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Comprehensive "Best of" Food List by Category made for /r/Houston by /r/Houston

2017.08.02 02:10 PicksOut4Harambe Comprehensive "Best of" Food List by Category made for /r/Houston by /r/Houston

Hello All!
I have spent quite a bit of time sifting through all food related posts, in hopes of compiling a complete list of the Best Places to eat in each category according to /Houston. My hopes is that we can tune this list and it will serve as a central list or point of reference for people asking food related questions.
A couple of items related to the list: The restaurants in Bold have received overwhelming positive reaction among the users in this sub. The items with a Strikethrough are items that merited inclusion on the list, but had controversial opinions. These are places that received numerous positive reception from multiple users, but also some dissenting opinions, which range from "overrated and overpriced to a recent decline in quality". I have included the category, restaurant and location for each of the selections. Please realize this was a lot of data to sift through and lookup, and some of these neighborhoods may be slightly off. Please correct me so I can get it as accurate as possible. Also this is a pretty large list, so use of the search functionality will be helpful. Search the type of food you are looking for and go from there.
Lastly, I will be trying to cover as many of these places on my list as possible, and provide some impressions and thoughts on
EDIT 09/19: I have turned my list into a more convenient Google Map. Feel free to check it out here!
Now enough talk, onto the list!
Saigon Pagolac [Chinatown]
Nam Giao [Chinatown]
Thien An Sandwich [Midtown, NW Hou]
Hyunh [East Side] [Pho]
Le Viet [Briarforest]
Pho Binh Trailer [Original in Southbelt/Ellington]
Pho VN 21 [Gulfton]
Kim Son [Chinatown, East Side]
Pho Saigon [Many Locs]
Roostar [Spring Branch, Galleria] [Banh Mi]
Hughie’s [Heights] [Banh Mi]
Les Givral’s [Midtown] [Banh Mi]
Cuu Long Quan [South Hou] [Pho]
Vietnam Coast [Woodlake] [Pho]
Pho Town [NW Hou] [Phorrito]
Tau Bay [Sharpstown, Chinatown] [Pho]
Tan Tan [Woodlake, Chinatown]
Pho Dien [Chinatown] [Pho]
Don Sandwich and Café [Chinatown, Stafford] [Banh Mi]
Cali Sandwich [Midtown] [Banh Mi]
Café TH [East Side] [Banh Mi]
Quan Yin [Chinatown] [Veggie]
Kim Chau [Spring Branch, Chinatown]
Bun Bo Hue Duc Chong 1 [Chinatown]
Bun Bo Hue Duc Chong 2 [NW Hou]
Alpha Bakery [Chinatown] [Banh Mi]
Nguyen Ngo [Chinatown] [Banh Mi]
Nguyen Ngoc [NW Hou] [Banh Mi]
Thim Hing [Chinatown] [Banh Mi]
Thinh Thanh [Chinatown] [Banh Cuon]
Nobi [Webster, Friendswood]
Pho Huy [Spring Branch]

Truth BBQ [Brenham]
Killen’s [Pearland]
Gatlin’s [Garden Oaks]
Corkskrew [Spring]
Roegel’s [Woodlake]
The Pit Room [Montrose]
Jackson Street BBQ [DT]
Ray’s Real Pit [Third Ward] [East Texas Style]
Brisket House [Tanglewood, NW Hou, Deer Park]
Papa Charlie’s [East Side]
Pinkertons [Heights]
Bookity Bookity Boudin Man [All over the place. If you find the man please notify the sub immediately.]
Fainmous BBQ [Meyerland]
Southern Q [Cypress Station]
Virgie’s [NW Hou]
Triple J [NE Hou]
Tejas Chocolate Craftory [Tomball]

Chicken Fried Steak:
Mel’s Country Café [Tomball]
Hickory Hollow [Washington]
Kelley’s Country Cooking [Many Locs]
Goodson’s [Tomball]
Barbecue Inn [Garden Oaks]
Dot Coffee Shop [Gulfgate]
Lankford Grocer [Midtown]
Mia’s Table [Upper Kirby]

Nippon [Montrose]
Teppay [Woodlake]
Kata Robata [Upper Kirby]
Yokushi Robata [Upper Kirby]
Izakaya-Wa [Memorial]
Ginza [Woodlake]

Jinya [Midtown]
Tiger Den [Chinatown]
Ninja Ramen [Washington]
Samaurai Noodles [Upper Kirby]
Ramen Bar Ichi [Briarforest]

Nippon [Montrose]
Kata Robata [Upper Kirby]
Teppay [Woodlake]
Sushi Miyagi [Chinatown]
Kubo’s [Chinatown]
Tokyo Bowl [Clear Lake]
Uchi [Montrose]
Sushi Jin [Memorial]
Masa [Clear Lake, Friendswood]
Oishii [Greenway Plaza]
Osaka [Montrose, Tanglewood]
Hokkaido [Chinatown]
MF Sushi [Museum District]
Izakaya-Wa [Memorial]
Japaneiros [Sugar Land]
Aka [Upper Kirby]
Koto [Westchase]

Eddie V’s [Memorial, Upper Kirby]
Perry’s [Many Locs]
Pappa’s Steakhouse [DT, Galleria]
B&B Butchers [Washington]

Bernie’s Burger Bus [Bellaire, Heights, Katy]
Hubcap Grill [Heights, DT, Kemah]
Bubba’s Burger Shack [Gulfton]
Lankford Grocer [Midtown]
Bellaire Broiler Burger [Bellaire]
Joy Love Burgers [Katy]
The Shack Burger Resort [Cypress]
Sam's Deli Diner [Memorial]
Sam's Burgers Fries and Pies [Memorial]
Southwell’s [Many Locs]
Burger Tex [Many Locs]
Stanton’s City Bites [Heights]
M&M Grill [Med Center]
Sparkles Burger [East Side]
Flip N’ Patties Food Truck
Tornado Burger [Stafford]
Tookie’s [Seabrook]
Mytiburger [Garden Oaks, Spring Branch]
Petrol Station [Garden Oaks]
Christian’s Tailgate [Midtown, DT, Heights,Katy]
Pappa’s BBQ [Many Locs]
Champ Burger [East Side]
Hay Merchant [Montrose]
Someburger [Heights]
Cream Burger [3rd Ward]
Rainbow Lodge [Heights]

Tex Mex:
Ruchi’s [Galleria]
Tony's Mexican Restaurant [Katy]
Original Ninfa’s [East Side]
Lopez [SW Hou]
Teotihuacan [Many Locs]
El Tiempo [Many Locs]
El Patio [Galleria]
La Mexicana [Montrose]
Tia Maria’s [Spring Branch]
Taqueria Del Sol [South Hou]
Tacos Del Julio [Many Locs]
Dona Maria [East Side]
Los Tios [Many Locs]
Mex Mex:
Pico’s [Upper Kirby] [Upscale]
Cuchara [Montrose] [Upscale]
Hugo’s [Upper Kirby] [Upscale]
El Norteno [Greater Inwood]
Luna y Sol [Midtown]
Spanish Flowers [Heights, Pasadena]

La Guadelupana [Montrose] [Bakery]
Villa Arcos [East Side]
100% Taquito [Upper Kirby]
Cue’s Burgers & More [Meyerland]
Sunrise Taquitos [Rice Military]
Taco Palenque [Gulfgate]
La Mexicana [Montrose]
Teotihuacan [Many Locs]
Chapultapec Lupita [Montrose]
Titas Tacos [Humble]
Brothers Tacos [East Side]
Mi Sombrero [Garden Oaks]
Laredo Taqueria [Washington, Northline]

Tita’s Taco House [Humble]
Tacos Tierra Caliente [Montrose]
Taconazo [Near Northside, Spring Branch, Northline]
Taco Keto [East Side]
Tacos La Bala [Many Locs]
Laredo Taqueria [Washington, Northline]
Brothers Taco House [East Side]
Taqueria Aguascalientes [South Hou]
Tacos TEC [South Hou]
Loz Lokoz Tacos [NW Hou]
El Ultimo [Spring Branch]
Alamo Tamales & Taco [East Side, Northline]
Taconmadre [NE Hou, South Hou, Hobby Airport Area]
La Macro [Near Northside]
Taqueria Barba [Washington]

Luna Pizzeria [Washington, Montrose]
Frank’s [DT]
Brother’s [Garden Oaks]
Grimaldi’s [Many Locs]
Luigi’s [Midtown]
Luigi’s Italian [Formerly Ponzo’s] [Midtown]
Romano’s [River Oaks]
Antonio’s Flying Pizza [Woodlake]
Piola [Midtown] [European Style]
Kennally’s [Montrose] [Thin Crust]
Bombay [DT] [Indian Fusion]
D’Marcos [Sugar Land]
Dan’s [Webster]
Love Buzz [Midtown]
Pi Pizza [Washington]
Collina’s [Heights]

Chicago Deep Dish:
Chicago Italian Beef & Pizza [Heights]
Dan’s [Webster]
Star Pizza [Upper Kirby, Washington]
Spanky’s [Gulfgate]
Candelari’s [West U, Rice Military]
Pizza L’Vino [Montrose, Rice Village]
Windy City Pizza [Humble]
Gellazi’s [Heights]

Neapolitan Style:
Pizaro’s [Montrose]
Coltivare [Heights]
Cane Rosso [Montrose, Heights]
Dolce Vita [Montrose]

Detroit Style:
Pizaro’s [Montrose]
Barry’s [Galleria]

Nick’s Place [Woodlake]
Spaghetti Western [Washington, Timbergrove]
Barry’s [Galleria]
Collinas [Heights]

Pepperoni Rolls:
Double Dave’s [Westchase]
Luigi’s Italian [Formerly Ponzo’s] [Midtown]

General Breakfast:
Dot Coffee Shop [Gulfgate] [Steak & Eggs]
Tel-Wink Grill [Gulfgate]
Baby Barnaby’s [Montrose]
Buffalo Grille [Galleria, Bellaire]
Frank’s Grill [Many Locs] [Skillets]
Avalon Diner [River Oaks] [Skillets, Pancakes]
Tiny Boxwoods [Greenway Plaza] [Migas]
Honeymoon [Downtown] [French Toast, Beignets]
Coco’s Crepes [Midtown, Washington] [Crepes]

Buffalo Grille [Galleria, Bellaire]
Tel-Wink Grill [Gulfgate]
Fountainview Café [Galleria]
Baby Barnaby’s [Montrose]
Harry’s [Midtown]

Chicken & Waffles
Lola [Heights]
Breakfast Klub [Midtown]

River Oaks Donuts [River Oaks] [Gourmet Style]
Queen Donut [Timbergrove]
Christy’s [Montrose]
Riley’s [Clear Lake]
The Grove [Richmond]
Glazed [Briarforest, Med Center] [Gourmet Style]

Hot Bagel Shop [Upper Kirby]
New York Bagel and Coffee Shop [Meyerland]

Kolache Shoppe [Afton Oaks]
Bakery Donuts [Heights]
Christy’s [Montrose]
Olde Towne Kolaches [Woodlake]
Kolache Bakery [League City]
Mornings Kolaches [Deer Park]
Queen Donut [Timbergrove]
Shipley’s [Many Locs]
Black Walnut Café [Many Locs]
Best Donuts [Many Locs]
Hot Bagel Shop [Upper Kirby]
Six Ping Bakery [Many Locs] [Chinese Bread]

Mexican Style:
El Bolillo [Garden Oaks] [Tres Leches]
Panaderia Tierra Caliente [Many Locs]
Arandas Bakery [Many Locs]
Lecaroz [Fort Bend, Alief]
La Guadelupana [Montrose]

Asian Style:
Six Ping [Many Locs]
Kamalan Bakery [Chinatown]
99 Ranch [Many Locs]
85 Degrees C [Chinatown]

American/Euro Style
Common Bond [Montrose]
Take the Cake [Energy Corridor]
Dessert Gallery [Upper Kirby]
Acadian Bakery [Montrose] [King Cake]
Three Brothers [Many Locs]
Blacksmith [Montrose]
Ooh La La [Memorial, Katy]
Artisana [Acres Homes]
Moeller’s [Bellaire]

American/Euro Style Soup:
Kenny & Ziggy’s [Galleria] [Chicken Noodle]
Niko Niko’s [Montrose] [Chicken]
The Black Lab [Montrose] [Chicken & Veggie]
El Rey [Many Locs] [Tortilla]

American Style:
Brown Bag Deli [Upper Kirby]
Kenny & Ziggy’s [Galleria] [Monte Cristo]
Carter & Cooley [Heights] [Reuben]
Spec’s [Many Locs]
Luna y Sol [Midtown] [Torta]
Local Foods [Many Locs] [Grilled Chicken]
Hobbit Café [Veggie Options] [Upper Kirby]
Field of Greens [Veggie Options] [Upper Kirby]
Pete’s Fine Meats [Galleria]
Zero’s [DT]
Chelsea’s Deli [Kingwood] [Chicken Salad]

Italian Style:
Tony’s Italian Deli [Conroe]
Mandola’s [East Side] [Chicken Parm]
Chicago Italian Beef [Heights]
Napoli’s [Chicken Parm]
Nindini’s [Heights]

Tortas El Angel [Heights]
Mexico’s Deli [Briarforest]
Luna y Sol [Midtown]

Grilled Cheese:
Pinewood Café [Med Center]
H-Town Streats Food Truck
The Golden Grill Food Truck
Moon Tower Inn [East Side]
Tiny Boxwood’s [Greenway Plaza]
Ladybird Food Truck
Black Walnut Café [Many Locs]

Philly Cheesesteak:
Pappa Geno's [Heights, Katy, Memorial]
Tornado Burger [Stafford]
Chicago Italian Beef & Pizza [Heights]
Nick’s Place [Woodlake]
Vito’s Famous [Spring]
Jake’s [Galleria]

Barnaby’s [Many Locs]
Ruggles Green [Heights] [Fried Goat Cheese]
Taste of Texas [Memorial]
Local Foods [Many Locs] [Chicken Fattoush]
Star Pizza [Montrose]

Hot Dogs:
Happy Fatz [Heights]
Los Perros [Washington] [Colombian Style]
Sammy’s Wild Game Grill [Washington] [Exotic]
Yoyo’s Hot Dog [Rice Village]
Moon Tower Inn [East Side] [Exotic]
Good Dog [Heights, Montrose]

Maine-ly Sandwiches [Upper Kirby] [Lobster Roll]
Monument Inn [Deer Park] [Fried Shrimp]
Christie’s Seafood [Galleria]
Fountain View Fish Market [Galleria]
Topwater Grill [Dickinson] [Coconut Shrimp]
Confucius [Chinatown] [Lobster]
Gilhooey’s [Dickinson] [Oysters, Fried Seafood]
Captain Tom’s [Katy] [Oysters, Fried Seafood]
Tampico [Heights] [Fried Snapper]
Jenivi’s [Westchase] [Cajun, Fried Seafood]
Salt Air [Upper Kirby] [Oysters]
Peru Café Express [Greenway Plaza] [Ceviche]
Caracol [Galleria] [Ceviche]
Goode Co. Seafood [Many Locs]
Crawfish & Noodles [Chinatown] [Crab]
The Cajun Stop [Po-Boy]

Upscale Seafood:
Danton’s [Museum District]
Trulucks [Galleria]
Segari’s [Washington]
Holley’s [Midtown]
Caracol [Galleria]

Fish Tacos:
Berry Hill [Many Locs]
El Rey [Many Locs]

Fish & Chips:
Red Lion [Upper Kirby]
Queen Vic [Upper Kirby]
Mucky Duck [Upper Kirby]
Brasserie 19 [Montrose]
Hughie’s [Heights]
Black Lab [Montrose]
Good Dog [Montrose, Heights]
Alfie’s [Texas City]
Karbach Brewery [Spring Branch]

LA Crawfish [Many Locs]
Crawfish Shack [Crosby]
Lola’s [Montrose]
Jenivi’s [Westchase]
The Boot [Heights]
Crawfish & Noodles [Chinatown]
Cajun Fuze [Willowbrook]
Jolynn [Alief]
The Boil House [Heights]
Cajun Kitchen [Chinatown] [The Fatass]
88 Boiling [Briarforest]
Hank’s [Briarforest]
Cajun Craven [Southbelt/Ellington]
Crawfish Café [Chinatown]

Le Mistral [Energy Corridor]
Etoile [Galleria]
Bistro Provence [Memorial]
Artisans [Midtown]
Bistro Le Cep [Briarforest]

Café Argentina [Galleria]
Marini’s [Westchase] [Empanadas]
Manena’s [Empanadas]
Pampa Grill [Spring Branch]

Canadian [Poutine]:
Skratch Food Truck
Bernie’s Burger Bus [Heights, Bellaire] [Lunch Lady Fries]
Underbelly [Montrose]

Emporio [Briarforest] [Curry]
Churrasco’s [Many Locs]
Chama Gaucha [Galleria] [Steakhouse]
Fogo De Chao [Woodlake, the Woodlands] [Steakhouse]
Texas De Brazil [Memorial, Sugarland] [Steakhouse]

General South American:
Saldivias [Briarforest]
Andes Café [East Side]
Latin Bites [Tanglewood]

Flor de Cuba [Energy Corridor]
Café Piquet [Gulfton]
El Rey [Many Locs] [Cubano]
El Meson [Rice Village]
Rincon Criollo [Energy Corridor]

Sinh Sinh [Chinatown]
Pepper Twins [River Oaks, Upper Kirby, Montrose]
369 Oriental Bistro [Montrose]
Tiger Noodle House [Katy]
Confucius [Chinatown, Seafood]
San Dong [Chinatown]
Mala Szechuan [Montrose, Chinatown]
Qin Dynasty [Greenway Plaza]
China Garden [DT]
888 [Many Locs]
Café Ginger [River Oaks]
Ambassador [Afton Oaks]
Panda Garden [West U] [General Tso’s]
Yummy Kitchen [Chinatown] [Taiwanese]
One Dragon [Chinatown] [Dumplings]
Dumpling King [Woodlake] [Dumplings]
East Wall [Chinatown]
House of Bowls [Chinatown] [Hong Kong Style]
Kim Son [Chinatown] [Dumplings]
Baoz [DT] [Dumplings]
San Dong [Chinatown] [Dumplings]
Arco Seafood [Chinatown]
Tan Tan [Woodlake]

Dim Sum:
Dim Sum King [Chinatown]
Golden Dim Sum [Chinatown]
Fung’s Kitchen [Sharpstown]
Ocean’s Palace [Chinatown]
Arco Seafood [Chinatown]

Hot Pot:
Little Sheep [Chinatown]
Fu Fu Café [Chinatown]
Tan Tan [Woodlake]

Reggae Hut [Museum District]
Cool Runnings [Fondren/SW Hou]
D’Caribbean [Pearland]
Taste of the Caribbean [Greenspoint]
Trini Hut [Katy]

Red Lion [Upper Kirby]
Black Lab [Montrose]
Bull and Bear [Briarforest]

Blue Nile [Woodlake]
Addis Ababa [Sharpstown]
Lucy [Sharpstown]

La Fogota [SW Hou]
Colombian Empanadas [Katy]
Mi Pueblito [Woodlake]

Nielsen’s Deli [Afton Oaks]

India’s [Galleria]
Sriv Bhalaji Bhavan [Gulfton] [South Indian]
London Sizzler [London Indian]
Himalaya [Gulfton] [Biryani]
Shiv Sagar [Gulfton] [South Indian]
Bombay Brasserie [Afton Oaks]
Indika [Montrose] [High End]
Udipi Café [Gulfton] [South Indian]
Biryani Pot [Woodlake] [Biryani]
Yaal Tiffins [Briarforest] [Sri Lanka]
Pondicheri [Upper Kirby] [High End]
Saravana Bhavan [Woodlake]
Aga’s [Stafford] [Indo-Pak]
Bombay Sweets [Gulfton]
Queen Vic [Upper Kirby] [London Indian]
Maharajag Bhog [Sharpstown] [South Indian]
Shiva [Rice Village]
Khyber [Montrose]
Nirvana [Memorial]
Kiran [Upper Kirby]
Bundu Khan [Alief, Willowbrook] [Indo-Pak]
Bismallah [Gulfton] [Indo-Pak]
Mezban [Gulfton] [Indo-Pak]
Bombay Pizza Co. [DT] [Fusion]

Manny’s [NW Houston]
Simply Greek [Spring Branch]
Olive Oil [Spring]
Savvas [Atascocita]
Theo’s [Montrose] [Pizza]
Ekko’s [Galleria]

Waikiki Grill [Humble]

Nundini’s [Heights]
Coltivare [Heights]
Italiano’s [Humble, Atascocita]
Patrenella’s [Washington] [High End]
Giacomo’s [River Oaks] [High End]
Poscol [Montrose] [High End]
Dolce Vita [Montrose] [High End]
Da Marco [Montrose] [High End]
Mascalzone [Briarforest]
Vincent’s [Montrose]
Cavatore [Heights] [High End]
Da Vinci [Katy]
Adriatic Café [Jersey Village, Tomball]
Belissimo [Heights]
Collinas [Heights]
Antiqua Osteria [Rice Village] [High End]
Carmello’s [Memorial] [High End]
Paulie’s [Montrose]
Lasagna House [Energy Corridor]

Rice Bowl [Mission Bend]
MAMA YU [Alief]

Polonia [Spring Branch]

Flip N’ Patties Food Truck
Fillipiana [SW Hou]
Pinoy Fast Food [Alief]

Bonchon [Katy, Pearland] [Wings]
Dak & Bop [Med Center] [Wings]
Seoul Garden [Spring Branch]
Korea House [Spring Branch]
Korea Garden [Spring Branch]
Flower Piggy [Spring Branch]
Tofu Village [Spring Branch]
Bon Ga [Spring Branch]

Chicken Wings:
Wings N’ Things [Many Locs]
Wild Wing Café [Katy]
LA Crawfish [Many Locs]
Thai Cottage [Greenway Plaza, Bellaire]
Fat Bao [Upper Kirby]
Bonfire [Greenspoint]
Dak & Bop [Med Center]
Niko Niko’s [Montrose]
Hay Merchant [Montrose]
Roostar [Galleria, Spring Branch]

Fried Chicken:
Frenchy’s [Many Locs]
Barbecue Inn [Garden Oaks]
Punks [Rice Village]
Al Aseel [Woodlake]
Number 1 Chicken Rise & Seafood [Museum District]
Breakfast Klub [Midtown]

The Banana Leaf [Chinatown]
MAMAK [Chinatown]

Mi Luna [Rice Village]
Andalucia [DT]
Oporto [Midtown]
Majorca [Midtown]
BCN [Montrose]

Rudi Lechner’s [Woodlake]
Kings Biergarten [Pearland]

Golden Grain [Meyerland] [Grocery Store]

Café Adel [NW Hou] [Bosnian]
Al Quick Stop [Montrose]
Zabak’s [Woodlake] [Falafel]
Phoenecia [DT] [Grocery Store]
Gyros & Shish Kabob [Energy Corridor]
Aladdin [Montrose] [Lebanese]
Shwarma King [Woodlake]
Mary’z [Galleria, Washington] [Lebanese]
Niko Niko’s [Montrose]
Kasra [Westchase] [Persian]
Zumani [Spring, The Woodlands]
Fadi’s [Many Loc’s]
M&M Grill [Med Center]
Bijan [Gulfton] [Persian]
Gyro King [Med Center, SW Houston]
Abdallah’s [Woodlake]
Sayyad [Briarforest] [Shwarma]
House of Kabob [Woodlake]
Abu Omar [Woodlake]
Cedar’s [Katy]
Dandanah [Galleria] [Egyptian]
Al Aseel [Palestinian]
Café Lili [Galleria] [Lebanese]
Nazif’s [Woodlake] [Turkish]
Pasha [Rice Village] [Turkish]

Hilal Guys Style:
Gyro King [Med Center, Sugar Land]
Jones Fried Chicken [Sharpstown]

KosheJewish Deli:
Kenny & Ziggy’s [Galleria] [Jewish Deli]
Belden’s [Meyerland] [Kosher]
Genesis Steakhouse [Bellaire] [Kosher]

Latin Bites [Tanglewood]
Lemon Tree [Briarforest]
Peru Café Express [Greenway Plaza]
Guitarra con Sazon [Briarforest]
Pollo Bravo [Many Locs]

Sabor Venezolano [Woodlake, Cypress]
Dona Maria [Humble]

Peli Peli [Katy Galleria, NW Hou] [South African]
Peli Peli Kitchen [Spring Branch] [South African]
Suya Hut [SW Hou] [Nigerian]
Afrikiko [SW Hou] [Ghanan]

Thai Gourmet [Woodlake]
Asia Market [Near Northside]
Kanomwan [East Side]
Vieng Thai [Spring Branch]
Nidda Thai [Montrose]
Nara Thai [Midtown]
Thai Lily [Briarforest]
Thai Jasmine [Southbelt/Ellington, Pasadena]

Mama Rosa’s Pupuseria [Woodlake]
El Papaturro [Many Locs]
Dinoras [North Houston]
Pupusa [Meyerland]
Pupuseria Emmanuel [South Hou]
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