete profile on LinkedIn and discover Diana’s ... Amanda Owen, 45, who lives in Yorkshire Dales with her nine children and husband, 66, left ITV's Lorraine viewers baffled when their 'house pony' crashed her live TV interview today. Owen Hunt is the Head of Trauma and former Chief of Surgery at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital. He previously served in the Army but was honorably discharged due to the death of his entire platoon. He was first married to Cristina Yang and later to Amelia Shepherd, but both marriages ended in divorce. He is currently raising his son Leo Hunt with help from Amelia as well as his daughter Allison ... Barbara A. Owen, age 75, French Lick, Indiana, passed away at 1:00 PM, Friday, February 19, 2010 at her son’s residence in Paoli.. Barbara was born on May 8, 2010 in Cook County, Illinois to the late Claude and Helen (Gornick) Drake. She married Willard L. Owen on October 27, 1951 and he survives. She became a Registered Nurse later in life and had worked in the Neuro Intensive Care Unit at ...

House Party 7/13/20 - Part Two

2020.07.19 14:33 youto2 House Party 7/13/20 - Part Two

Paisner: Kat able to get back to her feet to try that, but now both athletes are down on opposite sides of the ring!
Milkman is up on his feet first, and gingerly makes his way over to Kat, who is using the turnbuckles to get to ego feet. Milkman picks up Kat, and positions her up top, before going to the apron hopping up to the top. He leaps from the top rope, springboarding into a top rope Frankensteiner!
Woodbridge: And a risky move by the Milkman pays off!
Milkman goes into a cover for a...
Kickout! Kat got the shoulder up! Milkman seeps upset with this, that he can’t put Kat down, and picks her up, setting her up in the gory bomb position… bending her over the shoulder, and delivering a flat liner!
Crowd: WOAH!
Paisner: And I’ve heard him call that the Mad Cow!
Milkman doesn’t go for the pin, instead, positioning Kat in the middle of the ring, staring Kaitlyn dead in the eyes, and doing a standing milksault to the downed Stargazer! But this still isn’t enough for Tony, as instead of covering, he grabs the leg of Kat, wrenching into a half crab, and begins to churn!
Woodbridge: And the Full Churn is locked in!
With the Churn applied, and nowhere to turn to, Kat is forced to tap!
Paisner: And Kat taps! Kat Taps! We have a winner!
Javier: And your winner via submission, at a time of 18:01, Tony "The Milkman" Stevens!
Milkman then voluntarily lays on the mat for a moment, finally getting a moment of rest after a grueling and intense match, as June instantly slides into the ring to check on Kat. As GiGi and Kaitlyn on the outside clutch tightly at the independent title belt after seeing Tony's victory, looking deeply unpleased with the result.
Paisner: And Stevens overcoming both an on point Kat and some Simp Squad shenanigans to secure the victory! If I were Kaitlyn, I'd keep holding onto that belt as tight as I can. What a series of victories Stevens has been on!
June grabs Kat, who looks all of exhausted, hurt, and sad, and helps her walk out on the leg hurt by the Full Churn, as GiGi and Kaitlyn follow, but while staring into the ring as Stevens the whole time, who gets to his knees, and raises his arm in victory at them.
The Simp Squad all head out, as Stevens begins to exit himself. Stevens waving his arms in the air to elecite cheers from them, a confident smile planted on his face, before disappearing behind the curtain.
We return to Kyle, stood under the AC of Cole's Heaven In A Cup, the owner staring at him impatiently.
Cole: Well...
Kyle: JUST, give me a minute. I've been burned to shit out there just give me a minute under this thing.
Cole: Look kid, it ain't my problem your pasty ass has been out in the sun too long, either order somethin' or get the hell out. I've got no time for nonsense like this so early in the morning. Pardon my French.
Kyle lets out a sigh of relief and saunters over to the counter. He carefully sits on one of the stools so as not to damage his skin even more.
Kyle: Fine... just, I'll take a water for now.
Cole isn't happy. A water? For all the AC he's used Kyle could at least buy a Sprite. Nevertheless, Cole slides a glass of warm tap water Kyle's way, he gulps it down in one and slides it right back.
Kyle: Another.
Cole: Listen buddy this ain't Buck-Eng-Haim Palace and you ain't King Churchill. You're gonna get somethin' other than water or you're gonna find somewhere else to sully with your piss poor attitude. Pardon my French.
Kyle: Look-
Kyle pokes the name tag on Cole's shirt.
Kyle: -Cole, I think my attitude is pretty damn well justified considering I just woke up in the desert, hundreds, maybe thousands of miles away from where I'm supposed to be, wearing these stupid tights and t-shirt. No phone, no title belt, all thanks to that-that-that what the fuck is he? That fuck Paisner!
Cole: Well la dee da look at you, a mobile phone and a belt? Princess Diana truly has blessed us down here in Jal! You, kiddo, ain't nothin' more than a nut, and if you ain't gonna do nothin' but sit there, hootin' and hollerin' about some pansy Paisner fella, well then like I said, get the hell out!
Kyle: Fine. Fine, if you wanna be this useless then fine, I'll leave!
Kyle swipes his third glass of warm tap water to the ground and storms out of Cole's Heaven In A Cup.
Kyle: Oh and by the way, Cole's Heaven In A Cup? Stupid name! Jal? Stupid name! What an absolutely ridiculous state this is!
The door slams shut behind him but Kyle can be heard shouting as he walks away.
Kyle Jal? Heaven In A Cup? What the hell is wrong with you people!
A crash is heard out on the street as Kyle's shouting fades away.
*We then come back to ringside once more, where we see Paisner and Woodbridge at the commentary table, ready for more action.
Paisner: Esteemed viewers, upcoming should be Jim Baker vs Hippie John, but I am informed Jim Baker has said that he has a big announcement before his match tonight. Lets see what it is!
Jim Baker's theme hits as he walks down the ramp skipping his usual theatrics. As he gets to the ring he seems sad, as gets a mic from Maurice Chondon.
Jim Baker: This is something I never thought I'd have to do, I've been here for a short time but my wrestling career has been longer than the time I've been here. I had large amounts of success in other companies, but as everyone here knows, I must of left something the last time I was released. Not too much has happened for me since I got here, it's not a lack of opportunities, I didn't take this place seriously, I thought of it as a way back to the WWE, and then I faced three losses. I decided it would be best to team with someone, but I was fooling myself, I was delaying this announcement, I knew it had to come eventually but, I didn't think now.
Baker starts to tear up after these words and seems like he regrets ever showing up tonight.
Jim Baker: That's why… I am announcing my official in ring retirement. I would like Hippie John to come down to the ring so I can apologise for what I did to him in the past.
Hippie John's theme music plays he comes down the ramp confused and looks, oddly sober as he was prepared to fight Baker without anything holding him back.
Hippie John: What is all of this about, all of a sudden you get put into an actual match and you're scared into retirement?
Jim Baker: No, that's not what this is about, I wanted to shake your hand, say goodbye to the crowd and accept that I'm done.
Hippie John reluctantly shakes Baker's hand
Jim Baker: There is one thing I regret.
Hippie John looks confused as Baker continues
Jim Baker: That I stopped with one chair.
*Baker kicks Hippie John in the stomach, picks him up and plants him with a powerbomb, Baker gets out of the ring and carries two chairs into the ring, he beats John with one of the chairs before it breaks, he gets the second chair and hits the Baker Bomb onto it. Baker isn't done and continues brutalising John with strikes and throws. After he's done he kneels down to the prone body of Hippie John and says "I'm not done John I'm Jim F'n Baker, I'm not leaving for a long time."
It's night time now in the small town of Jal, New Mexico. But that doesn't stop Kyle Scott pacing up and down East Utah Avenue screaming at everyone he passes.
Kyle rushes across the street to somebody stepping out of their car.
Kyle: Have you... have you seen this-
Kyle reaches into his tights and pulls out a small piece of paper. He shoves it in the innocent persons face.
Kyle: -THIS man!
It's a crumpled image of Allen Paisner, looking as though it's almost 20 years old. The bystander swipes Kyle's hand away.
Bystander: Get your goddamn ballsweat out of my face!
The man rushes into his house as Kyle makes his way back to the pavement. Across the street a woman opens her door and begins shouting Kyle.
Woman: Hey! Hey wacko!
Kyle turns his attention towards the woman.
Woman: I just called the cops so you better haul ass outta here before they come and take you upstate you crazy loon!
Just as she finished talking the sound of sirens can be heard drawing closer. At the end of East Utah Avenue lays nothing but open desert. So what does Kyle do? He hightails it right back to where he started.
We come back to the ring, where we see Javier with mic in hand, ready to go
Javier: The following is a singles match set for one fall, with a 30 minute time limit! Introducing first….
CASH by BROCKHAMPTON comes through the speakers, signaling the arrival of Austin Balandran out onto the entranceway. Looking especially unpleased today as he runs his hand through his wetted hair, and flicks it at the crowd.
Javier: From The Higher Society, weighing in at 265 pounds, Austin! Balandran!
Paisner: Now here comes down a very angry man, who seems to desire to take that out onto me for alleged transgressions…. I rest assure that we do have lawyers here, so no worries about him sinking us if he sticks to his words
Woodbridge: And in this angry mood, especially against someone he's took a previous loss to, the results are always unpredictable. Will he channel that into properly managed aggression and tear West apart for some revenge? Or will his anger get the better of him, causing mistakes, and leading to more frustration?
Balandran walks with greater speed than usual, wanting as little as possible to do with the crowd, as he walks around ringside, eventually getting near the commentary table as he flicks his wet hair at Paisner.
Crowd: BOOOOO!
Paisner tries to brush it off, but can't hide being a bit upset at the act of disrespect, as Balandran climbs into the ring, sticking up his nose to the crowd with disgust, as then…
We see Cam'Ron West come out from behind the curtain!.....with no music accompanying him...as we hear production from behind the curtain shout at him-
Production: No! Not for another 10 seconds! Roll that again!
Cam'Ron hearing this, hesitantly steps back behind the curtain, as we wait a silent 10 seconds, before….
Cam'Ron's anime ost opening sounds throughout the venue, as West now makes a proper entrance. Putting on a generic babyface display, slapping hands, kissing babies, randomly pointing out to unspecific locations in the crowd.
Javier: And introducing next, from Another World, weighing in at 180 pounds, Cam'ron West!
Woodbridge: Looks like second time was the charm for West, and hopefully for him, that doesn't apply to Balandran tonight.
Paisner: Well, even without my bias, things have been looking up for West, as he's yet to take a loss in this company. Truly remarkable natural talent from this kid…..even if he seems to be slow taking on every other aspect of this business.
West makes his way further down to the ring, stepping onto the apron, then into the ring. Pointing at the crowd some more, before resting in a corner as Mia signals to both competitors to see if they're ready, and not getting objections, calls for the bell!
As the bell sounds, Balandran instantly rushes out the corner, and nails an unprepared Cam’Ron in the head with a big boot!
Cam’Ron falls back into his corner, and bounces off. Looking deeply stunned as he stumbles out the corner, as Balandran then runs back to his corner, before coming back at Cam’Ron and spinning around to wipe him out with a discus lariat! But suddenly, Cam'Ron sucks under, as Balandran's momentum carries him ahead of West, leaving him vulnerable to a schoolboy!
Paisner: This is how West got Balandran last time!
No! Kickout at 2.9 from Balandran!
The two scramble to their feet after the kickout, the smaller man in West fully up to his feet first, giving him an opening to jump up, and nail Balandran in the back of the head with an enziguri as he gets to a full stand! Stunning him in the center of the ring!
West then scrambles up to his feet, as he swings at the stunned Balandran again, this time with a roundhouse kick to the side of the head! Dropping Balandran onto his knees, his eyes wide, as Cam'ron follows up again, this time nailing Balandran with a buzzsaw kick! Flooring Balandran to the mat!
Paisner: What a marvelous series of kicks from West! He rolls Balandran over into a cover!
2! No! Right at 2 from Balandran!
West gets up out the pin, and goes to pick up Balandran, struggling for a moment with the significantly heavier man, but eventually managing to seem to lift him up at a consistent pace...but the initial struggles buy Balandran enough time! Giving him the time to fire back with elbow strikes to the chest of West! Shooting some of the air out of West's body, and doubling him over as he's forced to back off! Balandran then gets to his feet, as he goes after West to clock him in the jaw with a forearm! The force of the strike knocking West back into a corner!
West looks dazed, as Balandran changes again, extending out his arm for a corner lariat, before as he reaches West, West ducks under and hits him with his own elbow to the chest!
Balandran doubles over, as West then strikes up with a knee lift to the face! Impacting Balandran hard, as it forces him to stand, Balandran clutching at his nose from the impact! West then grabs onto Balandran, and whips him into the opposite corner, before rushing right at Balandran, who….. powders right out the ring before anything can happen to him.
Woodbridge: Balandran escaping the ring, and this could be good for him, with his recent losses he's probably easier to set off than ever, and be could now probably need a moment to calm himself. I would say West might do something about it….but I don't believe West fully understands what Balandran is doing here.
Balandran walks around ringside, his breaths initially loud with frustration, not helped by jeers from the crowd around him, as we hear Mia begin to count. Eventually, we hear those breaths lose their frustration as he takes calmer deep breaths. He eventually fully calms his breath down, as he slides back into the ring. Both men staring each other down, putting their hands up ready to tangle, as they approach one another, before they close in as….. Balandran just stomps on one of West's feet, before decking him to the mat with a stiff forearm shot!
Paisner: Balandran going to the foot! Lulling West into a false sense of security by making it look like he's just grappling, before taking him by surprise and laying him out!
Balandran instantly gets on West, as he begins to lay in vicious stomps to West's chest! Stomping him down over and over and over! Taking all the air out of West, before Mia has to begin counting Balandran off, who only breaks at a 4.9 count!
Mia forces Balandran to back off considerably, giving West a moment to recover, and begin to try sitting up, as Mia relaxes on Balandran….who instantly charges forward at West, mounts him, and pounds his head into the mat with repeated forearms!
Mia counts Balandran off very quickly on this count, as Balandran again only breaks on the 4 count. He smirks at his handiwork, as West is in a complete daze on the mat. Mia holds Balandran back for a moment, before letting the action continue, as Balandran goes over the the grounded West z and just delivers a harsh kick to the side of the ribs! Turning West on to his front as he struggles to breath!
Balandran then continues on, as he now grabs the flipped over West, and picks him up in a gutwrench! Balandran suspends West into the air, holding him there for a solid moment, before harshly flipping him back over into his back by slamming him into the mat with a gutwrench suplex! West impacting his while back on the the mat with force, as a shockwave goes through his whole body! West tensing up in excruciating pain as he hits the mat!
Paisner: Balandran with a devastating suplex to West's light frame! Balandran into the cover!
2! No! Kickout from West!
As West kicks out, Balandran doesn't seem phased, as he quickly grabs a hold of West's hair and lifts him up as he himself stands to his feet. As he makes it up, Balandran takes West and tosses him into a corner. Balandran walks over to the corner, places one of his hands on West's face to stabilize himself in position, plus rubbing it in a bit, as he then shoots in repeated punches to the gut with his other arm! Striking down on West's stomach with vicious fists to it! Quickly doubling West over, as he desperately clutches at his chest, but all this allows for is Balandran to BLAST West in the face with an elbow strike as he leaves his face exposed! Dropping West down to a seated position in the corner instantly!
Paisner: Jesus! What a shot from Balandran! Completely decking West!
As he has West down and seated in the corner, Balandran then extends a leg out, and presses it against West's neck to begin choking him out! Preventing any oxygen from getting into West's body, as West tries to use his arms to pry Balandran's boot off of him, but with his lacking strength, to no avail! Mia begins to count Balandran off, as to no one's surprise, he only breaks upon the 4 count. Leaving West a heap on the mat, holding at this throat, desperately trying to get air into his body, as Balandran then heads off to the opposite corner, sizing West up, before charging out of it as he slides down to connect with a basement dropkick to the head of West! Leaving West a motionless heap in the corner of the ring!
Woodbridge: Balandran absolutely controlling West since he took over this match, and this is Balandran in his element, systemically dicing his opponent apart.
Balandran smiles at his work, just looking at the limp body of West, as he grabs onto it, and lifts it back up as he stands up again. West's body wobbly and shaky as it supports itself, as Balandran backs off. Balandran eventually getting back over into a corner, whereupon he rushes out, spins around, and takes off West's head with a vicious discus lariat! West spun around in the air from the impact of it before landing a huddled mass on the mat!
Paisner: The Prelude! Balandran decapitating West! Balandran into the cover!
No! West lifts a shoulder up off of the mat!
Balandran looks annoyed at this kickout, but gets back to work after a moment as he grabs West, and goes to lift him up onto his shoulders in a fireman's carry!
Paisner: Balandran with West in the fireman's! He could put this away right now with the Balandriver!
Balandran has West up in the fireman’s, right about to toss West off in a samoan driver, but suddenly, West starts to shoot elbows into the side of Balandran’s neck! Striking Balandran, his grip gradually loosening until he’s forced to drop West from his shoulders!
West falls onto his hands and knees as he’s released, resting on the mat for a moment, as Balandran holds at the side of his neck in pain. Balandran manages to recover, and turns around to see West trying to push himself up, and goes over to club West’s back! Forcing him back to the ground, as he then grabs West, sets his head between his legs, and lifts him up for a powerbomb….but West reverses it into a facebuster!
Paisner: West avoiding near disaster several times! Avoiding being put away, then avoids being driver hard into the mat with a powerbomb, and now Balandran is the one on the ground hurting!
Balandran rolls around on the mat holding at his face, as he tries to push himself up, but as he does so, West runs the ropes, and comes back just as Balandran gets to a kneel to clip him in the head with a shining wizard!
Balandran is layed out flat on his face on the mat, as Cam’ron then grabs one of Balandran’s wrists, and gradually pulls the larger man up by it with both arms. West eventually gets Balandran onto his feet, letting go with one of his arms to have wrist control with soley with other, as he pulls Balandran in, and delivers a hard kick to the chest! Balandran’s chest reddening from the impact, as he falls to his knees!
West raises Balandran back up, as he pulls him in again, for another stiff kick to the chest! Balandran falling to his knees again, but West raising him back up in response, as he then pulls Balandran in for a third stiff kick to the chest! Balandran clutching at his reddened chest, falling to his knees again!
West looks out to the crowd, feeling their energy, and signals to them for even more cheers, as he takes Balandran up once more, then pulls him in for a short arm lariat! But this time, Balandran manages to duck under! His momentum carrying him through past West! West stumbles for a moment, not being prepared to hit nothing, as he regains his balance and turns around, right into Balandran tossing a wild short range lariat at him! But West himself now ducks under! Balandran’s momentum turning him around, giving West the chance to hook him from behind, lift him up, and spin him around to plant him into the mat with a Blue Thunder Bomb!
No! Kickout from Balandran!
West gets out of the kick out from Balandran, his breathing heavy, resting his hands on his knees for a moment to get some energy back, before he stands fully up, as he raises his arms to the audience to hype them up!
West puts himself against the ropes, awaiting for Balandran to make it to his feet. Balandran begins to show signs of life, using his hands to push himself up, struggling initially, but gradually getting up, and pushing himself onto his knees. Then continuing to go, eventually making his way to his feet, as West then charges Balandran, and swings with a vicious lariat! But suddenly, Balandran lifts his boot up! West running right into it before his lariat can connect, and being floored to the mat!
Balandran then drops to the mat on his hands and knees, seeming tired, his chest red and with welts all over. But eventually he manages to get up to his feet, as he gets right on West, picking him up, and with rather short range, spins around and mows through him with a discus lariat! West dropping to the mat hard!
West is limp on the mat, as Balandran picks him up again, hoists him onto his shoulders, before sending West down in front of him, and slamming him into the ground with a Samoan Driver!
Javier: Your winner via pinfall, at a time of 13:38, AUSTIN! BALANDRAN!
Ringside crew come into the ring to check on the out of it West, as Balandran forces himself onto a knee, resting shakily on it from the toll competition took on him, but still able to look upon his victory with a smug satisfaction.
Paisner: Balandran with his revenge, and handing West his first ever loss in wrestling. And this has to feel damn good for him after a lot of recent frustrations…….i’m just hoping this doesn’t embolden any of his threats against me.
Woodbridge: And this serves as a big momentum shift for both people, Balandran finally regaining it, and West as both a rookie, and an alternate universe anime boy, has to find out how to naviagate defeat.
Ringside crew help Cam’Ron out the ring, icing down his body, as Cam’ron is responsive, but too hurt and tired to fully make it out on his own. Balandran stands up, a smirk plated on his face, pushing away any ringside crew offering to ice him down out of not wanting to be touched. As he exits the ring near the commentary table, runs his hands through his hair, and flings what it now sweat rather than just water at Paisner, being exiting on his own two feet.
We open a backstage scene again, as we see Stephen Romero, now returning to the break room area. He opens the fridge to retrieve his lunch…..before realizing it is not there, it has been stolen!.
Romero: Hey! The hell?
Romero looks through the fridge one more time to make sure, moving things around to see if maybe his lunch just got shuffled, but nope, it’s gone, plain gone. Romero turns around, looking for any clues, before he sees something, in the corner, two people sitting in the corner. Those two people being Dalidus Nova, and Miles Alpha. With Romero’s lunch in Nova’s hand, as we see on the couch they’re sitting on what seems to be the trash from other lunches. Romero furrows his brow, as he walks on over to the duo, and states-
Nova: Wait, it was?
Nova looks at the plastic lid he tossed off of the tray, and sees Romero’s name scribbled on it.
Nova: Huh, it looks like it is. It also looks like I don’t really care. Especially not about the lunch of someone associated with Buster Bravado.
Romero: Yo, first that ain’t the man’s name. Don’t you say that shit especially about a man who whooped you! And obliging conversation with someone else who’s usually the initiate ain’t no damn excuse to take a man’s lunch!
Romero then reaches for the lunch Nova has eaten half of, there’s a brief tug of war that Romero seems to quickly be winning, before Alpha intervenes and pushes Romero away.
Alpha: Hey! Hey! Have you seen my man ever since we came back? He’s never not hungry, cut him some slack.
Romero: I’m 100 pounds heavier than him dickhead who’s the one here who needs the bigger meal?! Especially since he’s already got a whole bunch of fast food bags lying right next to him!
Alpha: Hey, calm down buddy. No need to make any more rash decisions here. You’re not already on our great side with your liberal crew, or friendliness with such a divisive human being as Buster when what this world needs is a collective, you don’t want to see the consequences. We’re making this promotion and world better and you’re very quickly looking like a barrier to that.
Romero: How so are you making this better? With the radical ideal of attacking and potentially injuring people backstage who’s done nothing to you? I know my goals to make this place better, i’ve no reason to trust yours.
Alpha: Saunders was knowingly acting as a pawn for a reactionary despot, there was no moral dilemma on that end. We took action cowards like you wouldn’t have the guts for.
Nova: Also this mix? It’s great, you seasoned the chicken really well, could use a few less greens though.
Romero turns away from looking at Alpha to looking at Nova as he comments that, a deeply angered expression on his face.
Romero: Don’t taunt me by commenting on my own damned food! You ba-
But suddenly, Romero is cut off, as now being out of Romero’s direct view, Alpha grabs a wooden chair close to him, and slams it over the back of Romero’s head! Instantly flooring him, and leaving him a heap on the ground! The legs of the chair breaking off, as Alpha lifts the chair above his head, then tosses it down onto Romero’s back! Making sure he’s out! Nova then stands up, and walks over to join in and stomp on Romero’s head, digging in his boot to Romero’s head. As he then spits out some of his chewed up mixed chicken/greens/pasta onto Romero.
Nova: Be careful who you ally with bud, it can be easy to find yourself on the wrong side of history.
Nova then lays in one extra stomp to the limp Romero, as he continues to eat from Romero’s lunch, as the Young Cards head out, the scene fading away.
We then return to the ring once more, where we see Paisner and Woodbridge, looking giddy at the prospect of our main event.
Paisner: Coming up next fans, it's your main event, the one you’ve all been waiting for.
We see the Tale of the Tape for Big Money Maverick vs. Mark Dutch overtake the screen for a few moments.
Woodbridge: Big Money Maverick. Mark Dutch. Two men who have had a long, storied history, and a bitter rivalry. Tonight, they meet once again, as the past few weeks have set them on a collision course that’s gonna come to a head tonight!
Paisner: At Pyramid of Blood, Mark Dutch disguised himself as a local talent to gain entry into Mav’s Big Money Invitational, and beat Maverick for his 5,000 dollar prize! Maverick would seek revenge by then savagely attacking Blackwater backstage a few weeks later, and followed that up by defeating Blackwater at Gayniversary. He would then try to brutalize Dutch’s close friend and partner once again, but Dutch came out to make the save, sending Mav in retreat!
Woodbridge: And in a few moments, there’ll be no more running, and no more hiding for either man. It’s Big Money Maverick vs. Mark Dutch, and it’s coming up next!
We cut to Javier in the ring, who has a mic in hand.
Babaganoush: The following contest is your MAIN EVENT of the evening, and it is scheduled for one fall!
Crowd: ONE FALL!!!
Babaganoush: With a 60 Minute Time Limit! Your referee is Tai Ni Wong!
The crowd cheers as Wong raises his hand up to wave at the audience. Suddenly, we hear Western Hero play over the speakers, as the crowd pops!
Mark Dutch, dressed in his regular attire, jeans, boots, and a black tank top, steps through the curtain, with no Louis Blackwater by his side. He walks alone, head held high, as he walks down the aisle, looking pumped up, as the crowd starts to chant and cheer!
Babaganoush: Introducing first, from Groningen, The Netherlands, weighing in at 237 Pounds……...MMMAAAAARRRRKKK DUUUTTTCCCHHHH!!!
Dutch stops right at the edge of the ring, and takes a deep, long breath before sliding into the ring underneath the bottom rope, and climbing up to the turnbuckles to pose for the crowd!
Paisner: And as these fans cheer Dutch, it’s important to note that this is the first time Dutch has gone into this particular singles matchup as the hero! In all of Mav and Dutch’s previous singles matches, Mav has played the hero and Dutch was the villain, but tonight the roles have been reversed, and now everybody is rooting for Dutch, myself included!
Dutch stops posing on the turnbuckles, and hops down to the mat, while his music fades away. Dutch stares at the stage intently, waiting patiently for the arrival of his longtime rival.
Mav’s theme radiates through the speakers as Big Money Maverick steps through the curtain with his back turned to the audience, and we see the portrait of Ben Franklin on the back of his entrance jacket. Mav turns to face the crowd, and he looks a bit more serious tonight, not as cocky and full of swagger like he normally is. He starts walking down the aisle as Babaganoush speaks.
Babaganoush: And his opponent, from Dallas, Texas, weighing in at 225 pounds……….BIG…..MONEY…….MAAAAVVVERRIIICKK!!
Paisner: Here comes Mav, walking down the aisle with his eyes fixated on Dutch!
Mav walks down the aisle, and stares down Dutch inside the ring as he walks. The tension between these two is palpable, and Mav walks up the ring steps and through the ropes with a very cautious energy. Mav doesn’t take his eyes off of Dutch, Dutch’s eyes remain firmly planted on Mav as well.
Woodbridge: Both these men know exactly what the other is capable of. These men are two of the best, most dangerous athletes in the game, and they each recognize that the other is a top-level competitor.
Paisner: These two men have had one of the greatest and most storied rivalries in the history of WiR, and tonight, we decide the victor in the latest chapter of their epic saga!
Mav’s music fades away as he continues to stare down Dutch from opposite corners of the ring. Both men’s eyes remain locked on each other as Tai Ni Wong checks that both men are ready to go, and calls for the opening bell!!!
Almost immediately after the bell rings, Maverick and Dutch meet in the middle of the ring, and grab ahold of each other while throwing right hands at each other’s skull!
Paisner: Here we go, Mav vs. Dutch, and this one is starting off HOT!
Woodbridge: Did we have any doubt of that?
Both men continue to throw bombs at each other, both men not wanting to give the other the early leg-up, but Dutch quickly starts getting the better of the exchange, and his shots start to send Mav backwards. Dutch grabs Big Money Mav by the arm, and bounces him off of the ropes, trying to Irish Whip him into the opposite side of ropes, but Mav counters and Irish Whips Dutch. Dutch bounces off the other set of ropes and immediately runs right into a big clothesline from Mav, sending Dutch crashing to the mat! Mav quickly drops down to a knee, and starts throwing right hands into Dutch’s face! Dutch tries to get his hands up to block some of the shots, but Big Money Mav keeps wailing away at Dutch’s face, and most of his punches find their mark!
Paisner: Big Money Mav really taking it to Dutch here!
Dutch is able to lift his arm up, and grabs Mav by the face, shoving him away and off of him for just a second. Mav takes a few steps backwards as Dutch gets back up to a vertical base, and Mav tries to catch him with a right hand, but Dutch blocks and counters with one of his own! Dutch follows up with another right hand! And another! And another!
Woodbridge: Now Dutch is starting to tee off on Mav!
Mav drops down to a knee, and hunches over, but Dutch grabs him by the chin, and lifts him back up to his feet, before catching him under the jaw with a big european uppercut! Mav stands dazed in the ring for a moment, before Dutch turns around and runs towards the ropes, rebounding off of them and catching the groggy Mav with a Running Somersault Shoulder Block!
Woodbridge: Dutch with a creative shoulder block!
Mav winces in pain, as he rolls over onto his stomach, trying to get back up to his feet. Dutch is already back up though, and grabs Mav by the head, pulling him up to a vertical base before tucking his head underneath his own arm, and lifting him up in the air, dropping him to the mat with a beautiful vertical suplex! Dutch with the cover, hooking both legs!
Mav almost immediately kicks out, barely even a 1 count. Big Money Mav tries to scramble his way up to his feet once more, and Dutch is there to meet him.Dutch grabs Mav by the arm, and Irish Whips him towards the ropes. Mav bounces off the ropes, and runs right into a Jumping Clothesline from Dutch! Dutch quickly goes for another cover!
Again, not even a 2. Mav gets the shoulder up with relative ease.
Paisner: And with these early pin attempts in the match, Dutch isn’t necessarily trying to win, he’s trying to Make Big Money Mav expend energy by kicking out.
Woodbridge: And we know that generally the longer a match goes on, the more it favors Mav. His endurance is off the charts, and he’s always got a lot to give in these big match environments.
Dutch grabs Mav by the head, and once again pulls him up to a vertical base. Dutch once again grabs Mav by the arm, looking for an irish whip, but this time Mav blocks, not allowing himself to be pulled by Dutch! Dutch thinks quickly, and kicks Mav in the gut, making Mav hunch over. Dutch then hits Mav with a clubbing axe handle to the back, which drops Mav to his hands and knees. Dutch bends over and grabs Mav by the waist, before lifting him up and dropping him with a big Wheelbarrow Suplex!
Paisner: What power from Dutch!
Mav, feeling the effects of the suplex, starts rolling himself towards the edge of the ring, rolling underneath the ropes and laying on the apron. Dutch notices Mav trying to evade him, and walks over to the ropes, leaning through the ropes to try and pull Mav back up to a vertical base. Dutch starts to pull Mav up from his prone position, but Mav quickly catches Dutch off guard with a kick right to the side of the head!
Paisner: Mav baited him in, catching Dutch with a kick as he laid down on the apron!
Dutch puts his head up to the side of his head as he continues to lean through the ropes, and Mav uses this opportunity to pull himself up to his feet, grab Dutch by the head, and drop him right onto his skull with a Rope Hung Apron DDT!
Woodbridge: What a move from Mav! Spiking Dutch right on his head on the Apron!
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2019.05.31 20:51 aaronmathews0506 ALL of the vibes as of May 31, 2019

I've been taking notes on Corporate Lunch since I started listening last year. Picking up new brands and style moves and of course, the vibes. Here are all of the ones I have as far as EPISODE 60:
  1. Our Legacy Fall ‘17
  2. Barbasol Shaving Cream
  3. Aperol Spritz
  4. eBay App
  5. Etsy (vintage clothes and rugs, https://www.beniouaraincarpet.com/)
  6. What’s Up with Stretch and Bobbito Podcast
  7. Mephisto Rainbow Comfort Shoes
  8. Massimo Alba Shirts
  9. The Grateful Dead (Cornell ‘77 Live)
  10. Olivier Rousting (“We do not allow ‘natural’ at Balmain” - Fashion as imagination and escape and fantasy)
  11. The Cactus Shop (rare cactus and dope merch, on Essex St.)
  12. Alyx Vans (Will’s first pair)
  13. Cooperate Lunch
  1. Seashell Motifs (repeating pattern or jewelry)
  2. The Beach
  3. High Tea (3/4pm)
  4. Corduroy (The Cords)
  5. Spiritualized (band)
  6. Brand New’s New Album “Science Fiction”
  7. Zipcodes
  8. Off-White Nike Vaporfly (check out Hoka 1, Japanese running shoe)
  9. Banquet Seating
  10. Eating at the Bar (service is more chill)
  11. Dark Green/Emerald Velvet Anything (walls, carpet, ceiling)
  12. Alyx Men’s (graphic tees)
  13. Referring to Your Apartment as a Condominium

  1. DIY (not having any money and making stuff)
  2. Ribbed or textured white sock (worn with a loafer)
  3. Rugs
  4. Pocket Tee (Paa - brand)
  5. The Giant Navy Blue Marina Outside the Goldman Sachs Building
  6. Polar Seltzer
  7. Stick and Poke Tattoos
  8. The Red Cross/Donating Money
  9. Millennial Slang
  10. Popular Jewelry (canal street, not for the weak of negotiation)
  11. Big Buttons
  12. Keanu Reeves/Winona Rider
  13. Women’s Humor Instagram

  1. Berets
  2. The Summer to Fall Emotions
  3. Pleated Pants
  4. Mobolaji Dawadu
  5. Florence Knoll (“the single most powerful figure in modern design” -NYT)
  6. Here and Now Podcast
  7. Doing Yoga Every Day
  8. Riding in Ubers in Silence
  9. Terry Riley (You’re Nogood)
  10. Prada Store
  11. NY Giants (football)
  12. Rihanna Fenty
  13. Ralph Lauren about his former CEO “He’s a good guy, but he didn’t understand the vision.”

  1. First time wearing boots for the season
  2. Clark’s Desert Boots
  3. Dime Skateboards
  4. Danny Fox (LA Artist)
  5. PG Tips (English Black Tea)
  6. Tekno, WizKid, Mr. Easy (Legover), Devito
  7. Epically Later’d (skate docs on Viceland)
  8. Amazing Spaces (GQ Style Architecture)
  9. Converse One Stars (Tyler’s especially)
  10. Frank’s Verse on RAF by A$AP MOB
  11. Maine
  12. Headspace App (mindfulness)
  13. Regular-ass Restaurants

  1. Coach Mike Tomlin (Didn’t leave the locker room for the Nat. Anthem)
  2. Nirvana Live at Reading 1991
  3. The Epsom Bath
  4. Mephisto Rainbow Comfort Shoes
  5. Jason Isabel Live
  6. Leopard Print Clothing
  7. Caruso (beautiful Italian clothing)
  8. Overalls
  9. Palladium Boots (Pampa Hi)
  10. Apples (farmers market, wash it, knife, slice wedges)
  11. The Texas Gentleman

  1. Jeremy Lynn’s Dreads
  2. Heated Sneaker Debates/Fashion Controversy
  3. College Football
  4. Curb Your Enthusiasm
  5. Vitsoe 606 Shelving System
  6. Ad Reinhardt (Black, Blue Paintings, Go to David Zwirner)
  7. Wide Ties (Drakes)
  8. Furry Clothes (Marni hooded pullover)
  9. Evan Kinori Corduroy
  10. Wearing the Same Thing Everyday (don’t re-wear socks/underwear)
  11. Kara Walker’s Art @ Sikkema Jenkins
  12. Unscented Laundry Detergent
  13. Willie Nelson

  1. Bathrobe (having multiple from cool hotels and resorts)
  2. The Suburbs (like beautiful small town part of city limits)
  3. Sunglasses Without the Sun (winter, subway, cloudy)
  4. Twitter over Instagram
  5. Catered Meetings
  6. The Florida Project (Sean Baker, William Dafoe (Daflow))
  7. Faded Orange
  8. Keith Mayerson @ Marlborough Contemporary Gallery (My American Dream)
  9. Adidas Shoe Collection of Dennis Busenitz
  10. Ryan McGinley’s Book “Ryan Mark”
  11. Foam Roller
  12. Have a Relationship with your Framer
  13. Taking A Long Walk (early evening, with or without someone)

  1. Levi’s Vintage Collection
  2. The Q and A Interview Format (interview compendiums)
  3. Gordes
  4. The Long Form Podcast
  5. 917 (Skate brand)
  6. Bandannas as Headbands
  7. David Byrne + Brian Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today
  8. Cactus Plant Flea Market
  9. Remove an Essential Ritual
  10. Handle Shit You’re Dreading
  11. Oofos

  1. iPhone X
  2. Vintage Flannels (Towncraft 50s and 60s)
  3. Jason Nocito zines and books
  4. Juergen Teller (Baby Ed photos, style icon)
  5. Velvet Pants (Massimo Alba specifically)
  6. Tide ToGo Stick
  7. Matching Hangers
  8. Tactical/Military Surplus/Military
  9. The Duce (HBO)
  10. Leaving the House Without Your Phone
  11. Porches - Country

  1. Strong Scents (RTH 3 Ointment, 1 Drop into jojoba oil)
  2. Self-Belt Pants
  3. Complex Con/NERD Background Dancers
  4. Snowboarding/Shredding for Real This Year
  5. Friedrich Kunath (print some shit and tape it to the wall)
  6. Engendered Garments Reversible Vest
  7. Changing Up Little Things in your Style (Rocky - Shoe Laces, Will - Watch Band)
  8. Panasonic Skate Video
  9. A Savage - Thawing Dawn

  1. Fitted New Era Caps
  2. Spa Days
  3. Dressing like Eminem on accident
  4. Rhodia Notepads and Muji Pens
  5. Pets - Porno For Pyros (on a playlist and hearing it for the first time again and adding more songs that you wish to have that experience again)
  6. Margaret Howell Knit Wear
  7. Travel Meetings (meet up with artists, designers, store owners, etc.)
  8. Regular-ass Coffee
  9. Weird Stores (something with a really specific point of view, EX: Timbuktu on 2nd street)
  10. Support Your Local Retail (C’H’C’M’)
  11. Spiritual Jazz (Salah Ragab, John Coltrane, Pharaoh Sanders --> The Creator Has a Master Plan)

  1. Miami (Art Basel, Energy, The Standard Hotel)
  2. San Fransisco
  3. Double Knee Pants (Carhartt, Engineered Garments)
  4. WKZSC 88.1 (College Radio at US Santa Cruz - Setlist: Dinosaur Jr. “Don’t,” Sonic Youth “Burning Spear,” Parquet Courts “Stoned and Starving,” The Sugar Cubes “Birthday,” The Talking Heads “Nothing But Flowers”
  5. Healthknit Deadstock Vintage Tees (look on eBay, still alive in Japan)
  6. LDS WORLD PEACE - Joe Roberts
  7. Kabocha Squash
  8. Paddy Melt
  9. Burgundy Socks
  10. In Fiore (maker of beauty products, body balms, solid perfumes)
  11. Buying All of Your Socks and Underwear in Europe (family run shop)
  12. PBS American Masters Podcast

  1. Radical Honesty (being super clear with others)
  2. Reckless Social Media Habits
  3. The Color Blue
  4. “Good Time” (wild Robert Paterson film)
  5. Atlanta College Football/Stadium Hot Dogs and Nachos
  6. Yoga Toes (Feels good on your feet!)
  7. Double RL Thermal (Waffle Knit)
  8. Fabric Brush (Redecker Cashmere and Wool Fabric Brush)
  9. Joan Didion: The Center Will Not Hold (Netflix Documentary)
  10. Kijima Takayuki (Japanese quality hat maker)
  11. Buying gifts for friends, sig. others, and colleagues (maybe get a bunch of the same things and hand them out)
  12. Lean into the Holidays (do all the cheesy stuff)

  1. Uniqlo Long Johns (HEAT TECH)
  2. Short Stories (Barry Hannah [Airships], Alice Munro, Wells Tower [Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned])
  3. Buying CDs in a destination for a car trip and keeping them in rotation for the duration of the trip
  4. Shazam!!!!
  5. Trust Your Gut (don’t let people convince you otherwise)
  6. Just Start Doing Things (begin something and figure out how to keep it going, COMMIT THROUGH ACTION)
  7. Shazam Anytime Anywhere
  8. Latkes
  9. Scarves
  10. Get Some Tailormade (Go somewhere where your dollar goes far)
  11. Weird Collabs Between Brands
  12. Pierre Bourne - “Blessings”
  13. Noah Johnson is a DAD!

  1. Sneakers of 2017 (Converse One Star of all kinds and JW glitter, New Balance x Stussy, Nike, Adidas, Vuitton, RAF, Balenciaga)
  2. Chevrolet (vintage especially)
  3. Marni
  4. An Arsenal of Coats
  5. Rick Owens
  6. Date Night, Go See To the Cinema
  7. Dudes Wearing Little Bags (get a bag that’s a little uncomfy)
  8. Holiday Cards (the old fashioned way)
  9. Collecting Hotel stationery (write a note and put it in a blank envelope)
  10. Embrace Change. Accept Change.

  1. Everybody Wearing Winter Coats
  2. Packing for the Weather
  3. Dress Scarves
  4. OVO Piolet Jacket
  5. Bode (Emily Adams Bode’s new brand, 1 of a kind using vintage fabrics)
  6. Snow Shoeing
  7. Ghetto Brothers - “Power Fuerza”

  1. Going to Concerts Alone
  2. Flat, NY Style Coffee Lids
  3. The Experience of a Restaurant
  4. Awards Season
  5. Mixing Navy and Black

  1. Versace x 2 Chains - The Link Sneaker
  2. Anitomica (vintage style, tough environment, euro-militaristic)
  3. Missoni Men’s Wear (the thing about fashion is it is important to find someone that can make something that is induplicatable???)
  4. Drake - “God’s Plan”
  5. Prada Badge Holders
  6. Don’t Let the Bellmen Take Your Bags, Take the Bags Up Yourself, FIRST THING YOU DO: Unpack the Entire Bag
  7. NYC Clout Corridor

Episode 20:
  1. Arc’teryx Leaf
  2. O-Ring Leather Belt
  3. Mr. Mort (Mordechai Rubinstein)
  4. Peaky Blinders
  5. Upper-Body Strength (rock climbing)
  6. Shearling Vests
  7. Never Talk To Me About My Clothes
  8. The Daily Bag - Which Bag? (Noah: No Bag! OR unstructured tote)
  9. The Nine Club (2 Hour Skate Interviews)
  10. “Do you listen or do you wait to talk?” -Uma Thurman in PULP FICTION

  1. Going to the Dentist
  2. The Westminster Dog Show
  3. Boiling Point 1990 Japanese Film (incredible style)
  4. Ombre Pattern
  5. GQ’s March Cover (feat. Timotheé Chalamet)
  6. Outer Space
  7. USA Olympic Snowboard Team Uniform (NASA logo)
  8. Louis Vuitton Archlights
  9. Men Wearing Women’s Sneakers
  10. Feme Bots (synthetic influencers)

  1. Prince - “Sometimes It Snows In April” (Frank should cover thisssss)
  2. Turnstile’s New Album (hardcore band)
  3. Elliott Smith - “XO”
  4. Give Matthew Williams (Alyx) a Major House (speaks to this generation without pandering)
  5. The Sultans of Twang (country music artists in GQ STYLE)
  6. Jennifer Lawrence Vanity Fair Cover (well-under produced)
  7. 7 Seconds (Netflix high-intensity drama)
  8. Pierced Ears
  9. Grailed.com
  10. Nike SB’s Skate Shoes for Women

  1. The Color Purple
  2. Sleep (a state of consciousness)
  3. Palace (Freeskate Mag interviewed the founder)
  4. Lucas (friend of the pod/fashion student in Milan)
  5. Fishing Vests
  6. Gathering Around the Record Player
  7. Walk Away When You Know You’re Going to Get a Bad Haircut
  8. GUTS (having a constant dialogue with your gut)

  1. Blundstones
  2. Fuck Winter Era (late winter)
  3. Supreme Zip Sweaters
  4. Can’t Deal With Sneakers and Suits
  5. Buy Book Recs Instantly on Amazon Prime (then there’s a stack of good books — “Pachinco” by Minjin Lee, “Asymmetry,” “A Kind of Miraculous Paradise” by Sandra Allen (schizophrenic uncle’s memoir with add-in’s from Sandra Allen))
  6. Framed Posters from eBay (AI Friedman’s framing section)

  1. Sam Hine’s Promotion
  2. Josh Archer (got Noah the fishing vest)
  3. David Hicks (British interior designer)
  4. Get Cherry Tree Branches at NYC Plant Stores (late March, put some in water, they blossom, it’s fucking dope)
  6. Acronym Nike Vapor Max
  7. New Pair of Re-Worked Carhartt Painter’s Pants (from RTH in LA)
  8. Spike Jones’ “Goldfish” by Girl Skateboards
  9. The Grateful Dead - “The Other One”

  1. Color
  2. Ice Cream (Van Leeuwen's)
  3. Up Size (stop tailoring denim and vintage tees)
  4. Incense Store on Manhattan Ave ($2 for a box, check out Kumba)
  5. Go Hard in the Paint. Go All the Way. (no beaters, only Jawns)
  6. Gosha Rubchinsky
  7. Seasonally Appropriate (Mordechai’s wool beret in the winter)

  1. Corduroy Lined Pockets
  2. The Return of Scott Sternberg (former Band of Outsiders head, now starting Entireworld)
  3. Shorts (Patagonia Baggies, YG - Cut-off jean shorts, white socks, and hard bottoms)
  4. Gosha’s Cryptic Instagram Message
  5. Diet Prada
  6. Return of Kanye West
  7. Sies Marjean’s New Collection

  1. @earlboykins (corporate lunch t-shirt)
  2. Garment Sprays (cologne for a fabric)
  3. Pedicure (foot rub, self-care, etc.)
  4. Callie Thornehill Nyewgn @caramelbobby
  5. Trilogy Tapes (British record label)
  6. Recent Vintage Rap (Dipset, Fabo, Pastor Troy, etc.)
  7. Big Boi’s Social Media Feed (music recs)
  8. Mount Washington in New Hampshire (climb it)
  9. Our Legacy Zipping Shirt

  1. 7” Inseam for shorts
  2. Leon Bridges’ Sophomore Album
  3. Sam Hine’s Affordable Footwear Article
  4. “Billions”
  5. Sleep - “The Sciences” (good for concentration)
  6. Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!!
  7. The Buick Grand National

  1. All-Plant-Based Diet (vegan, but not)
  2. Chrysler Sebring Convertible (forest green)
  3. Bringatrailer.com
  4. Parasol
  5. Converse Skate Video “Purple”
  6. World Cup

  1. Harmless Harvest (coconut water)
  2. David Lynch’s Disrupt Festival
  3. KTUH U of Hawaii Radio Station
  4. Kerry James Marshall Sold a Painting to Diddy
  5. The Return of Andre 3000
  6. “Ornery” A New Yorker Profile of Merle Haggard (a story about his surfing partner)
  7. Hockey’s New Video With Andrew Allen
  8. Arctic Monkey’s New Album
  9. MGMT’s New Album

  1. The Group Text (the skate group text)
  2. Loafers
  3. The Bass Wejuns Two-Tone Loafer
  4. Go Maximum at the Beach
  5. Cartier Crash
  6. The Donk (@donkplanet, 1971-1976 Chevy Caprese or Impala)
  7. “New Light” - John Mayer
  8. Dapper Dan

  1. Aquarium Drunkard (music blog, good shit, real heads)
  2. @heavyhymns Michael Hens’ Collages
  3. Every Day Oil (internet oil company)
  4. Drag City Records Now Streaming (Will Oldham)
  5. Tierra Whack - “Whack World”
  6. “Don’t think about making art, just get it done. Let everyone else decide whether it’s good or bad. While they are deciding to make even more art.” -Kerry James Marshall
  7. Tony Hawk

  1. The Rowing Machine
  2. Milan, Italy
  3. Kanye West Going to an Idaho Thrift Store and Bought 13 Trash Bags of Clothes
  4. Marni
  5. “I’m talking about control and chaos and everything, yes, but in my personal life, I’m looking for a balance between responsibility, well-being, and extreme hedonism. And I think there is a way of balancing that out. Responsibility doesn’t mean you’re uptight and hedonism doesn’t mean that you’re evil. The Birkenstock adds this nice placid serene feeling of well-being and liberalism. It’s like taking muesli with your ecstasy.” - Rick Owens
  6. The Return of Kid Cudi
  7. The Casti Burger at La Castiglione (Paris)
  8. Shorts (at fashion shorts in the city

  1. Fueguia (smells like geraniums, have a store in SoHo)
  2. Street Style Photographers Tommy Ton, Phill O., Dan Roberts
  3. Summertime White Pants and White Jeans
  4. Inouk - “No Danger” (Amen Dunes New Album)
  5. Abasi Rosborough
  6. Don’t Use Blackout Curtains
  7. Deadstock/Deadstock Fabric (look for it, check out Bode)

  1. Mid90s
  2. Retro-Vans (circle with v)
  3. LQQK Studios
  4. The Hoka Recovery Slides
  5. “Death of a Once-Great American City” (Harpers Magazine article)
  6. Oppressive Summer Heat
  7. California Closets
  8. Summer Blueberries
  9. Pies and Thighs (NYC pie shop)

  1. All White Off-White x Nike Presto
  2. Toby Nwigwe - “I’M DOPE”
  3. Winnie the Pooh (the tao of pooh)
  4. The Great Frog London (jewelry shop)
  5. Missoni x Larose Bucket Hat
  6. Ken Burns: Vietnam
  7. Summer Vacation Boredom (let yourself get bored)
  8. Sam’s New Haircut

  1. Haider Ackerman Story
  2. Heirloom Tomato Sandwich
  3. The Vitamix
  4. Secession
  5. Affix (new brand, Steven Mann)
  6. RTH Poplin Shirt
  7. Full Track Suits

  1. San Francisco
  2. Doing Things Your Own Way
  3. Smashing Through
  4. Ankles (show them)
  5. Own Black Oxford and them

  1. Gillian Welch (Americana singe/ April the 14th pt. 1, I wanna sing that rock and roll, I dream a highway, everything is free, look at miss Ohio, wrecking ball)
  2. Robyn - Honey
  3. Will’s Watches
  4. Pharrell’s Pants (dickies industrial relaxed fit/human-made hacked off about 8” chino)
  5. The coming issue of GQ STYLE
  6. Justin Bieber eating a burrito sideways (trying something outside of the norm)
  7. blankets
  8. T Magazine’s Alessandro Michele Profile
  9. Pro-biotics (yogurt, kombucha)
  10. Spicy Village (steamed dumplings)

  1. Cats of Tel-a-Viv
  2. Sexy Central Park Duck
  3. “In A Lonely Place” by Dorothy B. Eues (noir: check out as well Jim Thompson)
  4. Sci-Fi/Fantasy (brand)
  5. Ohad Bennit’s Lamps (moonflower lamps - https://www.meromi.studio)
  6. Stevie Nicks - “Wild Heart” (youtube clip)

  1. Kimono
  2. Over-sized
  3. Corduroy (wide well)
  4. Music when you walk into a bathroom
  5. Flush sound button
  6. The peace sign
  7. Bowing (3 times)
  8. LL Bean Shammies

  1. 13 Vibes
  2. Bad Santa
  3. Billy Bob Thornton
  4. Mandy (Nick Cage film)
  5. Merry Christmas Lil Mama (Chance and Jeremiah)
  6. We are living in a GOLDEN AGE of Socks and Hosiery (fine cotton, knee-high socks from Drakes, inappropriate socks for the formality, make people confused)
  7. The Nike Dry Fit (the greatest sock ever)
  8. Joshua Vogel (wood crafter and artist)
  9. Vogel's black wooden stools
  10. Time Crisis (Ezra Koenig’s podcast)
  11. Contra by Vampire Weekend

  1. Tom Sachs Nike’s
  2. George Cox Creepers (Comme des Garcons x George Cox)
  3. “The Ballad of Buster Scruggs” (Cohen Brothers film)
  4. 2018 Skate Videos (“We Blew It At Some Point” Polar, “Purple” Converse, “Roll Up” GX1000, “Blessed” Supreme)
  5. Album of the year: Amen Dunes “Freedom”
  6. Movie of the Year: “Mandy” (feat. Nick Cage)
  7. TV Program of the year: Ken Burns’s Vietnam
  8. The Great Holiday Escape (Dec. 26 LEAVE NYC, go somewhere weird)
  9. More Change

  1. Steven Yin’s 2019 NYC Fashion Week Issey Miyake fit
  2. Layering from light to dark
  3. Latte Art
  4. Dressing for the month
  5. Baker Pants (military pants)
  6. Moire Silk
  7. Men in pearls
  8. Seashells
  9. Chef’s Hats/Shirts

  1. Sweater Bow (sleeves of hoodie tied around the neck and under armpit across chest)
  2. Lorod (New Brand)
  3. Marc Jacobs Feb 2019 fits (pants!)
  4. Sies Marjan
  5. Hobbies
  6. Sending emails that exist solely in the subject line
  7. Iridescence
  8. Men’s Hair Accessories (barrette)
  9. Butterflies (butterfly gold chain)
  10. Personal Shoppers
  11. Terry Cloth Shorts (faded color, oversized)

  1. Exotic Fruit (pomegranates and figs)
  2. GQ Style Spring Issue
  3. The Redding ‘92 (Kurt Cobain's hair cut at Reading show)
  4. Vanilla
  5. LVMH Prize
  6. Good Wear (great blank tees)
  7. White Turtle necks
  8. Cafe Forgot (traveling pop-up shop)
  9. Socks with Sandals
  10. Vince Staples (specifically his take on Obama’s jacket)
  11. gunna’s drip or down 2 cover art

  1. Adidas Samba (black, white stripe, regular tongue, gold stamp)
  2. British Novels
  3. Cowboys

  1. Press Conferences (need a comeback)
  2. Goldman Sachs New Dress Code
  3. Marylin Manson (went to an Oscars after party with Adrian Brody)
  4. Hugh Grant being confused
  5. Fireplaces
  6. Bells (service bells, under desk bells, dinner bells)

  1. Jake Phelps (editor of thrasher mag)
  2. Quilted Fabrics
  3. Claritin
  4. Marin

  1. La Sportiva (Solomon type shoes)
  2. Poncho, no sleeves
  3. Bottomless Brunch
  4. Jason Dill
  5. Bonnie Raitt
  6. Public Practice (Punk Project)
  7. Tropical Wool (Noah wants a TW Suit)

  1. Kastle Editions (makes one kind of coat very well)
  2. Issey Miyake - Pleats Please
  3. Amiacalva bags
  4. Alexandra Sojfer Umbrellas
  5. A$AP Nast X Converse
  6. Jacques Marie Mage Sunglasses
  7. Caspari Napkins (dope napkins)
  8. The Return of Lil Uzi Vert
  9. Ball and Cone
  10. Peter Reed Linens
  11. Rachel’s “Everything in Fashion is Either Giant or Tiny”
  12. Vintage Mountain Bikes (90s)
  13. Line Sander (deadstock fabric fashions)

  1. Silk Shirts (Supreme’s are great Our Legacy’s are best)
  2. Princess Diana (tuck jeans or sweatpants into cowboy boots)
  3. Bianca Saunders (leather jacket)
  4. Open As Usual (London store, tees and sweats)
  5. Holland and Holland (British country clothes)
  6. Kerwin Frost

  1. Chacos
  2. Iced Cortado
  3. Ashley Williams (female streetwear)
  4. The Broken Record Podcast
  5. Ruth Bater Ginsberg
  6. Eden Power Corp (brand for environmental protection)
  7. La Lane (French furniture designers)
  8. Lumbar support pillows
  9. Classic Hits (new LA store, owned by Come Tees owner)
  10. New Balance 990 V5 (same as V4)

  1. Frozen Drinks (margarita, piña colada)
  2. Diane Ketan’s Instagram
  3. Pratt’s Fashion Program

  1. Toddler Core
  2. Jordan 11 (Golf Shoes)
  3. Manicures
  4. Sonicare Electric Toothbrush
  5. Budweiser

  1. Bike Commuting
  2. Harry Styles’ Met Gala Earing
  3. Jeremy O’Harris’ Met Gala Cigarette Holder
  4. Noguchi (lamps and museum)
  5. Men With Long Beautiful Hair

  1. Bob Dylan’s Theme Time Radio Hour (Sirius XM radio show)
  2. Keanu Reeves on a T-Shirt that Sam is wearing
  3. Sale Season
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2019.04.14 17:23 Arceroth Tides of Magic; Chapter XXXVI

Chapter Select
“Only the three of you,” the old woman said as the party made their way towards the small shack, motioning to Hal, Diana and Ash, “another will follow anyways, you won’t get anything though.”
Exchanging some confused glances Hal lead the way into the hut, followed by his two companions and Chris who seemed to refuse to be left out. Considering the old woman had mentioned another following Hal decided to drop it. This was aided by the old woman opening a trap door and walking down a steep wooden staircase, gesturing for the players to follow her.
The cellar, for lack of a better word, was larger than the building it was beneath. Two stories down with only a single narrow staircase leading down it was lit by a plethora of candles though a larger fire flickered around a corner beyond what looked like a store room.
“Don’t touch anything,” the old woman barked without turning and leading the party out into a large underground forge room. A man, at least as old as the woman leading them worked at an anvil, hitting some slab of metal with a curiously shaped hammer. His face was covered in small burns, at least one finger was missing from his right hand and what remained of his hair was grey with ash and soot. Despite his age he was still in quite good shape, bringing the large hammer down in a regular beat with practiced swings, hints of a mass of muscle hidden beneath a ragged leather apron.
“Those adventurers from the flying castle arrived,” she said, interrupting his work.
“Oh, these ones actually showed,” the man replied with a glare at her, “or is this a different flying castle?”
“They promised to handle the creepers in exchange-.”
“Actually, we already did that,” Diana interrupted.
“Damnit woman,” the old man half bellowed, “can’t you at least get your events straight?”
“At least I got something out of them!” she yelled back, “you’d have just given them weapons and left us to deal with the damn creepers.”
“We’d be more than happy to pay,” Hal said, trying to stop the shouting.
“You think I work for money young man?” The smith replied, “if I did, I’d have a damn sight better home than this hole.”
“If you worked your way you wouldn’t even have that!” the woman replied.
“I also wouldn’t have to listen to this bat.”
“This bat,” she mocked, “is the reason you’re still alive.”
“Did we come at a bad time?” Diana asked, looking visibly uncomfortable. Ash was cowering behind her while Chris tried to meld into the shadows of the hallway.
“It’s a fine time deary,” the woman replied, reaching over and grabbing Hal’s wrist and pulling him forward, “have you gotten your weapon yet?”
“I have this,” Hal motioned to his claymore.
“That’s not your weapon,” she chided, unbuckling the scabbard from his back and throwing it into a corner, “you shouldn’t steal from your knights.”
“Sir Owen is dead.”
“Did that happen already,” she paused for a moment then shrugged, “no matter, still not your weapon. You finish his weapon yet?”
“It’s been done for months you old hag!” the smith replied, grabbing an object from a shelf, pulling out the unmistakable shape of a great sword in a leather sheath.
“Ain’t my fault they’re late!”
“Ignore her,” the older man said, motioning Hal over, and holding out the weapon. By itself the handle was gorgeous, even with the makeshift sheath. A handle wrapped in leather connected a silver pommel that held a small blue gem of some kind to a cross guard of steel chased in the same silver. Either side of the guard swept outwards elegantly like the wing of a bird made metal, with a pair of metal flanges followed the blade up through a short ricasso that came into view as the smith drew the blade.
The blade itself was beyond whatever Hal had seen previously, a core of steel darker than night filled out the bottom of a wide, shallow fuller. The dark metal glittered as it moved giving an illusion of swirling energy contained within through a thousand flickering stars. The edges came into view a hands breath from the guard, made of a lighter steel that contrasted strongly against the midnight sky black of the core. As the weapon continued to emerge from the sheath it seemed like a blue light was moving in waves up and down the edge, discoloring the metal ever so slightly with a magical ting that you could only see out of the corner of your eye, and vanished when you turned your focus to it. A series of flowing runes were engraved into the dark metal of the blade’s core, filled with a bright shining silver that mimicked the glittering stars seemingly trapped in the weapon.
“This is Spero-Arcanis,” the smith said as the twin edges of the blade smoothly swept together as the elegant tip of the weapon emerged from the makeshift sheath, “a core of Abs-steel with an edge of Arcinite, it can both store and discharge an enormous amount of arcane power without breaking. In addition, the blade grows harder and sharper the stronger the magical strength of the wielder.”
“Arcinite and Abs-steel should destroy each other when they touch,” Chris said in the background.
“Should, yes,” the smith agreed, holding out the handle of the weapon for Hal, “I imagine no other weapon made from both metals has ever or will ever be made again.”
“Wouldn’t have been possible without me,” the old woman muttered in the background.
Hal carefully took the weapon from the smith, he was certain that the moment he touched it the energy within the dark core began to spin faster but considering how hard it was to even determine if the movement was real or imagined he didn’t know. Taking it in both hands he shifted it back and forth, marveling at how light it was. Despite being nearly four feet long from guard to point it was lighter than the old hand-and-a-half he’d wielded after his first encounter in the west vales.
“Move,” the old woman said, pushing Hal out of the way, “you don’t have all day and we still have two more weapons to hand out.”
Diana was next as the man pulled a staff from another shelf of his worktable. It was primarily made of a metal the color of soft bronze, several red gems set into a head piece the shape of a brazier. A collection of twigs and branches seemed to be stuffed into the staff head, but despite their hap hazard appearance they didn’t shift at all as the mage gently took the weapon. As soon as she touched it a pulse of red energy seemed to race up and down the staff from where she made contact. A massively complicated pattern of runes and sigils was momentarily revealed by the light before fading once again into a featureless bronze surface. There was a noticeable pop and hiss as the branches within the staff’s brazier head caught fire and soon a small flame flickered within the metal cage.
“This is Spero-Pyris, it’s made from-.” The old man started only to be interrupted by his partner.
“She doesn’t care,” the woman turned to Diana, “all you need to know is the head is filled with branches of the divine brush, it will never go out or need refilling. Now move, we got one more.”
Chris started to step forward but the old woman grabbed Ash instead, ignoring the shocked look of the champion.
“Those other two were for fun,” the old woman explained as she pushed the paladin to the front, the smith searching through piles of junk on his worktable, “but yours was the most important.”
“Is,” the smith corrected, reaching between the workbench and wall to scrabble for something, “is the most important, will be, is not yet.”
“Shut it!”
“She doesn’t know past from future,” the man continued regardless, pulling something out of the space between the wall, “had this one laying around years now because of that. Kept telling me it was the last weapon I’ll ever forge.”
“And it will be if you don’t shut it!” the woman screeched, snatching the object from the smith before Hal could get a good look at it. She took a moment to brush off whatever it was before turning and presenting it to Ash. It was a shield, three feet from top to bottom and half that in width at the widest. Glimmering silvered steel shone under the candle light, despite a good portion of dust that had built up on it, a chased gold starburst had been worked into the front, the rays reaching out to every edge of the shield. As Ash took it from her it seemed to glow with a golden light, momentarily filling the entire underground smithy with divine light before fading.
“That is Spero-Solis,” the smith grumbled as the woman handed over his life’s work.
“When even the light of the sun fails, this will protect what is dear to you,” the old seer said as the paladin took the shield.
“My turn?” Chris said as the young man walked back towards the entrance to the underground looking at the shield.
“No,” the woman said, making motions for everyone to leave, “no one else matters in the end.”
“She means you all already have good weapons,” the smith corrected hastily, rolling his eyes.
“I mean they’ll probably get new weapons without anyone noticing,” the seer dismissed, herding everyone towards the exit, “now get out and cull the creepers like you promised.”
“You old bat, they already did that!”
“Bah,” she growled, “I’m sure there is something they have to do that they haven’t done yet. Like wonder if I can really see the future or am just making this up.”
“Been doing that this whole time,” Hal admitted.
“Then do it later!” she barked, shoeing everyone up the steep staircase despite continued protests from Chris. As the group emerged from the small shack continued shouting between the two who lived there echoing up from the basement, but Hal couldn’t make out any particulars.
“New weapons?” Isabella asked, being the first to notice them.
“For some of us at least,” Hal replied, “more than I was expecting if I’m honest. But it means that everyone at least has a magic weapon again.”
“Mine hardly counts,” Croft said, looking at his small mace and comparing it to Hal’s newest blade, “you’ve gone through three swords since I’ve gotten this.”
“There’s still a few towns between here and the old hidden star headquarters. Worse case you can teleport with Diana to Litsen and buy new weapons.”
“Easy for you to say,” Chris grumbled, walking past the group towards where the lift waited, “you got a legendary sword.”
“Weren’t you the one complaining that I didn’t have a magical weapon?” Hal asked.
“I say we all go back and demand weapons for all of us,” the champion replied, “not like the two of them could stop us.”
“Ya, no. We’re not going to threaten an old couple for weapons.”
“You may be a king but I’m not one of your subjects, I don’t have to listen to you.”
“Fine, do as you want, but Prometheus is leaving with or without you.”
“Chris,” Theo jumped in, trying to be the calming voice once more, “let’s go, you already have the highest-level weapon of our group.”
Hal wasn’t waiting around, him and almost everyone else was moving back towards the lift. Only Malcom and Shyla hesitated, after seeing Alessandro and Theo both moving towards the lift he gave up and stomped over, spending the entire ride up grumbling.
“I have a question,” Theo spoke up as the lift settled into the metal cradle on the wall of castle Prometheus, “why do you have a gate on a flying castle?”
“Oh, it’s a hold over,” Hal explained as the group began to disperse, Chris stomping off towards the hall where his group was staying while the rest of Hal’s party made their way to their own towers. Diana met Hal’s eyes for a moment before glancing at the top of the central tower and walking off.
“Needed an access way for when the castle was still under construction,” he continued, his mind slowly turning back to what he was going to say to Diana, “not much point in removing it.”
“Oh,” the swashbuckler replied simply, “I thought there was like a boarding ramp or something cool.”
“I…. no,” Hal stuttered, his train of thought suddenly derailed, “could it really be that simple?”
“Biggest issue with a sky keep is moving people and goods between it and the ground,” Hal spoke rapidly, “I’ve been working on a design for a cargo lift but… a ramp would be so much easier. I never even thought of that. We could just march people on or off, roll goods up on carts or whatever we need. And it’s cheaper than a lift.”
“You engineers are weird,” Theo laughed, “glad I could lift your spirits.”
“Shouldn’t you save the puns for combat?”
“I’m always inclined to make puns whenever, and they’re just ramping up now.”
“Oh god, I’m leaving,” the knight groaned, breaking off towards the main keep as the other man laughed behind him. He grabbed a bottle of wine and a couple mugs from the kitchen before heading up to the top of his tower. By the time he got there Diana was already waiting, looking off into the night sky.
“Great minds think alike,” Hal commented, placing his bottle of wine next to the one Diana had brought up. Pouring himself a small amount he took a seat next to the mage and spent a moment relaxing, taking a sip of the wine. She hadn’t responded to him, so he was happy to wait for her to feel ready to talk.
“I’m not a psychopath,” she said softly after a few minutes of sitting and enjoying the night breeze, “at least, I don’t want to be.”
“You aren’t,” Hal reassured her.
“I like hurting people,” she countered, “I don’t know why, but it’s fine if it’s enemies. That’s what I tell myself anyways. Just don’t ask me to hurt you or anyone I care about.”
“Did you enjoy hitting me with your storm earlier?”
“No, but-.”
“You’re afraid if you keep doing it you might?”
“Well, I’m not really into SnM but-.”
“Not that kind of pleasure,” she snapped, then sighed an explained, “it’s more… satisfaction that I have control over someone else. I can hurt them, and they can’t hurt me. I don’t know, it’s hard to explain.”
“Not exactly something I can throw cliches at again,” the knight admitted, earning a glare from the mage.
“I was bullied a lot growing up,” she continued, returning her gaze to the stars, “I think that’s where I got it from, no one helped. My dad was a drunk and my mom couldn’t stand up for herself. He didn’t hurt me or her, he just… didn’t care.”
“And you found the only way to stop them from hurting you was to hurt them first?” Hal finished, to which she nodded, looking at her feet.
“You’re not a bully, in fact I might be,” she paused and swallowed another sip of wine, “but I don’t want to be a sadist, I don’t want to feel good hurting people I like.”
“I don’t think you will,” Hal responded, “you hurt people to protect yourself, but I would never hurt you intentionally. None of the group would. So you don’t need to protect yourself from us.”
“I know but…”
“Small steps,” the knight said, taking her hand in one of his, “if you feel the same way about me as I do about you, then trust that feeling. You want to hurt enemies, and, like you said, I’m the furthest thing from.”
“I just…”
“We can take it slow, I believe you’ll be fine. We can work to get you to believe it too.”
She didn’t respond but tightened her grip on his hand and took another sip of wine. For several long minutes neither of them spoke, watching the stars slowly move across the sky while enjoying each other’s presence. It was hard for Hal to sit there, he wanted to do something to reassure her, to fix what was wrong. But he knew there was no easy fix, not to problems that ran that deep.
“Oh god,” Diana groaned, finally ending the extended silence, “everyone now thinks I’m a sadist or something.”
“I’m sure they don’t think any less of you.”
“But how am I going to face them now?”
“Get drunk enough to forget what happened?” Hal offered.
“We can’t get drunk in here, remember?”
“I’m up to try anyways if you are.”
“That looks stupidly over powered,” Theo commented as the top half of the wooden training dummy landed on the ground with a thud. Hal could only nod as he inspected the clean cut his sword had made.
“From what the identify told me it scales with both strength and spellpower,” Hal replied, “it also stores an amount of energy when used to parry that is automatically discharged on the next attack.”
“You said it was made from both Abs-steel and Arcinite?” the swashbuckler asked, “both were rare metals in tides Ulyssar.”
“And coastlands if I remember correctly,” Hal agreed, “you couldn’t create anything with both materials though.”
“I can’t remember any lore reason for that, but Chris insists it shouldn’t be possible. He was complaining all night about not getting a weapon.”
“He had the most powerful weapon previous to us getting these,” replied the knight, settling in front of the remaining half of a training dummy to take another swing.
“Maybe second to Alessandro’s, sword saint weapons level with them apparently. But ya, his was the most expensive. My sword is one step up from ‘weak magical aura.’”
“We should fix that,” Hal agreed, stepping and stabbing the remaining torso of the dummy, his sword gliding through the wood like it was made of butter, “If you hadn’t noticed my guild is kinda loaded, any requests?”
“I need a rapier or saber to use my abilities,” Theo replied as Hal pulled his weapon free, “but I’m not worried about that, I’m afraid Chris will do something stupid to try and… prove his gaming cred as it were.”
“If he’s been the leader of your party, and kept most of you alive this long he’s done quite well,” Hal replied, inspecting the stab wound in the dummy.
“I happen to agree, not everyone can find and exploit something in game. But apparently that’s not good enough for him.”
“Any suggestions?”
“Not really,” Theo admitted, “ideally we’d give him some position of authority, but if you give him anything he’ll only resent it and more proof he’s not good enough.”
“Mmm, let’s go see if Theylin is done with my new sheath,” Hal said after a moment’s thought, motioning towards the small smithy, “she insisted that I not use the sheath the smith gave me, apparently it wasn’t fitting for a king nor a legendary sword.”
“It was rather crude for such a weapon.”
“As for Chris, everything here we’ve more or less made ourselves,” Hal continued as they began walking across the courtyard, “as you said simply giving him something wouldn’t work, any way you could get him to accomplish something similar? I’d been happy to support you guys within reason.”
“Right now he’s just moping, unlikely to get anything done,” Theo replied.
“Sounds like he needs a kick in the butt.”
“He’s a competitive type, maybe a rival?”
“I’m not a good choice for that, too far beyond him… in his mind anyways.”
“I don’t know who would-,” Theo was interrupted as a dark shadow passed over the pair before landing with a thump in front of them on the granite walkway. Isabella pulled on the reins of a large hippogriff to turn him to face the pair, smiling widely and waving.
“There you are, I got something for you!” She announced, jumping from the back of the large animal which Hal now recognized as Escanor. The beast master motioned to the beast as it lifted its head as though to look down its beak at Hal and Theo, “your new mount.”
“Don’t you have to hunt and kill a great beast before you can give out mounts?” Hal asked.
“Apparently the abberant thing last night counted,” she replied, pushing the reins into the knight’s hands, “I can give dire beast mounts to ‘a number of guild members equal to my level, plus one for each active member of the guild court.’”
“Which gives us twenty mounts to give out after the court,” Hal said.
“Yup, was thinking of giving two to your Promethium knights, two to Ash’s knights and one for each of Theo’s group,” Isabella said, “assuming they’re willing to join the guild, can’t give mounts to non-guild members.”
“That still leaves us with, what, a dozen open mount slots?”
“Ish,” she agreed, “I could give more to your and Ash’s order of knights, but not sure how often they’d realistically use that many flying mounts.”
“What about starting an order of flying knights?”
“I have enough on my hands with managing the stables as is,” the beast master said.
“Are you thinking what I’m thinking Theo?” Hal asked, glancing at the other man, who was carefully petting the hippogriff.
“Issue is you can’t just give him the knights, hand outs will only make him resent you more,” the swashbuckler replied, earning a confused glance from Isabella.
“I’m not planning to just give the position away,” the knight smiled, “I think we need to hold a tourney for the position of lord of this new knightly order. Winner leads the group, runner up is the officer, top five or so are offered positions to join.”
“Give what to who?” Isabella asked, looking between the two men.
“I’d like to welcome everyone to the first tourney of the vales,” Hal announced with all the kingly confidence he could fake, trying to ignore the thousands of eyes on him in the massive wooden stadium that had been constructed for the event. It had taken about a week to organize the event, which was rather remarkable for how well it was coming together. Diana had ensured that word had reached every major town in the young kingdom, drawing well over a hundred participants for the various events. Archers, knights, arms men, all were lined up in the center of the arena, looking quite impressive in various colors of tabard and styles of armor. It had taken quite a bit of pushing to allow anyone to join in the melee and jousting, which were apparently supposed to be for nobles only. In the end it had taken a promise that Gordon’s Hope would bankroll the event to get the barons to grudgingly agree.
“As you all may have heard by now the guild of Gordon’s Hope is looking to sponsor a new order of knights to join us in the fight against the Legion,” he continued, focusing on remembering his lines rather than being the center of attention. His voice easily boomed through the stadium thanks to a simple spell, overpowering the various reactions to his mentioning of the Legion, “Therefore I shall announce now that the grand prize of the tourney shall be the lord officer position of this new order. For you wondering why we would go to such lengths for a simple knightly order, allow me to introduce the mounts you will be using.”
On cue Ash took off from a small platform hidden behind the arena walls, quickly followed by two knights of his order riding their own newly acquired hippogriffs. The crowd froze for a moment as the formation of lightly barded dire animals flew over Hal’s head, only to erupt in cheers as Ash carefully landed Dumbo at one end of the arena floor. Sitting tall in his saddle he led the hippogriff past the more than slightly surprised participants, stopping for a moment in front of Hal’s booth to bow before taking off once more and vanishing over the stands.
When they had been planning the tourney Hal had thought that Isabella or Eric would lead the demonstration, given Ash’s almost chronic shyness. But he had really stepped up, his newly polished armor still bore some marks of the divine beam he’d taken, slight warping or faded scorch marks, and he was the picture of a gallant knight.
“Any man or woman brave enough to join our fight against the legion is welcome to take part. May the best win,” Hal finished to renewed cheers, he kept a smile on his face long enough to dismiss the voice boosting spell and return to his seat next to Diana. She smiled at him as he grabbed the mug of wine and took a long drink.
“If I didn’t know better, I’d say you were a real king,” she teased as he sagged into the comfortable chair.
“Considering you’re the one to all but trick me into it,” Hal retorted, watching as the field was cleared in preparation for the first event. He noted Chris was one of those among the participants who had signed up prior to the opening ceremony, which was just as they had planned. Theo was with him having also signed up, more to prompt Chris to than for any desire to lead the knightly order. Not that they had any intention of rigging the games in anyone’s favor, if that was discovered it would do far more damage than simply letting the champion continue to mope. It was up to him to earn the position, whether that would sate his competitiveness or not was anyone’s guess though.
“You’re doing fine,” she assured him, favoring him with another smile, “I just hope no one crashes this little tourney, would suck if the Legion turned up while we’re celebrating.”
“Eric and Isabella are patrolling the border, Croft and Pearce are monitoring what they can with magic. Our dwarven allies are still nearby and we might be getting help from another Hold before long,” replied the knight, “if they are rude enough to drop in unannounced, we’ll know about it.”
“Guess I’m just eager to move forward,” the mage admitted, “take the fight to the Legion, all that.”
“Eager to be free of me?” He joked.
“Hardly,” she replied with a coy smile, “the two of us will be continuing this on the outside.”
“Thought we weren’t going to speak of that?”
“That was before,” the mage said simply, looking back to where the first round of archery competition was about to start, “now shush, they’re starting.”
((Tourneys in Tides are similar to those in the real world, with three main events, archery, the general melee and the joust, but being in a magical world there is also a type of magical duel in which both participants attempt to remove the other from a small circle on the ground or knock them out. Despite this, the two most important events are still the melee and joust, possibly because the mage duels have a tenancy to send spells into the crowd as well.
I'm interested in what people think about this chapter, this, and the next one, were hard for me to write due to the emotional content. I hope I handled it well, things kinda got deep here. In any case, feel free to rant at me on discord, the next chapter is up on Patreon for a buck a month. In any case feel free to comment below, and hope you enjoy!
Finally, the map by thegurw is updated through chapter 34. I've also given him a list of... spoilery points of interest to add to future updates, which may be important in later chapters, may be redherrings, or may just be hidden easter eggs. You can follow his progress on the map on the discord mentioned above as well as watch as I slowly go insane playing Anno 1800 when it comes out this week :D ))
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2018.10.31 17:00 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 24, 2000

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
1-3-2000 1-10-2000 1-17-2000 1-24-2000
1-31-2000 2-7-2000 2-14-2000 2-21-2000
2-28-2000 3-6-2000 3-13-2000 3-20-2000
3-27-2000 4-3-2000 4-10-2000 4-17-2000
Happy Halloween, everybody!
  • NJPW wrestler Masakazu Fukuda passed away from complications from a cerebral hemorrhage after collapsing in the ring during a match with Katsuyori Shibata. In the match, Shibata hit him with an elbow drop that he was supposed to kick out of but instead, Fukuda didn't get up and began snoring in the ring, sending officials into a panic and he was immediately rushed to the hospital. Fukuda had a history of brain issues, having suffered a similar cerebral hemorrhage last year, which led to him having brain surgery before recently returning. After being rushed to the hospital, Fukuda underwent a 2nd emergency brain surgery. All of the wrestlers and NJPW staff rushed to the hospital and pretty much the entire company stayed there all night. Shinya Hashimoto, who is off the road due to recently "retiring" heard the news at 11pm that night. He immediately got in his car and drove all night, 6 hours one way to get to the hospital. But Fukuda never regained consciousness and spent nearly 5 days in a coma before ultimately passing away. According to those who saw the match, he didn't take any hard bumps to the head or anything, no worse than any other match. But the word is both Shibata and the referee started to feel something was wrong even before Fukuda collapsed and when he didn't kick out as planned, they immediately ended the match. Tatsumi Fujinami will be a pall bearer at the funeral. It's the 13th known death of a pro wrestler in the last 20 years that happened with a wrestler collapsing during or immediately after a match, the most recent being Gary Albright. Dave recaps Fukuda's career, which isn't much since he was still a NJPW Young Lion who was just beginning. Crazy that this happened in a match with Shibata and then, 17 years later (almost to the day), Shibata is forced to retire due to a similar brain injury.
  • WWF's new TV deal announcement has been delayed because the USA Network has filed a lawsuit against WWF, Viacom, and CBS. This gets complicated so bear with me. Or just skip down to the Mike Awesome story if you want. It's your life man, don't let me tell you how to live it. By the terms of their current agreement, USA has the right to match any offer that WWF gets from another network, which would allow them to keep WWF for another 5 years. Last week, USA announced that it plans to match the offer that CBS/Viacom is making. But here's the catch: USA's right to match the offer only applies to the 4 wrestling shows (Raw, Heat, Superstars, and Livewire). The CBS/Viacom offer is for all of that, plus several other things such as XFL broadcasting rights, a $500,000 movie development fund, a 1-hour weekly drama series on UPN, a publishing joint venture with Simon & Schuster (which Viacom owns), radio specials, hosting theme park events, an equity investment in WWF stock, and more. So basically, the CBS/Viacom offer is for a lot more money, which USA doesn't want to match because they don't want all those other things. USA's lawsuit says "By tying the right of first refusal with respect to the (television series) to rights to different properties that Viacom and CBS wish to exploit. . . the 'offer' represents a transparent and unlawful attempt by WWFE, Viacom and CBS to frustrate USA's contractual rights." USA has been publicly preparing itself to lose WWF and even when they do, they will still remain the top rated cable network. But it's thought that USA may just be filing this lawsuit in order to throw a wrench into the CBS/Viacom deal. Time is ticking because fall season TV advertising sales will be starting soon and WWF and CBS/Viacom need to get this deal finalized so they can start selling ad-space. By stalling the deal at the last minute, USA might just be angling for a big cash settlement to make the lawsuit go away. Either way, doesn't sound like USA is particularly thrilled about losing WWF.
  • The situation with Mike Awesome and the ECW title took a bunch of crazy twists and turns this week and ended with a WCW wrestler facing a WWF wrestler for the ECW title in an ECW ring. As mentioned last week, ECW and WCW initially came to an agreement where WCW would pay ECW a 6-figure settlement in order to get Awesome released from his contract and there were several stipulations WCW had to follow in order for Awesome to appear on Nitro (such as him not bringing the ECW title on TV with him), and things he would do and say and what the announcers would do and say. But according to ECW, 2 of the stipulations were violated. When Awesome appeared, the WCW announcers were supposed to say that he is the ECW champion and that he had a title defense scheduled that would air Friday night on TNN. They mentioned he was ECW champion but they never plugged the TNN show. There was exact scripting for what the announcers were supposed to say and Dave has seen it. In fact, it appeared that Scott Hudson began reading from the script as he was supposed to but he was then cut off midway through by Tony Schiavone, and thus never got to the part where they plug the TNN show. Word is that was a purposeful call from someone in WCW, with those in the company saying that there was simply no way WCW was ever going to plug ECW's show on the air, especially not during the first show of the new Bischoff/Russo-era. The other stipulation is that Awesome wasn't supposed to cut a promo, which he did. All of this led to more legal threats the next day which resulted in Awesome being pulled from the Thunder tapings.
  • As for Awesome dropping the title, Heyman came up with the idea of bringing in Tazz as a surprise opponent to win the belt. Heyman called Vince McMahon who accepted the proposal Heyman laid out, which was for Tazz to win the ECW title from Awesome and then drop it a week later at another ECW show to Tommy Dreamer. Heyman even pitched the idea for Perry Saturn to do a run in during the Tazz/Dreamer match so that Tazz (a WWF guy) wouldn't have to lose clean to an ECW guy and Heyman even offered to let WWF use the footage on TV to help further the Tazz/Saturn angle they're doing. No word if that's going to happen but reportedly WWF has no issue with Tazz losing clean to anybody in ECW.
  • Anyway, the Awesome/Tazz match was nothing as a match but the back story is about as crazy as it gets. Awesome showed up to the arena with WCW head of security Doug Dillenger and never went to the ECW locker room due to concerns that he almost certainly wouldn't be welcomed kindly. When Awesome came out, he got a massive "you sold out!" chant, and then Tazz came out to a huge pop, using his full WWF gimmick. WWF music, two Z's in his name, WWF version of his nickname, etc. Tazz beat him in about 1 minute and, without selling the finish at all, Awesome jumped up, climbed over the guardrail and left the building immediately. A lot of people were surprised WCW would agree to allow Awesome to lose to a WWF wrestler, but Heyman pretty much had them by the balls here. Dave doesn't know that it was a great idea. A WWF guy now holds the ECW title, plus Tazz didn't even beat Awesome clean, Dreamer had to help, so it didn't even do a good job of burying Awesome (although that may have been something WCW insisted on). Anyway, when the match aired on TNN 2 nights later, all the internet buzz and hype didn't amount to shit in the ratings, as the show did about the same rating it's been averaging for months.
WATCH: WCW's Mike Awesome faces WWF's Tazz in an ECW ring for the ECW championship
  • The same night the match happened, Tazz was on the pre-taped Smackdown show getting beat by Crash Holly. Then he jobbed to Eddie Guerrero at multiple house shows (in New York and Pittsburgh, 2 big ECW cities) in opening matches. This week, Tazz came out with the ECW title on Raw, while J.R. explained it by saying he won it "on his day off" and never mentioned Mike Awesome. Tazz then lost a match on Raw (although he wasn't pinned). But then, the big kicker: Smackdown, in a champion vs. champion match, in Philadelphia no less, Tazz jobbed to Triple H. Not only that, Triple H broke Tazz's submission and won even with Tommy Dreamer coming out to try to help Tazz, pedigreeing them both (in the years since, even Vince has kinda half-way apologized for that one). Yes, ECW got lots of national TV exposure this week but at what cost? WWF portrayed the ECW title as not even on par with their joke of a hardcore title and then had Triple H absolutely bury Tazz and the ECW title in general on Smackdown. Tazz will eventually drop the belt, and it will probably never be acknowledged on WWF TV, and Dreamer is not expected to ever return to WWF to get revenge on Triple H, so pretty much nobody from ECW came out ahead here. It's expected that Dreamer will win the title, only because he's the most loyal guy Heyman has and he can trust him not to fuck over the company and jump ship like Awesome did. Dave says it reminds him of the last years of AWA, when all the champions kept getting swooped up by WWF and eventually they put the title on Larry Zbyszko (who nobody bought as a world champion) simply because he was Verne Gagne's son-in-law and they trusted him not to leave. In Dave's opinion, this whole debacle has positioned ECW in the eyes of fans as a second-rate promotion who's stars aren't even remotely on the same level as WWF stars. And perception is important. Nobody wants to feel like they're watching the minor leagues of anything.
WATCH: ECW champion Tazz vs. WWF champion Triple H
  • Spring Stampede, the first PPV under the Bischoff/Russo regime, is in the books and it wasn't bad. In fact, it was probably the best WCW PPV in about a year, but that's still not saying much. Since they're still in the reboot phase, the show featured a ton of angles to make sure the New Blood group got over as heels, with the heels winning every vacated title. The matches were mostly bad and there were tons of screwjob finishes, but since they're starting fresh, Dave is willing to excuse that for now, since they're trying to build brand new storylines and it's kind of necessary. A lot of it felt like a 2nd rate WWF imitation. There was a ton of swearing, even by the announcers, and that felt forced and reportedly the announcers weren't super comfortable with it either.
  • Other notes from the PPV: Chicago radio DJ Mancow had a match with Jimmy Hart and considering he's unknown to most of the country and the match was never hyped on TV, imagine the confusion for fans watching this on PPV. It should have been a dark match for the live crowd only. Jimmy Hart played a heel in the match, despite being a babyface and Hogan's manager all the other time. "I've seen worse celebrity matches, which is about the nicest thing I can say about this one." Mike Awesome made his in-ring debut and was fine but not great, and the crowd chanted ECW at him, but WCW never acknowledged his ECW ties. Hogan got his heat back by beating the shit out of Kidman "to the point because of the size difference and the manner it was done, it actually looked like child abuse." Then Hogan went after Bischoff in the locker room, but Russo brought out cops who actually pulled guns on Hogan and arrested him. Terry Funk took a bunch of chairshots to the head from Norman Smiley and Dave doesn't like it and wishes Funk would stop allowing his brains to be smashed to mush. Russo "fired" Dustin Rhodes, saying the only good character he ever had was Goldust and claimed he wrote all the lines for Goldust to say in the first place. Yay 4th wall breaking, a timeless Russo classic. Tammy Sytch debuted, helping Chris Candido win the cruiserweight title. It wasn't caught on camera, but Tammy fell right on her ass on WCW's terrible entrance ramp during her run-in. And of course Jeff Jarrett won the WCW title. If you're wondering about all the signs in the crowd that were promoting DDP's book, well, that wasn't fans. DDP, smart self-promoter that he is, made the signs himself and littered the building with them before the show (always a hustler, that guy).
  • More Hart family drama, as Stampede Wrestling announced they would be running an 85th birthday celebration show for Stu Hart....in conjunction with WWF. The next day, Stu Hart said he wouldn't be attending. Bruce and Ross Hart, who run Stampede, originally wanted to do an Owen Hart tribute show since we're approaching 1 year since his death but sorta masking it as a Stu Hart celebration show, since his birthday is also in May. Bruce contacted Vince McMahon and Jim Ross, asking to use some wrestlers and it was approved by WWF (who were apparently under the impression that it was only a Stu Hart show). Dave says several Hart family members have been in regular contact with WWF including Ellie and Diana, the wives of Jim Neidhart and Davey Boy Smith, who are expected to testify against Owen's wife Martha in her wrongful death lawsuit against WWF. The show comes on a day off for WWF stars so pretty much all the Canadian wrestlers (Jericho, Benoit, Edge, Christian, Test, Venis, etc.) all signed up to go work the show for free, believing everyone was on the same page and that it was all good. But the day after it was announced, Stu Hart said he wouldn't be attending, feeling it was in poor taste. In a Calgary Sun newspaper article, Bret Hart was quoted saying that Stu was unaware that the show had even been planned in his honor. Martha Hart was quoted saying WWF is just trying to score PR points and she won't be involved either. Bruce has been trying to change Stu's mind but no dice. When all of this came to light, many of the WWF wrestlers wanted to pull out. Benoit in particular said he was misled about what the show would be and doesn't want to go anymore. But Vince McMahon won't let any of them back out, saying that unless the show is cancelled, they're already advertised and have to go. As of press time, the show is still scheduled (it ends up not happening).
  • CMLL held its first ever PPV in Mexico this week, headlined by Atlantis vs. Villano III in a mask vs. mask match and it was a pretty amazing show. Dave says it felt like an old school 80s U.S. show, with the crowd hot for every match and most of the matches being really good. And the pop for the finish of the main event was off the charts, given that this was 2 of the most famous masks in Lucha Libre history at stake. Atlantis won and the crowd came unglued and Villano unmasked (yeah the crowd heat in this match is just bonkers). Sangre Azteca took a NASTY bump outside the ring in the opening match that looked like a surefire broken neck when Ricky Marvin failed to catch him, but he was lucky and was okay (I posted the video of the Atlantis/Villano III match one or two issues ago, but here's video of the Azteca bump).
WATCH: Sangre Azteca spikes himself outside the ring (7:52 mark, with replays after)
  • More news on New Jersey attempting to regulate "extreme" wrestling. WWF, WCW, and seemingly ECW will be exempt from the rules because they aren't classified as extreme (even though 90% of the stuff in the bill, such as blading, barbed wire, etc. have been used in those companies regularly, although you can't expect stuffy politicians to actually grasp the nuances of what they're voting on). A lot of this stems from indie company Jersey All Pro Wrestling which runs death matches regularly. It was made even worse this week when a female JAPW wrestler was seriously injured in a match, fracturing one of her vertebrae. When the media confronted him about it, AJPW president Frank Iadavaia told them that it was angle and that she's fine and she backed it up, claiming she wasn't really hurt. But then the media investigated it deeper and confronted the woman at her home and found out she really is injured with a broken neck and that it's not an angle. She then admitted that she and Iadavaia agreed to lie and tell people it was fake due to the political issues and admitted that, yes, she's really seriously hurt. So yeah, they got busted. Needless to say, this didn't help their case and just strengthened the calls for regulation.
  • The second week of the Bischoff/Russo era did not bring good news in the ratings, as Nitro did its lowest rating since the earliest days of the show back in 1995, doing a 2.47. That's even lower than the lowest rated Kevin Sullivan-booked episode. Can't blame the low rating on Raw either because that show mostly sucked this week. So yeah, looks like they didn't make a very strong first impression last week.
  • XPW held their big show at the LA Sports Arena, drawing 1,200 people. Shane Douglas was there and cut a promo trashing WWF, WCW, and Flair. The crowd chanted "you sold out" because they knew he had returned to WCW. Douglas called XPW owner Rob Black's wife a "porno whore" and slapped her, which led to an angle with Sabu making a surprise appearance, turning the main event into a three way with Sabu, Douglas, and Chris Candido.
  • Sabu was scheduled to work on Insane Clown Posse's upcoming JCW tour as the headline star but Paul Heyman successfully blocked it via legal threats. Sabu DID work XPW's recent show despite Heyman's legal threats and the way they're trying to get around it is by saying that Sabu did the show for free and wasn't paid ("wink wink," Dave adds). Basically, XPW is calling Heyman's bluff on this one (considering Heyman was struggling to keep ECW afloat at this point and XPW was funded by massive amounts of porn money, this was probably a safe bet that Heyman wasn't going to waste resources suing them. Probably the same reason WCW didn't hesitate to steal Mike Awesome, despite a valid contract. ECW was just powerless against people with more money).
  • Lance Storm went on his website this week and basically said the same thing Dave said about the Tazz/Mike Awesome match, that Awesome not losing cleanly and dropping it to a WWF guy didn't help out ECW at all and makes them seem minor league. He got some heat for it in the ECW locker room so he removed the post. Anyway, he's expected to be sitting down with Heyman this week to discuss a contract extension.
  • Notes from Nitro: the show opened with Russo and Jarrett and a bunch of other New Blood guys having a big balloon and confetti celebration, with them cutting a promo trashing Jim Ross, which was lost on 95% of the people watching. Dave thinks Jarrett should probably wait to see if he draws TV ratings or PPV buyrates as champion before he starts talking too much shit (spoiler: no). Then DDP did a run-in and they showed him coming through the backstage area, and showed Curt Hennig and Stasiak going over their match for later that night. Stone Cold Hulk Hogan showed up and the cops tried to keep him at bay but he gave them all a dirty look and they backed down, which leads Dave to quip that he's glad he doesn't live in that city. 800-year-old Terry Funk practically killed himself in a hardcore match to get The Wall over. Brian Adams and Bryan Clark debuted under the team name Kronik. Sting came down from the ceiling for the first time since Owen Hart's death and Dave is appalled that WCW would do that again. Even the NBA banned mascots from being lowered from the ceiling and haven't done it since Owen's death and for WCW, the company that still employees Bret Hart, to do it is absolutely mind-boggling. WCW is running a show in the Kemper Arena in Kansas City soon and Dave just hopes they don't do it again there but who the fuck knows with this company anymore (WWE has still never done it since, in the 21+ years since it happened). DDP faced Mike Awesome and during the match, announcer Mark Madden was going on and on about how this is a new WCW and they will have winners and losers and the refs won't be calling DQs and no contests the way WWF does. Literally seconds later, the DDP/Awesome match ended in a double-DQ. WCW, folks. The show ended with Bret Hart showing up with a chair and swinging it at Hogan and Bischoff, but the show cut to black before you could see who Bret actually hit. Dave thinks it was a decent cliffhanger, but if you're wondering what the live crowd saw....he hit Hogan (of course, Bret was already retired so this led to nothing).
  • Notes from Thunder: David Arquette was on the show to promote the movie and it looks like they're going to do some kind of angle with him in the coming weeks. (...............) Anyway, Dave just trashes this show for not making sense. This is still early on in the new Russo era so there's 500 angles/matches per show thrown at the screen as fast as possible and logic just went out the window. Tag team partners were pinning each other in matches with no explanations given, people were DQ'd in No DQ matches, guys who lost tournament matches still advanced somehow, etc. Just peak WTF-WCW going on at this point.
  • Speaking of David Arquette, Ready To Rumble did $2.68 million in its 2nd week (53% drop from last weekend) and after the first 10 days, it's at around $9 million total and sitting at #10. Not great news (yeah it finishes up as a HUGE financial flop and only made back half of its budget).
  • Eric Bischoff met with MMA fighter Mark Kerr and there are apparently plans to bring him in as part of a group called Fight Club which they also plan to include Mark Coleman, Don Frye, Tank Abbott and....Rick Steiner. Okay then (never happened).
  • Announcer Scott Hudson's father passed away from a heart attack while Hudson was doing Nitro this week. In fact, his parents were watching the show when it happened.
  • Notes from Raw: the show opened with a "Dusty Finish 2000." Jericho seemingly beat Triple H for the WWF title after a fast count from Earl Hebner in a fantastic match. Jericho "winning" the title got a monster pop from the crowd but of course, it was reversed soon after. And of course, Triple H made sure to refer to Jericho as a "sawed off midget" at one point and in the main event later that night, on opposite sides of a tag match, Triple H pinned Jericho clean to make sure nobody gets the crazy idea that Jericho is on his level or anything. God forbid. Also, Kurt Angle did some hilarious skits basically being a nerdy guy preaching abstinence to college kids. Dave thinks it was funny but also feels like Angle has too much star potential to be doing a goofy comedy gimmick.
WATCH: Chris Jericho "defeats" Triple H to win the WWF title - Raw 2000
  • Notes from Smackdown: Tazz came out, wearing the ECW title, to challenge Triple H, which led to Triple H saying that ECW sucked and of course, they had the match later that night and we all know how that went. It's not hard to see how Triple H was beginning to gain a reputation that would haunt him for the next decade.
  • The wrestling restaurant business is not booming. WWF New York is empty most days and they've stopped promoting it on TV and word is they're in the process of revamping their plans for it. WWF is blaming the bad business on the management group they brought in to run it. WCW's Nitro Grill in Las Vegas isn't doing well either, and part of the staff was recently laid off and they stopped serving lunch.
  • Various WWF Notes: depositions in the wrongful death trial for Owen Hart began this week. WWF The Music Vol. 4 recently passed 1 million sales, thus certifying it platinum. Gangrel is out of action for at least a month due to a separated shoulder. Mick Foley will be taping an episode of "Now and Again" on CBS.
  • WWF.com posted an article about the recent Court TV show that focused on deaths of children imitating wrestling moves (in which Linda McMahon was interviewed and came off poorly). WWF claimed the Court TV producers told them the show was about something else and that Linda had not prepared to be asked questions about that topic. Dave says he's done hundreds of media interviews and not once has he ever been given anything more than an occasional broad outline of what might be asked, so he doesn't buy that excuse. WWF also had footage of Linda's full unedited interview with the show, as opposed to the edited footage that aired on Court TV, and they put that online, basically accusing Court TV of editing her comments out of context. Dave thinks the unedited footage actually makes Linda look worse, as she repeatedly tried to dodge questions or change the subject when pressed. There was also the part where Linda claimed WWF doesn't spend a single dime marketing to children, which led to the host pulling out a whole box full of WWF merch from Toys R' Us (action figures and whatnot), and Linda responded by calling them "adult collectibles." They brought up Vince Russo's quote from a couple years ago, saying the WWF motto is to basically do as much as they can get away with. Linda responded saying Russo doesn't work there anymore and insinuated that he was fired for having that kind of attitude, which of course isn't remotely true. Just stuff like that.
FRIDAY: ECW world title situation resolved, more on Masakazu Fukuda's death and calls to regulate wrestling safety, New York senator wants drug testing for wrestlers, and more...
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2017.08.06 15:14 Scientist34again Better Know a State: Colorado – discuss Colorado politics and candidates

Welcome to our tenth Better Know a State (BKAS), which will focus on COLORADO. As I indicated before, the plan is to do these state-by-state, highlighting upcoming elections, progressive candidates in those states and major issues being fought (with an emphasis on Democratic, Independent and third party candidates). State residents can let me know if I’ve missed anything important or mistakenly described some of these issues.
Here’s what I’ve found about the various races:
United States Senators: The two Senators from Colorado are Cory Gardner and Michael Bennet. Neither is up for re-election in 2018.
United States House of Representatives: Colorado has seven US House Representatives, four Republicans and three Democrats.
Ken Buck is a conservative Republican who supports school choice (probably more privatization/vouchers), wants to get rid of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, supports fossil fuel usage, and wants to repeal Obamacare. He is being challenged by Larry Germanson (D), a retired psychotherapist. Germanson has stated ““When the needs of the people are forfeited for the sake of the rich and powerful, America suffers.” I couldn’t find a campaign website, but he has previously taught courses on domestic violence and PTSD, so he’d probably be sensitive to those issues.
Mike Coffman is a conservative Tea Party Republican and Chairman of the Balanced Budget Amendment Caucus and wants to repeal Obamacare. He was anti-Trump in the 2016 primary. His district is considered competitive for a Democratic challenger and he currently has four challengers competing in the Democratic primary – David Aarestad, Jason Crow, Gabriel McArthur and Levi Tillemann. Aarestad is a lawyer and is running for Congress because of healthcare issues - his wife is a breast cancer survivor and his daughter has Down’s syndrome link. Both would have trouble getting proper medical care under the Trumpcare plan. Despite his big focus on healthcare, his webpage doesn’t specifically mention Medicare-for-All. He supports campaign finance reform. Crow is a lawyer and an Army veteran. He was an advisor to Obama’s re-election campaign on veteran’s issues. He supports LGBT involvement in the military and has fought to help homeless veterans. Other than veterans’ issues though, I could not find any policy positions on his campaign website. McArthur is a 25 year old Bernie Sanders supporter and former Bernie delegate (🙂). He states “I’m running for Congress because single-payer health care, tuition-free college, expanding Social Security benefits, a federal job guarantee, preventing further escalation into foreign wars and a minimizing of influence of money in politics are necessary to heal our nation and the state of Colorado.” Support him here. Tilleman is Fellow at the New America Foundation (which I believe is a Soros-associated foundation) and a former Obama appointee at the Department of Labor. He is a partner in a company that provides policy, technology and market insight into developing technologies (like electric cars). He supports technological innovation and access to healthcare (but no mention of Medicare-for-All).
Diana DeGette is a fairly progressive Democrat (D), who cosponsored the Medicare-for-All bill (HR 676) in April. She is a member and co-chair of the Pro-Choice caucus and Vice Chair of the LGBT Equality caucus. She favors research with embryonic stem cells for medical purposes. She served as co-chair of Hillary Clinton's Health Care Policy Task Force and Imran Awan has worked for her – link. She does not have any challengers yet.
Doug Lamborn is a very conservative Tea Party Republican. He is being primaried by another Republican Owen Hill, but there are no Democratic challengers yet.
Ed Perlmutter is a Democratic incumbent who is not running for the House again, because he had planned to run for Governor of Colorado. He later decided not to run for Governor, but is not competing for his House seat either. There are three Dem candidates currently competing for the nomination – Andy Kerr, Dominick Moreno and Brittany Pettersen. There is also an independent candidate, Nathan Clay. Kerr is a former teacher and former Colorado State Senator. He supports clean energy and education. He doesn’t state on his website whether he’s in favor of Medicare-for-All or free college tuition. Moreno is also a former member of the State Senate. Here’s his website, but it has relatively little information on what policies he supports. Pettersen is a member of the Colorado House of Representatives and comes from a very modest background. She states on her website that she “became the first member of her family to graduate from high school and college, working two jobs to pay the way.” Her website unfortunately has little detail on the policies she might support. But her Wikipedia page notes that “In the 2014 legislative session, Pettersen sponsored legislation to assist Colorado’s students and families. One bill would help low- and middle-income students receive more tuition assistance and provide more support to students so they can complete their degree. Two other bills help families making less than $25,000 a year find affordable child care and give counties in the state more flexibility to help parents stay in the workforce. During the 2013 session, Pettersen sponsored a bill cutting red-tape to make it easier for Coloradans to put their income tax returns into a college savings account. She also sponsored a bill that allows someone who dropped out of high school to complete their high school education at a junior or community college.” It seems like Pettersen could be a good candidate to support.
Edit: I forgot to describe Nathan Clay here. He's a progressive and described in the comments below.
Jared Polis (D) is a moderate Democratic incumbent who is not running for his House seat again, because he is running for Governor of Colorado. Polis is a member of the House Progressive Caucus, but is also a member of the New Democratic Coalition (neoliberals). How can you be a member of both? He supported the TPP and only signed on to support Medicare-for-All in mid-April. Joe Neguse has filed to run as a Democrat and Nick Thomas as an Independent. Neguse has said that “a large part of his motivation to run for the U.S. House is to combat the policies of the Trump administration and the Republican-controlled Congress — notably Trump’s decision to withdraw from the Paris climate accord, his push to bar travel from several predominantly Muslim countries and GOP plans to repeal the Affordable Care Act.” Link. That link also suggests that he supports Medicare-for-All. He seems a good candidate. Here is his webpage. Nick Thomas is a member of the U.S. Global Leadership Council and former Organizing for America fellow (Obama’s group). His website states that his top issues are healthcare, energy development, tax reform and education, but has zero details about what he supports in those areas.
Scott Tipton (R) is a conservative Republican who is being challenged by Diane Mitsch Bush (D). Bush is a former sociology professor, who previously was elected to the state legislature. Her website doesn’t have much information on what policies she supports. This article suggests she’s running in part because of Republican efforts to repeal the ACA.
Governor: Colorado governor John Hickenlooper is term-limited and cannot seek re-election. There are many candidates competing for his seat. In the Democratic primary for the seat, there are currently six candidates, Jared Polis, Michael Johnston, Noel Ginsburg, Cary Kennedy, Moses Humes and Adam Garrity. Veronique Bellamy is running as a Green candidate and Bill Hammons for the Unity Party.
Jared Polis is described above, since he is currently a United States House member representing District CD-2 in Colorado. He is a moderate, corporate Dem.
Michael Johnston is a former teacher and former state legislator in Colorado (term limits prevented him from further running for his seat). He has decent stances on many issues, but the does not mention support for Medicare-for-All or for free college tuition.
Noel Ginsburg is currently a commissioner of the State Economic Development board, a board member of the Denver Chamber of Commerce, a founder of the Colorado Advanced Manufacturing Alliance and a member of the US Youth Employment Action Network at the Clinton the Global Initiative in New York. His website does not mention Medicare-for-All or free college tuition.
Cary Kennedy (no relation of the JFK) is a former Colorado State Treasurer. She also previously served as Deputy Mayor and Chief Financial Officer of Denver, Colorado. Her website suggests she supports increased state funding for education (she wrote Amendment 23 to increase state funding to public schools), equal pay for women and paid family leave. She also says she wants students to have low college debt (but doesn’t specifically mention free college tuition) and says she wants expanded access to healthcare (but doesn’t specifically mention Medicare-for-All).
Moses Carmen Humes seems to be a transgender activist, although almost nothing is available online describing her positions.
Adam Garrity seems to be pro-gun and anti-taxation. Again, there is very little information available about him online and he does not seem a serious candidate
Veronique Bellamy is a Green Party candidate for governor. She doesn’t seem to have a campaign website yet, but one assumes she supports typical Green Party positions including free college and universal healthcare.
Bill Hammons is a candidate of the Unity Party. He wants Colorado to secede from the US, to have a balanced budget, to eliminate income taxes, etc. Not progressive.
There are also various candidates competing for the Republican primary, but I haven’t described them here.
Let me know in the comments if I’ve missed any important candidates or issues.
In case you missed the previous BKAS posts, here they are:
Alabama, Utah, Alaska, Arkansas, California Part 1, California Part 2, California Part 3, California Part 4 and California- State Democratic Chair Race.
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2017.03.06 18:01 daprice82 Wrestling Observer Rewind ★ Apr. 10, 1995

Going through old issues of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter and posting highlights in my own words. For anyone interested, I highly recommend signing up for the actual site at f4wonline and checking out the full archives.
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  • The two biggest and most important shows of 1995 both took place this past Sunday with WWF's Wrestlemania and Japan's 13-promotion mega show at the Tokyo Dome. Dave went to Japan for that show, so he hasn't actually seen Wrestlemania yet. But he has some numbers. The show drew a legit 15,000 sellout and due to the excellent hype around Lawrence Taylor, it's believed that the show likely did a 2.0 buyrate or above, which would make it one of the 3 or 4 highest grossing shows in history, but that isn't confirmed (bet your ass it ain't...). The Taylor hype helped the entire industry immensely, giving pro wrestling significant mainstream coverage that for once wasn't focused on a scandal. And LT is getting rave reviews for his performance.
  • 60,000 people were at the Tokyo Dome to watch a show with the greatest collection of wrestling stars to ever appear on the same stage. Every company put their best match forward, trying to outdo the other promotions. Reports are the show set an all-time gate record of between $5-6 million. The show was put together by Weekly Pro Wrestling magazine which gives all the promotions so much vital media coverage that they were afraid to not take part in the show for fear of offending the magazine. But all the other media outlets didn't even cover the show because they see the magazine as competition. With the success of this show, it raises the issue of media outlets holding competing shows and promotions having to pick and choose which ones to send wrestlers to while not burning bridges with the others. Dave explains how the magazines and newspapers are much more important in Japan as far as promoting shows than TV is, unlike America. Companies like FMW and UWFI, for example, routinely sell out stadiums without any TV presence.
  • Notes from the show: At one point, Cactus Jack tried to light a board on fire and it wouldn't light and it was one of those awkward, embarrassing moments where time stood still and all 60,000 people realized something had gone wrong. Terry Funk did a moonsault from the top rope to the outside of the ring and everyone thought he was dead. The JWP promotion stole the show with the opening match, which Dave gives 4.75 and says is the best opening match he's ever seen on a show. AJPW had what Dave calls the best men's match ever held at the Tokyo Dome. As for the IWA match (Funk, Nakamaki & Leatherface vs. Cactus Jack & Headhunters), Dave calls it "the most amazing clusterfuck of incredible moves that you'll ever see. If someone edits this right, it'll look like one of the greatest matches of all-time." And in the biggest shocker, NJPW had Shinya Hashimoto vs. Masa Chono in the main event and they completely sucked. Dave is flabbergasted that New Japan would have put on such a shitty match in the main event and allow themselves to be shown up by literally every other promotion on the show (videos of this show are hard to find on YouTube but here's the IWA match).
WATCH: Cactus Jack & The Headhunters vs. Terry Funk, Shoji Nakamaki & Leatherface Pt. 1
WATCH: Cactus Jack & The Headhunters vs. Terry Funk, Shoji Nakamaki & Leatherface Pt. 2
  • Eric Bischoff has been under extreme pressure to cut loses in WCW and as such, several corporate shakeups have taken place. Jim Barnett, Don Sandifer, and Bob Dhue are all no longer with WCW. Word is that this won't be the last of the budget cuts and expect more heads to roll, on both the corporate side and the wrestlers side.
  • Steve Williams, the top foreign star in Japan, missed one of All Japan's biggest tours and latest word is that he's been suspended, possibly for as long as a full year. So far, all that is known is that Williams arrived in Japan for the tour but then eventually boarded another flight and returned home without ever leaving the airport, leading to rumors that he was jumping to either New Japan or WWF, both of whom are openly very interested in him. But Williams deal with AJPW is pretty great and he'd be unlikely to give it up (yeah, this is weird. He was gone from AJPW for pretty much exactly 1 year and then he returned and continued full-time with them for awhile. So yeah, he most likely was suspended for a year for some reason. But I'm writing the 1996 issues now and as far as I've seen, Dave never really addresses it again, so no idea why he was gone).
  • WWF will be running its final show at Boston Garden next month and are trying to make it a huge event by bringing in legends like Fred Blassie, Jay Strongbow, Gorilla Monsoon, Killer Kowalski, Pedro Morales, and more.
  • Davey Boy Smith and his wife Diana have responded to the criminal and civil cases brought against them by a man who claims Smith attacked him in a bar for dancing with his wife. Davey Boy claims the whole thing was made up and that there was no fight and Diana says she would never dance with drunken strangers at a bar.
  • The reason WCW did the angle of stripping Vader for the U.S. title this week was so they could get the title off of him and on to Sting without Vader having to do a job to anyone. Vader is still the UWFI champion and they don't want him doing jobs, which is why Vader's matches with Hogan have all been ending in DQs (because Hogan ain't doing any jobs either).
  • Latest word on WCW's plans for a cruiserweight tournament and title have pretty much been dropped and Brian Pillman's planned push has died off with it.
  • Dusty Rhodes has decided not to quit WCW over the firing of his son and will be inducted into the WCW Hall of Fame at Slamboree. There was also talk of inducting Ricky Steamboat but with all the bad blood and talk of lawsuits, that was questionable, but it's still being discussed.
  • WCW Uncensored did an estimated 0.96 buyrate and with the increase in price, this makes it the most financially successful PPV in WCW's history. Dave says that a lot of fans despise Hogan and say he's killing the company, but numbers don't lie and the fact is, he's bringing in more money to WCW than they've ever had before. Admittedly, Hogan gets a HUGE cut of that, but still, numbers don't lie.
  • WWF allowed photographers to be at ringside for Wrestlemania, but then they ended up getting in Shawn Michaels' way during his match with Diesel, so the policy of allowing photographers at ringside is probably already over.
  • WWF aired a tribute video to Big John Studd on TV this week after his death.
WATCH: WWF's Big John Studd tribute
  • In a big surprise, WWF acknowledged Crush's arrest on TV and quoted the AP story about it and then informed fans that Crush had been fired.
  • Bam Bam Bigelow and Lawrence Taylor both appeared on Howard Stern's show prior to Wrestlemania in a long 45 minute interview. Stern usually makes fun of wrestling but by the end, he said he planned to watch the PPV.
  • The new Four Horsemen idea is dead. Hogan and Flair had a meeting this week to discuss future plans. Flair wanted to reunite the group with himself, Curt Hennig and the Road Warriors. Hogan wanted to create a new, different 4-man group with himself, Flair, Savage and Sting. Neither side could agree so it's just been dropped entirely. Future plans look to be a new Flair vs. Savage feud, with Miss Elizabeth likely being brought in.
  • Paul Levesque was at the WWF Fan Fest this weekend at Wrestlemania. He's still waiting for his WCW non-compete clause to expire before starting. Chris Candido and Tammy Sytch were there as well and probably won't start on the road until May.
  • On Raw after Wrestlemania, Alundra Blayze regained the WWF women's title from Bull Nakano and then was attacked by a large female wrestler named Rhonda Singh, though Dave doesn't know what name she'll be using in WWF (Bertha Faye). She was a former women's champion in Japan back in 1979 but Dave says she's long been washed up and that Blayze is going to have a hard time carrying that feud.
WATCH: Alundra Blayze vs. Bull Nakano - WWF Raw, 1995
  • Even though he just returned as Owen Hart's mystery partner at Wrestlemania and won the tag titles, word is Yokozuna has given his notice to the company and is leaving, as have the Headshrinkers. WCW would no doubt be interested in bringing in Yokozuna so that Hogan can get his win back, but with all the pressure on Bischoff to cut the budget, they probably can't afford to bring in any big money players at the moment. Dave also notes that Yokozuna had been taken off TV months ago and told to lose weight, but when he returned at Wrestlemania, he actually looked bigger than when he left.
  • Jim Cornette and The Gangstas are taping a segment for the Jerry Springer Show this week (didn't end up happening).
  • There's a potentially interesting situation brewing with Sabu as he is booked for both a New Japan show and an ECW show on the same night. Latest word is Sabu will likely have to miss the ECW show (surely this won't become a big deal...)
  • Ricky Steamboat's 7-year-old son Richie won the North Carolina state amateur wrestling championship for his age group and will participate in a national tournament later this month.
  • Dave has gotten word that the real all-time attendance record for wrestling was set back in 1945 in Lahore, Pakistan for a match between a wrestler named King Kong vs. Hamida Pahalwan. The match allegedly drew 200,000 people but of course, that's impossible to confirm so take it with a grain of salt (King Kong's Wikipedia page makes the same claim and also says that he "frequently" wrestled for over 100,000 fans.)
READ: King Kong (Wrestler) Wikipedia
  • WCW's new policy is that no more foreign objects can be shown on TV or PPV except for gimmicked movie stunt chairs that are designed to shatter. At the Uncensored PPV, when Hogan was hitting Vader with a chair, that was shown, but when Vader hit Hogan, they cut away. The reason is because Vader was using a real chair and Hogan used the gimmicked one. So that's the policy going forward. "Hey, I don't make this up, I just report it," Dave says.
  • WCW is expected to bring in more cartoon-like characters for Hogan to feud with while some of the more realistic and better in-ring workers will likely be released as part of budget cuts (in case you ever wondered why Bischoff was so quick to fire Austin when he got hurt). So expect more Renegades and Yetis and less Arn Andersons and Steve Austins.
  • There's a lot of bitterness in the WWF locker room over how much Lawrence Taylor was paid. People were also upset about all the other NFL players who showed up to stand in LT's corner and still got paid big bucks, despite not doing anything but standing there.
  • The letters section is huge this week and much of it is fans bashing WCW (or as one guy called it, Hogan Championship Wrestling) and calling for boycotts and claiming the company will be out of business in a year due to how bad the Uncensored PPV was and especially with how Flair has been treated since Hogan arrived. There are also a lot of letters from people who are just seeing ECW for the first time and are blown away by how unique and great it is, though there are criticisms too.
  • In a pretty hilarious bit, somebody writes a letter asking about a referee he recently saw on TV. He said the guy looks a lot like a younger Pat Patterson and suggests that the referee might be Patterson's son. Dave actually takes the time to respond to this letter by saying, "Somehow I don't think that's very likely."
TOMORROW: Wrestlemania flops hard, Paul Heyman buries and publicly fires Sabu from ECW, several WCW wrestlers released, and more...
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