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2017.03.05 16:59 ninjalemur Edgy =/= Funny

A collection of posts from cringeworthy kids who think that saying something "offensive" or "controversial" is funny with no real punchline. It's best when no one actually finds it funny or when they call people triggered for not finding it funny.

2020.09.19 16:29 browniethruster669 20 [M4F] #Atlanta - Inexperienced, shy sub looking for a Mistress to serve and to be trained by

I am looking for a domme to own me. I would prefer to start online and then maybe when COVID is clear meet in-person.
I am a 5'8" Indian, average build, very hairy (I can start trimming if need be), I currently have a beard and fairly long hair. I am a student down in Atlanta and in my free time I typically play video games, hangout with friends, or play guitar.
I am interested in: JOI, CEI, cum play, humiliation, and over stimulation but I am down to try anything really
My limits are pee, scat, blood, and findom
My kik is brownthruster666, if you'd rather use a different platform to communicate DM me and I can send you my username to those.
Look forward to hearing from y'all!!
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2020.09.18 17:15 ThrowRA19v33 I (19F) Have Been Sleeping With My (Now Ex) Roommate (33M)

On mobile, so sorry for spelling errors and if format is shitty. Me and this guy have almost a year of history and alot of drama, so I'll try to be quick, sorry if it's still really long.
Due to issues with school and work, I'm still currently living with my mother. Mom is trying to save up for an apartment, so we currently live with roommates. At first we all got along, but when we moved in my dynamic with everyone changed.
He moved in October 2019, and in his words "made sure I was 18 before he tried anything with me (I guess this makes sense, since I am quite small and look younger than 18 in the face) and on Thanksgiving 2019, waited till my mom went to work and our other roommate was asleep before coming to me. I was virgin at the time and was nervous about being with someone that old, but gave into pressure and had sex with him.
Felt I should mention here that he is the military, thought it was important and felt the joke military men are hoes fit
To sum up how he treated me between events; called me pet names like sweetheart and babe, invited me to play COD MW with him and invited me on xbox (also had me set the xbox and account up, kinda funny), gave me some of his food if he was cooking and I was downstairs, and treated me pretty okay. Of course, if I ever wear shorts or wore crop tops (live in the south), I wouldn't get away without being grabbed or touched. I am currently recovering from an eating disorder, and I guess he likes how my body looks.
First red flag that I missed, he brought women over alot. We were allowed to have overnight guests, but he had them over alot. He started this when I guess you could say the honey moon phase was over. I saw him snuggling with one, and he said he did that in his sleep (can't really tell if it's true, since I never slept in the same bed as him since I went to my room when tired, plus neither of us are tired after sex). Just decided he is allowed to do what he wants since he is a grown man and I was probably the one he spent the most time with since we lived together. Also made the threat that if I got an STD, I'd let everyone know I got it him. Proceeded to say he never slept with any of the woman even tho they shared the same bed, yeah sure, whatever.
Next issue, found out he was accused of pedophile in 2015. Called him a child molester in front of my mom and he tried to say he was innocent but was accused by a passed roommates kids. Ignored and avoided him for a month (wasn't hard since there was two bathrooms and he left for work alot) until he friended my snapchat (it tells you of users nearby and my first name is in the username) and asked if I was done being angry with him. Then he explained the situation and how he was falsely accused and if it was true, he wouldn't be in the military. I was actually more interested and confused why he would try to make friendly with me, as I figured he could easily sleep with the women he brought over in the past.
I said I forgave him to see what he'd do, and he immediately asked for sex. Guess I was wrong and I might really be the only he sleeps with or they didn't want to be with lately, idk. By this time the landlord let us know we had 60 days to move out, so I thought he just wanted sex before we all moved out. I'm sad to admit I did sleep with him a couple of times because I didn't know if I'd be with anyone for awhile.
Present day, now that we moved out, I found a job that pays really well and and once I start, I'll make enough to help my mom start saving for an apartment. I feel so much better now that he is not around and even my mom noticed I appear alot happier. I've realized I had a crush on this man and now that we're apart I have been working on getting over it and glad I didn't end up falling in love with the prick.
That was until he texted me yesterday. I made a post on snapchat about my new job and he texted asking when I start work and, since he is actually rooming nearby my work place, if we could hangout. I said maybe, as I am trying to work out my feelings and enjoy life without having someone constantly trying to get between my legs. Then, he asked if I would have a threesome with him and his new male roommate. Of course said I have no idea who the guy is and when I got a picture found them unattractive. Said I would think about it and he kept saying he really wanted to do it and added lastly if I only wanted him it was fine. I haven't responded to him since and just said I was babysitting when he tried to get me to send nudes of myself.
I still carry a torch for him, and care for him as a human being. What should I do here, tell my mom about him or kick him out of my life? Don't be afraid to call me a dumbass reddit.
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2020.09.16 23:07 PhaseShift26 Chill session; Don’t care about MR

Mostly just to hangout.
Just reached Iceborne endgame and would appreciate help with guiding lands, but is fine with anything.
Will also help newer players.
Session id: d3N8KdtF!WNc
Discord username: Shift#5347
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2020.09.15 07:59 theilliteratemaiden Who wants to have a Zoom Coffee/Drinks sometimes soon?

I got the idea from u/AlykSkylaAgain on the pinned post about the recent issue some of us women have faced on the sub. She mentioned expecting a monthly zoom meeting. Anyways, it's good to see the boys standing up for the girls. We'd do the same, given the opportunity. We're like a pride, ain't we?Side note...aside, I want to chat and hang out with those of you that have that keen curiosity to meet the regulars here (tbh I've gotten to read so many of you, I feel like I know some of you well), and get a casual talk going, a hive mind or even a brag fest, shit. I don't really care for a format, I'm more interested in seeing each other's individuality and what differentiates us rather than what brings us together. Sort of a human factor to it.
So...Who's up for coffee or drinks with other ENTJs, no commitment, no stress, just a casual hangout?I mean, if the spark is there and people want to stay connected, feel free to do so, hell, we could make it a quick weekly catch-up or something. Brainstorm ideas, vent about life, joke around. Now I know there's other types who actively participate here in the conversation, and it's much appreciated but frankly, I'm more than interested in meeting my counterparts to begin with. So if you're not ENTJ, if you want to franchise the whole zoom MBTI electro-bachata dance party concept, feel free to do so. I'd love to join, by the way, so make sure to drop an invite in here as well.
Also, I considered the idea that the ladies here might want their own kick-ass spin-off. I'm all for it, as well. Let's keep it together, though. I wanna talk with the guys too, on this one. So it's open bar for ENTJs of all likenesses, associations and persuasions. At least for this original rendition.
For practicality's sake, I get that we'd have to work out or compromise due to timezones and the technicalities of organizing a zoom room but other than that, I frankly don't see why not. So, expressions of interest in the comments, and we'll make a list, an announcement and drop invite through PM when the time comes. Also, I'd love for someone who is computer literate - unlike myself, see username - to handle the whole zoom room creation thingie. Let's just say I'm the (stolen) idea gal, how Steve Jobs of me...Let the tech wizards/witches reveal themselves.
Edit : Drop your timeframe availability here. For reference, it'll be either Sat/Sun depending on when most people can make it. Try and give an availability for each day, if possible! Thanks, u/sympathyshot for the quick tip. Edit 2 : Just changed up the timeframe on the link as I noticed it was set on my timezone (AUS) which greatly affected the availability of our American ENTJs. Here's the new one. I'll contact those who already answered the first one to allow them to re-pick their slots. Thanks for your cooperation.
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2020.09.14 03:15 librachild97 I think he blocked me

Recently, I’ve been talking to this guy. We matched on hinge, he’s 24 and I’m 22 (F). He gave me his number and we’d been talking for about three weeks. We played iMessage games, made conversation, and I felt like things were going pretty well. I’ve been very straight up with about what I was looking for and he seemed to be in the same page, we both did not want random hookups and were getting to know each other. He even asked me to hangout, so when I was free I tried to make plans with him however, they didn’t work out as he was busy. He asked to reschedule and seemed excited to hangout with me. A day after asking to reschedule our plans, we’d been talking normally, we played some games and the messages seemed as they usually were. However, the next day I tried to Snapchat him and he didn’t show up in my friends, and i saw his username in my conversations rather than his name. I tried to search his username to add him but it said his username couldn’t be found. Then I went to hinge and saw we were unmatched. So I messaged him through text to see if everything was okay, but I did not get a response. I messaged him an hour later, stating if he wasn’t interested that’s cool and I wish he told me rather than not responding or ignoring me. I am confused as to what happened, and why he’s not responding or blocked me. I don’t know what to do, or how to stop thinking about this because I thought things were going well. Why do guys do this?
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2020.09.12 10:54 submaleinfl Genuine or Scam Mistress on Kik? Advice Needed

first time poster and this is literally why I joined reddit- I've seen a post like this here before, so I thought I'd seek the opinion of reddit. I'm a single guy who likes Dom women (I identify as a switch, but Dommes are what I'm really into lately) and I've been looking for a Mistress online- since, you know, the pandemic is still a thing. I've encountered my share of fakes (they message me, "do you use hangouts, kik, etc.?") and they all ask for a "registration" or "one-time" fee eventually. I never pay them- I'm not even remotely into Findom... I would never pay to be dominated (okay, you got me- like 99% of the time I wouldn't). But this is where it gets interesting...
I was on whiplr the other day- didn't pay to join, just looking around to see what's there- and one Domme caught my eye. She was over 500 miles away, but she was hot and listed a kik in her bio... didn't see any other Dommes with kiks listed, so I figured wtf... I texted her and she got back to me the next day. She's been pretty nice so far (aside from her naughty side when she gave me CBT and JO instructions)- has not asked for even 1 cent from me! But thanks to all the fakes out there and my recent discover of sexploitation scams, I'm just really wary...
So here are the facts:
  1. She has asked what I do, where I'm from, what my leisure interests are, if I "stay alone"... the usual. I've given vague but honest answers (i.e. state, not city; the fact I'm in school, but not my degree; binging TV shows, etc.). I've given out no personal info- no name, no phone number, no email (and I use secondary, nondescript names for accounts related to my interests in kink- like my username here).
  2. I've taken screenshots of her pics and sent them through google images and Tinyeye- no matches. I later found one of them (with two pics I have not seen yet) on a Fetlife account that was opened in May. That account has the same name as her kik ID. There is a discrepancy in location though- when I asked her where she is from, she said she is in Atlanta, but the FL profile says she is in Burlington, VT. (Interestingly enough, she said Atlanta before I mentioned that I had my first Femdom experience with a Pro-domme there.) She also claimed to own a dungeon in Atlanta, but I've not been able to verify that yet.
  3. She had me write a sentence "I will serve only HER TITLE & NAME" 30 times on a sheet of paper, sign it on the back (I used a fake name of course... come on, I just met her over an app...). I had to send her a picture of it. She asked me to type something similar 15 times in a message to her on whiplr, but since I am not subscribed on that app, I told her I couldn't do it- she was okay with that.
  4. Most of her texts read fine, but occasionally they feel a little off- like she forgot a question mark or commas, or she inserted an extra word that doesn't belong. Maybe I'm just paranoid here...
  5. She sent me a pic of herself during our session- I didn't download it; I've heard that's one way to get malicious software on your iphone. I shared a few pics (no face or inside details of my home, geo-tagging is off).
  6. She says she cherishes "honesty and submissiveness" most in subs. But isn't this what a scammer would say to lower my guard?
  7. One of the last things she asked for tonight was my zipcode so she could "look at the restaurants around [me]". I didn't think there was any harm in giving it to her, should I not have? I mean, I don't think she has acquired any other personal info of mine...
So, now that I've laid it all out for you guys and gals- what do you think? Am I being paranoid? Am I naive? Or does this seem on the level? Are there any ways I could continue to verify her identity/protect my own interests? Anything else you all can think of?
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I used to love my birthdays I was so happy I had my friends and family with me but as I am getting older I’ve been getting depressed/ anxious and I don’t really feel like my birthday is that special and it reminds me off how I’m getting nowhere last year I had a really bad panick attack and this year wasn’t any better. To make it worse my two best friends cannot hangout with me hat school since they have another best friend who hatessss me and needs to talk about her problems but not when I’m around as it’s uncomfortable which I understand but she always ignores me and never lets my friends talk a word to me and makes them go with her, my friends will say hello to me and 3 minutes later go with her for the whole school day and it’s only after school we can talk. So I’m basically only with my sister which is embarrassing and we are going go karting for my party and one of my friends can’t come and I understand because she needs to see her nan who she hasn’t seen in ages so I invited one of my cousins instead but my mum got FUMING since she paid 100 quid for it and told her if and said she was a bad friend and now I have no friends WOWW I LOOOOOVE MY BIRTHDAY and literally cuz I’m “unpopular” no one cared or remember not even my friends and when it’s their birthdays ppl bring balloons and PRESENTS AND IM LIKE SNNWNJJKSNFNEN so yeah I have no clue what to do probs gunna cry and eat food. Btw I’m not 9 it’s just my username lol sorry this is so long
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2020.09.09 07:08 browniethruster669 20 [M4F] #Midtown - Inexperienced, shy sub looking for a Mistress to serve and to be trained by

I am looking for a domme to own me. I would prefer to start online and then maybe when COVID is clear meet in-person.
I am a 5'8" Indian, average build, very hairy (I can start trimming if need be), I currently have a beard and fairly long hair. I am a student down in Atlanta and in my free time I typically play video games, hangout with friends, or play guitar.
I am interested in: JOI, CEI, cum play, humiliation, and over stimulation but I am down to try anything really
My limits are pee, scat, blood, and findom
My kik is brownthruster666, if you'd rather use a different platform to communicate DM me and I can send you my username to those.
Look forward to hearing from y'all!!
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2020.09.09 04:55 mthdoss Hey im looking for someone to hangout with and play games with.

I play on ps4 my username is Rogue_Wolf_47528 add me if you want to play something or hangout. If you want to know what games i have look at my ps profile my games should be public.
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2020.09.07 17:37 AliciaWrites [OT] Spotlight: TenspeedGV

Writers Spotlight

This week's spotlight writer is TenspeedGV!

We’ve stolen his weekly post and there’s nothing he can do about it. BUT we’ve done so for a wonderful reason. There has been an overwhelming outcry for him to receive spotlight and it’s time we made things right!
Tens, as we often call him, has been writing for us since 2018. It only took about five months for him to join the moderation team. For two years, he’s been an active participant in both fun banter and helpful writing advice. Recently, he also became an admin on the Discord server. You can find his work catalogued at his personal subreddit, /TenspeedGV
Tens is always around and lurking. Outside the usual mod duties, he participates in a number of OT threads offering advice, fun, and creativity at every turn. Beyond just spotlight, he is an active member of the discord community. In both places, he offers tons of support to our writers as well as offering his own writing and writing advice. He is a supportive presence for new members and moderators and is always more than willing to lend a hand.
Over the years Tens has grown into a talented writer and has shown his dedication to the craft by constantly challenging himself to improve. With contests, weekly postings, even just regular old prompts, he’s gone above and beyond in participation and demonstration of what our subreddit is for: getting better and growing as authors.
The Spotlight feature he’s dedicated himself to exemplifies just how much he cares about supporting those of us who keep working to be better, to those that might be overlooked and lost in the commotion of a popular subreddit like ours. Spotlight is one of the best features to come out of our sub and as a team we can’t sing our praises enough for TenspeedGV for diligently compiling and representing our community’s choices in great members.
It might not be well-known, but TenspeedGV has been nominated many times for the spotlight feature by several of our community members. Of course, he hasn’t taken upon featuring himself (despite the nominations) so we’re happy to hijack it for him to share the love.
Congratulations, TenspeedGV! This was entirely overdue.
If you want to ask questions in the comments, don't forget to tag Tens with his username!
Spotlight relies on your nominations. If you see a writer who has been around the sub for a while, who has at least six (or more!) high quality submissions, and who hasn't been given the Spotlight before, send us a modmail and let us know!
Here are a few of our favorite stories from TenspeedGV!
I’ve been able to watch Tens grow and change as a writer for a good while now, but to me, the most notable growth happened when he stepped completely out of his comfort zone to write outside his usual genres. Check out this dramatic scene!
In the short time that I’ve been a part of this sub (in the scheme of things a year and a half seem short) Tens has blossomed as an author. That’s not to say he wasn’t great at the start. I adored the dialogue exchange on a simple prompt from about a year ago. He has this great interaction between the characters and manages to capture the intimacy without spelling out the details until the later reveal. But as he’s grown and evolved, I’ve fallen in love with the way TenspeedGV captures tone in a piece. “The Nameless Couple” series of shorts he wrote for Theme Thursday just encapsulated a sense of stillness woven with undercurrents of warning and foreboding that draws me right the hell in.
I’m still sorta new in the grand scheme of Tens’s tenure at rWP so I don’t know much of his back catalog, but his Round 1 entry for the 20/20 contest sticks with me. It establishes a world pretty quickly by both leaning into some basic tropes of the wild west, along with his own lore. I remember the story went in a direction I had not anticipated when I picked out the image and it stuck with me. It shows how strong his worldbuilding is in the fact that there isn’t a whole lot of tell or exposition. The story unfolds in a way to facilitate it. It is a tough skill, but it is shown off well in this piece.
Also, I’ll be greedy and point out a second story. This ancient piece from 2018. It was great to find and discover that the modteam was really more of a group of friends working together to keep a behemoth going, and not just shadowy judges ruling over the place. That little bit of humanity and fun made the sub more inviting to me. Heck it is one of the reasons I decided to apply to join up with them!
I’ve mostly gotten to know Tens through some of his amazing work at the Theme Thursday campfires where he regularly ends up writing one of my favorite stories of the week. What he managed to do that, in my opinion, no other writer has ever been able to do as successfully, is string together one perfectly cohesive and beautiful story across multiple Theme Thursday weeks. He had no idea what theme was coming next, and yet the whole arc just feels like a story with month’s of planning. He made me laugh, cry, and be on the edge of my seat with excitement. Read the whole Armageddon Cycle here.
This is actually a pretty easy choice, assuming I can choose a collection. If so, I absolutely loved his Thieves serial for Theme Thursday. I believe it's all part of the larger Armageddon Cycle he's done some other responses for. Tens made a shining example of how to serialize well and managed to do so while overcoming the theme of the week hurdle with each installment. Even listening to it, I found myself wanting to read ahead because I was completely immersed in the world that was unfolding. If I have to pick just one part of said serial, it would probably be the installment for Clarity The writing was gorgeous, haunting, and full of unexpected feels.
TT:Gratitude The thing that sold me on this story was that it's such a small moment, a secret sliver of time kept in a tiny little bubble. I love these moments in stories, places where the reader can metaphorically close their eyes and breathe. This is just a perfect encapsulation of that and I really enjoyed it.

To view the writers spotlit previously, visit our archives!

Spotlight Archive - To highlight the lesser known writers.
Hall of Fame - Our occasional spotlight of a selected "Reddit-Famous" WP contributor.
Come join us in our chatroom. We have members from all around the world and who have all kinds of schedules, so there’s usually someone awake to talk to. We also have scheduled readings, oration critiques, spur-of-the-moment story time, or even just random hangouts over voice chat. Come and chat with us!
Are you a longtime member of our sub and want to take a more active role in this community? Would you like to help us to continue growing and building? Believe in our dream of helping new or experienced writers improve their craft? Apply now to join the WritingPrompts moderator team!
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2020.09.07 05:35 browniethruster669 20 [M4F] #Atlanta - Inexperienced, shy sub looking for a Mistress to serve and to be trained by

I am looking for a domme to own me. I would prefer to start online and then maybe when COVID is clear meet in-person.
I am a 5'8" Indian, average build, very hairy (I can start trimming if need be), I currently have a beard and fairly long hair. I am a student down in Atlanta and in my free time I typically play video games, hangout with friends, or play guitar.
I am interested in: JOI, CEI, cum play, humiliation, and over stimulation but I am down to try anything really
My limits are pee, scat, blood, and findom
My kik is brownthruster666, if you'd rather use a different platform to communicate DM me and I can send you my username to those.
Look forward to hearing from y'all!!
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2020.09.06 01:58 mthdoss Hey im looking for someone to hangout with and play games with.

I play on ps4 my username is Rogue_Wolf_47528 add me if you want to play something or hangout.
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2020.09.03 21:15 neobluebear Me (26M) Re gaining my girlfriends (25F) trust again. I made a stupid accident that has caused her to lose my trust . Need advice on gaining her trust back

to start off we have been together for 9 months, i considered it a healthy relationship. I take her out on dates once a week, she also plans stuff to take me out as well. She matches me with the energy and love i give her. Also try not to be over bearing on her or clingy. Our sex life is also great, we communicate with each other in things we would like to try etc. We RARELY have any arguments or disagreements .

(the incident )
So 3 week ago, we were driving back in town from a little trip we took, and she asked me " why don't we follow each other on twitter?". I replied " im not sure but this is my username @#[email protected]# " But then I remembered that on my Twitter account i was following a couple of girls who are showing revealing/naked pictures. so I kind of started getting nervous got on my phone and started unfollowing them from twitter due to the fact that she was going to think different of me after seeing all the girls i follow. I could tell that she kind of knew what i was doing and could read that my mood changed. ( she is very good and reading my body language and moods). She did not mention anything about it that night , even after i dropped her off home.
So the following day i go hang out with her, and she brings it up. She told me how she could tell i got nervous and i felt really off. She then told me that she noticed i had deleted a lot of the people i was following on twitter and asked me why i did that and who they where. At this point i was panicking. she then says " are you trying to hide something or someone from me?, you know this looks very bad like you are doing something behind my back " . I Told her that they were girls i followed back then when i was single that sometimes posted revealing pictures, and that i deleted them because i would be so embarrassed that she would see them and think in a negative way of me. She then told me " why didn't you just tell me that yesterday ? but you didn't you were being dishonest and hid it from me , if you hid that from me what am i to think you were not hiding the girls you were talking to, it just makes you look bad ". I felt extremely bad when she told me that. I told her i was very sorry and that it was not my intention to hurt her. she also said " it made her a little bit insecure ". After that talk she forgave me and told me it would take time to heal from this.

( How its affecting us now )
So the affection and love she gives me has not changed, she has commented how she is still somewhat upset but does not really bring it up. The issue now is when I go out to watch a sports game at a bar or hangout with friends, she gets mad at me and can sense the insecurity growing. she also tells me from the times i have gone out " don't do something you would not want me to do". back then going out was completely normal. Also when leaving her house she told tell me to text her when i'm home. sometimes i would forget , it was no biggie . But now if i forget she gets really angry at me.... and i understand this is due to my own doing

(background story to my twitter)
So with the girls i followed on twitter, i followed them when i was single, didn't really think much about it. i just found them attractive and gave them a follow. But at times i do forget who i am following due to the fact that i get on twitter just for laughs and giggles ,local news stuff , don't really post anything just retweet and like post. I would NEVER go behind her back to talk to other girls or be unfaithful, but my recent f*ck up makes it seem the other way now.

(final statement )
I take full responsibility on what i have done and regret it so much
I know everyone has heard the saying once trust is gone the relationship will fail. I'm honestly very grateful she forgave me, but i want to fix this. If someone could please enlighten me on any way I could gain/win her trust back .

let me know if you have any more info you might need from me
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2020.09.03 16:15 tabaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 26 [F4M] VIRTUAL LANDE

Hey! VIRTUAL KALANDIAN/KALANDIAN TALAGA - if Pampanga or near area.
Open for hangouts (coffee?) if we vibes talaga. :)
Please Older than me. (Probably 27 to 29)
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2020.09.01 17:53 andrespineiroc I believe this is a scam but I don't understand how it works

So, I am looking for jobs on AngelList and I received an email as follows from a company that exists but I never applied. The way the email Is written confuses me. They are in such a rush? That's a red flag in my opinion. Also the email of the guy I should contact and the name is nonexistent on Linkedin, the company is based out of San Francisco on AngelList but out of Uruguay on their page? here is the email. --- Dear Applicant,
Congratulations! Our recruitment team has received your resume from AngelList... and has been forwarded to the HR Manager of (Trafilea) and we are very pleased with your listed qualifications and would like to conduct an on-line interview to discuss the duties within the job, along with the pay scale.
Your information has been forwarded to one of our Hiring Staff (Mr Windler Rutherford). He will be conducting the on-line interview, via Google Hangout/Skype/Telegram.
Kindly follow steps below to proceed further with the Job briefing and Interview
STEP 1: You are required to set up a Gmail account on ( then download/install the app from you app store i.e for smart phone and for PC you can download one from the Gmail web page to download the app.
STEP 2: After this process, You are to add Mr Benjamin Thomas
on Google hangout for Gmail on [email protected])
to your buddy list ASAP for the job briefing and comprehensive details.
Your verification code is -------, this would serve as your identification number throughout the on-line hiring process. Your timely response matters a-lot.
Skype Users: Contact Username is live: ------------
Position: Administrative Assistant, Customer Service, Accounting/Finance Manager, Marketing, Project Manager, Accounting Payroll Clerk, Data Entry.
$45.55 Per hour
Interview Duration: 1 hour.
Interview Time: ASAP.
Training is available
Your swift and timely response matters a lot in this beneficial position.
Best Regards,
Hiring desk.
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2020.08.31 11:59 cblood1223 Looking for Streamer Friends!!!

Hi my name is TL1233 (but you can just call me TL lol), I’m 22 years old and I’ve been streaming for about 3ish months! I’m a variety streamer that literally does anything from games to bob ross painting to hot wing challenges! I am looking to find either a discord to hangout in or new friends to watch! I like to watch anyone with just an awesome personality! I am definitely a frequent chatter in streams lol but If you wanna PM your twitch username or discord ID to me, please do! Pleasure to meet you soon! :)
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2020.08.25 19:55 DrekArnX First time posting. Feeling like talking about me, maybe I will find interesting tips for my social awkwardness in your comments.

Hi everyone,
As said in the title it's my first time posting on Reddit. And probably the first time talking so openly to someone in my whole life. I'm not sure what made me take the step, but I started to read posts on socialskills for some months. Maybe it's the episode of Black Mirror I watched yesterday : Smithereens where the only thing Chris wanted to do in the end was to speak, but don't worry my problems are far from his and I don't intend to kill myself afterwards. I've read a lot of interesting things here, but nothing that really helped me. I surprise myself to start writing this, I even created a whole new username and mail so people I know couldn't find out. Which is kinda dumb, with all the details of my life I'm going to talk about someone who knows me wouldn't have a problem to recognise me. So now I'm just gonna speak up, if it help it's great if it doesn't it's also great at least I tried.
First, let me present myself. I'm a French (also I'm not sure about English level, if it isn't that good please bear with it) guy, 19 years old. I like video games, mangas, series, movies. I didn't really listened to music before like a year ago. I also like drawing but I'm not as good as I'd like to be. I really like those activities but I find myself to spend most of my free time (when I'm not studying or with friends) watching youtube, videos I like but it feels like I'm wasting my time. Also I can't find time to start working out and music. I think that my procrastination come from the fact that I'd to do a lot of things but days are short and even if I tried I couldn't do everything.
So, why do I feel the need to talk here ? Well, because as you might have seen here a lot I'm kinda socially awkward : I never know what to say, words can't get out of my mouth and can't even form in my head. Discussion are close to none existant with me and it make me feel pretty bad. To be clear I have friends, and I never had problems to have friends it has always been natural, I don't know how. I think that not a lot of people dislike me, no one ever said so or seemed to dislike me. At least, until I had an "argument" with one friend. Pretty sure he hates me now, funny thing he is the only one I told (while drunk) about people liking me, ironic !
I don't remember that awkward when I was young, I think it just get worst as I grow up. Well I was already really shy, never tried to be in relationships with the girls I liked. Still never had a girlfriend today ... The only time I tried was a year ago, an old classmate I met again in a party (he is now my best friend) kinda forced to message her. Well with like 3 mini conversation in a month or so, I asked her out several time but it didn't really worked.
Speaking of my friends, I'm in a group of friends since last year which got a lot changes. But now I think it made it pretty strong. I spend a lot of time with them and despite the fact that I almost always never talk, I really like them and love the time spent. However, I hate being this little interesting and boring. At least it seems that, as hard it is to see, I have good personality and that's why they stick with me. They told sometimes told me to speak more but I just, I dont know, physically or mentally can't. They never told it to me in a hurtfull way, I'm really lucky to have such kind friends. Even if they accept me like that, I know that spending time with me isn't that great of a time. I would love to be able to be more interesting. The fact that we hang out as group obviously makes it less boring for them but I don't have that much input. I never message them, it's aways one of them that ask the group to hangout. Also I sometimes only hangout with my best friend but I don't do it with the others, maybe because they are girls. Being only 2 doesn't help my case at all.
Also, I wanted to to talk about my others friends, if I still can call them friends because and don't keep contact with them. Even if I want I just can't bring myself to do it. The worst thing is about my previous best friend which I would still call best friend if I haven't stopped to talk to me for almost a year now. Even not being in the same class and not seeing each other a lot he kept getting contact with me from time to time. However, last time he did I told him that I would invite him over my home soon. And now here I am almost a year passed and I still didn't speak to him back. No news from him which his pretty understandable. And the more time passes the more it's difficult for me to try to keep in touch with him.
So, I have read a lot of things for my problem. Lack of confidence, social anxiety, not doing anything so not interesting, speak with strangers, take actions even little ones. I don't know if it's a lack of courage that keeps me to take action but yeah, even after reading a lot of things that sounded really great I'm still the same.
I think it's all I wanted to talk about. Sorry if it was long, uninteresting or all over the places, but I think I spent way to much time to write this little. Thank you if you read it all.
I will end with a TL;DR with more precise questions, I already saw a lot of answers about them so I think it's not really useful to answer thel without reading my own experience.
TL;DR : How to stop procrastinating? How to be more interesting, less boring ? I almost never talk, words don't come in my mind even with close friends. What to do ? How to keep contact with friends, especially speak again with an old best friend I lost contact with by not messaging him ?
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2020.08.20 23:57 muggle023 25 [F4M] Pinay in Canada. Bored

Looking for someone na maka hangout (safely) pag days off, preferrably medyo malapit sana lol
Nagpost na ako dati dito but I had to change my username kaya I deact'd tas gumawa ako ulit ng account.
About me:
-157cm, 100% Filipina, may kulay ang hair, wears glasses (poor eyesight dahil sobra review ng boards haha)
-single working tita (I work days/nights in my job so kung okay lang may mga times na tulog ako ng morning lol)
-just moved back here in Manitoba 3mos ago
-open to telegram/messenger flings pero not really relationships
-open din for meet ups pag days off maximum 250km away lol
About you: -yung di sana fb and wag sana masyadong self-centered ugh cringe kaya to
-quality sense of humor
-23 to 29y/o age range
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2020.08.18 07:44 TonyStark12345678 Friend blocked me, should I message her again

About 4 months ago, I(M 20) met a girl(F 20) online. We exchanged email id's after meeting again and used to chat on hangouts. Since both of us didn't use hangouts much, we would chat once in a while. I did ask her for her number so we could chat on WhatsApp, but she refused it saying she used it only for her family and college groups. Then she gave me her telegram username and we chatted there for a month before she deleted her telegram account saying she got some problem in it (which I guess is true). Then we chatted on hangouts for a week before I messaged her saying "Both of us can't reach the other when we need to. If you still cant trust me with your number, there is no point in being friends". To which she replied "that was harsh 😅" and blocked me.
Both of us read each other's messages after hours or a day when we chatted on hangouts. And that's why I asked for her number.
Also I do not have any feelings for her. I have seen a photo of her which BTW she deleted after a minute of sending it.
Now, should I try to contact her again by emailing her. She was a good friend but I don't appreciate getting blocked.
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2020.08.16 16:46 epic225 Trade hangout is a comedy club at this point

so I was normally trading and I join this trade hangout server and 1st (well actually there was a content deleted username so yeah lol) there is some dude who wants to trade sapphire blue eye and riptide for a black iron commando and then there is this dude who is spamming to ask someone to give him 800 robux so he can change his username (I told him no one wants to give him robux and apparently That was mean when I was telling him the truth) (Why do people decide that they want to beg for robux in trade hangout it’s so common now)
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2020.08.15 03:56 spades_ [NA][PvX]>>>Sofa King Beast[SOFA]<<< Seeking More Butts[Discord]

Ho Traveler! Have you ever wanted to be with a group of people as awesome as you are?
NO, Of course not! Why would you? They would only make you look less awesome by comparison clearly.
That’s exactly why you should come take a seat on our SOFA. Wear a tag that says to the world “Hey world, I know I’m good. I’m a Beast! And my butt deserves a nice place to rest!
We are an 18+ guild with no experience requirements. No rep requirements. If you're looking for a relaxed place to hangout and lose track of time, then this may be the place for you!
Please send an in-game mail to Spades.2603 for an invite!
Please include your account name in the mail. Ex. username.1234 - Thank you.
- Active Discord
- WvW ((HoD)) - Monday/Tuesday Nights
- Max 69 Guild Hall - Lost Precipice
- Fractals- CMs T4-T1
- HP/Bounty trains - HoT/ PoF
- Guild Missions (Saturday, Occasionally Drunken)
- Raid Training & Static Groups
- Strike Missions
- World boss trains
- Lottery and Contests
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2020.08.13 06:46 The-Limerent-One Transference, and Other Arduous Things (long, I'm sorry)

Hey everyone,
I'm a long time limerent (at least 15 years, probably more) and have had a few LOs over my lifetime. I know now that the process of transferring from one LO to another can come out of nowhere, and often envelops the victim entirely.
My last LO was a truly unobtainable girl. She lived across the earth, spoke to no one (or at least, no one like me), and never knew I existed. I obsessed over her for the better part of a year, with 4 or so months being some of the hardest I had ever lived in my life. I had existential crises over the sheer insignificance of my being. With this LO, she was different than others I have had. I wasn't romantically or sexually attracted to her, merely I wanted to connect and be a friend to her.
It got to the point where I would stand on top of my six story tall office building and stare over the edge and contemplate jumping simply to end my pain. I couldn't stand having every waking thought be of someone who was, in every aspect, untouchable. I was dating a girl at the time, we had been together for close to two years, she was everything I could have wanted in a partner, I truly loved her, oddly enough my LO resembled her physically, but that's another thing to mull over at a different time. I confided in her as she had so many times confided in me about her deepest insecurities and miseries. Where I provided comfort and understanding, she responded with jealousy and aversion. She internalized the problem (I don't blame her for that, I get it) and believed it was because she was inadequate that I had these feelings for someone else. She also expressed that she was afraid that I could transfer to someone who was closer, someone I could leave her for. Despite my assurances that wouldn't happen, she remained unconvinced and unsupportive.
With therapy and the help of this subreddit (under a different username, but I forgot the password *facepalm) I managed to overcome the sorrowing depression that had left me a husk of a person. A year went by and occasionally I would think of her, and it would make me sad, but not to the depth it had before. I was excited to be over the worst parts of the obsession.
Fast forward to now, the past year me and my girlfriend had drifted apart. The girl I had fallen for 3 years previously no longer existed. She hadn't initiated physical contact in over a year, and rarely showed any kind of outward affection. On top of those issues, we had taken on a world of stress in our personal life that left me emotionally numb, and desperate for affection. I communicated the problems I had with our relationship to my partner, who either halfheartedly tried to fix them only falling back into the same behavior, or would turn the situations into problems with me and somehow end with me apologizing to her.
In July, after 3 years of the best and worst times of my life, I decided to end things with her. I know that times of severe stress and anguish will usually dredge up my limerence to rear its ugly head. Shortly after breaking up I met a girl. I had posted on an app that I was looking for a fwb, in an attempt to reclaim the lost physical affection of the past year, and she responded. She's in a an open relationship with her boyfriend who is in California, and wanted to have fun while he was away and possibly when he returned. I was ecstatic. We talked at length about our lives, what we had been through, our thoughts, passions, and fears.
She is beautiful. I've never been with a girl who was skinnier than I was (and I'm pretty skinny), it was such a change. She is full of life, funny and snarky. We spent the night in her room exploring each other. At one point, she basically attacked me with ravenous kisses, like she couldn't get enough of me. I felt so wanted. We had sex that night, and honestly it was some of the best I've ever had in my life. We both had an amazing time.
The next week, as I texted her things seemed different. I know she was busy with this new job she had taken, but she would never text me first. I began to overthink everything, and could feel myself imploding. Recognizing this destructive pattern, I attempted to restrain myself from becoming too clingy.
We had made plans to hang out that week, but they fell through. I had a wedding dinner to go to that weekend at Ruth's Chris and asked if she would want to come. She said she didn't have a dress for the occasion, I offered to take her dress shopping as a fun date. She agreed to both.
Me, knowing that I can come across clingy at times, told her to tell me if I ever became too much and that I was just sensitive and in a weird place emotionally from my breakup. She told me she understood and that I was perfectly fine and that she would tell me if anything I did bothered her.
On the Saturday that we had planned to go dress shopping, we agreed on 2 pm. She told me at around 1:50 that she was running late as her dad was helping her with car stuff. 2 hours went by, me looking like a fool in my car at the mall, waiting for a girl who obviously did not feel the same about me as I did her. She finally texted me around 3:50 saying she was pulling into the mall. I decided to go through with everything still, and we ended up having a pretty good time. I asked if she wanted to hang out into the night and she said yes. On our drive to a restaurant she got a call from her sister asking for help with something which she agreed to, cutting our date short.
I started to fixate on her boyfriend. How could he be so lucky? How could he get this girl? He was a prick in my eyes. I asked a few people who they thought was more attractive, me or him, he won every time. My friend pointed out how destructive that was and that I should probably stop seeing her at that point. I agreed that after the wedding dinner I would likely stop seeing her, I already bought the dress, I might as well finish the thing out.
She was right on time for the dinner the next night, thankfully. We drove up together and had a great time talking and listening to music. We had a wonderful dinner with my two friends and we both really enjoyed ourselves. Driving home I asked her if she was still attracted to me, since she hadn't initiated any contact (eerily reminiscent right?), she said she was, she just was shy and submissive, and so she had trouble starting those things. So I made my move and we, well did stuff on the drive home. She had to get up early for work the next morning so I kissed her goodnight and we made plans for Wednesday (today).
I decided to give her space on Monday and didn't text her at all, and she didn't return the favor either. Tuesday I sent a text asking if she still wanted to hangout the next day, received no response. Today roles around, in the morning I sent her a text saying if she was free tonight I'd love to see her, but if not I understood. I didn't get a response until lunch saying she had promised to help her mom with something. I was livid (I still am). I feel like I'm being strung along (I am, I know it).
I said that was fine and for her to text me when she was free. She said of course. Later tonight (like 40 minutes ago) I texted her asking how the chore with her mom went, she said it was boring with some laughing emojis. I responded cheekily that we could have had so much more fun, she responded simply saying "I know."
I've spent the last half hour crying. I'm recognizing that I'm transferring. Even worse than to someone who is simply unavailable, I'm transferring onto someone who is just barely out of my reach, but couldn't feel further away.
I've torpedoed this relationship by allowing myself to fall this far. I hate myself for doing this and for being so needy. I feel so unattractive and alone, I can barely cope. I'm compulsively thinking of suicide (don't worry, I won't) to end this seemingly unending pain. I just want affection, and I wish I could have these feelings returned equally by someone, but I fear that will never happen. I'm 25, my hair is graying, my eyes baggy, my mood lethargic. I've done this all to myself.
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Hey guys! I'm back with another username ideas after a few requests on my first one. I really like how this came out and I hope you guys do too! ♡ Follow My ... I built a new gaming pc for a subscriber link to parts below CLICK 'SHOW MORE' 🔶BE SURE TO SUBSCRIBE HERE: 🔶 💚BECOME a MEMBER ... JOIN MY DISCORD LIKE THE VIDEO Turn On Post Notifications My Twitter My Group Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Yeah, the old version was really bad so I had to remake it. I hope this helped! (And I hope I didn't make your ears bleed with my squeaky voice) - Thank you ... JOIN MY DISCORD LIKE THE VIDEO Turn On Post Notifications My Twitter My Group If u Want Account Just Watch This Videos To Scam People Just try sir im not hacker sorry just back account sir Just type gmail & that's it. Edit: Okay I see comments talkin' 'bout 'It didn't work', that's because this is old and NOT up to date. So don't be commenting ... i always talk about rare usernames... but someone decided they wanted me to share how you could acquire one of your own! enjoy! -----... Today video is showcasing rare/cool Names that are not taken in Roblox!!!... Make Sure to subscribe and join the #thinkersquad.. Feel free to drop a Like als...